22 Funny School Memes That Are All Too Relatable

These sum up the chaos and learning that happens to occur in the same building.

funny school memes first snowflake

Schools can be a funny, chaotic, and sometimes daunting place. We’ve all been through some hilarious times or maybe some not-so-good moments inside those walls. Whether it’s about a classroom experience, recess, textbooks, or even the parking lot, you’re sure to get a chuckle out of these funny school memes.

1. Ah, the chaos after a substitute teacher.

substitute teacher funny school meme

Did you even see the directions on my desk?

2. But seriously, why is it always so cold?

cold classroom meme

I need that blanket.

3. Every. Single. Time.

snowflake funny school memes

We’ve all seen snow before, and no, we aren’t dismissing early.

4. But at least they’re adorable!

herding cats funny school meme

Actually, most days it’s like herding cats.

5. Don’t even get me started on indoor recess.


indoor recess funny school memes

It’s mayhem, every time.

6. Utter shock.

don't live at school meme


7. Well, it HAS to be someone’s.

nameless paper funny school meme

Nobody? Seriously?

8. Nothing fazes me.

nothing fazes me meme

Keep chugging along.

9. I’m trying to help you here …

students taking notes funny school memes

What if I say “this is going to be on the test”?

10. Let’s get that energy out!

recess funny school memes

I’m ready for some sunshine too.

11. The parking lot after school can’t be trusted.

school parking lot meme

Pure mayhem.

12. It makes sense.

Shoe tying record funny school memes

Over or under five per day?

13. They always catch you.

sneaking snacks funny school memes

Sorry, not enough to share.

14. Might be time for some new books.

textbook funny school memes

The 1990s are calling.

15. Whoops.

wrong day of the week meme

It happens to the best of us.

16. Expectation vs. reality.

yearbook photos funny school meme

Maybe one of these years it will be half decent.

17. The ultimate face palm.

giving directions funny school memes


18. Time to gear up.

boys bathroom funny school memes

Nothing can prepare you for what might be in there.

19. Ah, it all makes sense.

full moon meme

Do yourself a favor and mark it on the calendar.

20. Absolutely true.

“Lanyard, coffee, keys and phone.”

And it happens every day. Lanyard? Check. Coffee? Check. Keys? Check. You get it.

21. Seating charts require a special skill.

seating chart funny school meme

So, how do I make this work?

22. Dead inside.

state test funny school meme

They want us to do what?

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You're sure to get a chuckle out of these funny school memes that include everything from classroom stories to parking lots and textbooks.