Teachers Are Sharing the Most Epic Senior Pranks in High School History

Yep, that’s the principal’s desk and furniture on the football field.

Paired image of senior pranks: high school petting zoo and relocating principal's office

Senior pranks tend to be a polarizing topic for teachers. Some appreciate the creativity of a well-thought-out, harmless prank. Other teachers would rather have senior pranks banned altogether. We asked our Facebook group for the best and worst senior pranks that teachers have witnessed, and some of the answers might surprise you!

Note: Our list includes pranks that are safe (for humans and animals), leave no mess for cleaning staff, and don’t damage property. We’re aiming for mild, lighthearted inconvenience, not cruel or costly pranks.

Senior pranks involving animals

“The best prank I have witnessed was when the seniors transformed the staff parking lot into a petting zoo. Goats, cows, sheep, etc. Hay bales for a border. They had to start pretty early to have that all set up before anyone arrived.” — Lavon H.

Pranks involving cars

Another popular theme for senior pranks involves vehicles. Parking them, reassembling them, and … welding them?

“This was 1979. We took apart a VW Bug and reassembled it in the enclosed school courtyard.” — Audrianne H.


“The welding program seniors welded a VW Bug around the flagpole the day before graduation. The school couldn’t get it off in time, so everyone showing up for graduation had to walk past their prank. Happy ending—they showed up the next day and removed it, so the school didn’t have to pay for it.” — Heather F.

“One of the seniors had a dad who owned a heavy-equipment rental business, so they put the principal’s car on the roof of the gym right before homecoming. Fortunately, he was a good sport about it since he knew he’d get it back.” — Michelle R.

Pranks on the principal

What’s a good senior prank without getting the principal involved?

“The relocation of the principal’s office—including literally everything that wasn’t nailed down—out onto the field. Everything was in the same position as in his actual office, and they ran I don’t know how many feet of electrical cord so that he was fully able to work outside for the day.” — Sarah J.

Senior prank that moved the principal's office
Sarah J. via Facebook

“The seniors made a ‘poolside lounge’ in the intersection in front of the high school office. They had pool chairs, a small kiddie pool (filled with water!), and lots of pool toys. The principal thought it was a hoot and sat in a pool chair with her feet in the pool before school started.” — Lauren M.

“When my husband was principal at our local high school, seniors got into his office and individually wrapped EVERYTHING with aluminum foil—every book, pen, file folder, etc.!” — Kellie P.

Senior pranks on teachers

Another good-natured prank, focused on teachers.

“The seniors thought they would ‘sneak in’ to the school late at night and put all the senior teachers’ furniture in the hallways. What they didn’t know? We knew about it! It was great fun and everyone helped clean up afterwards!” — Brianna A.

Mariachi-assisted pranks

Two pranks involved hiring mariachi bands to serenade the school. Note: While we don’t condone pretending there’s a fight, we absolutely condone mariachi bands (as long as they’re not treated as the butt of the joke). Festive, boisterous … can anyone listen to Guantanamera without feeling joyful?

“A group of kids in a circle yelling ‘Fight! Fight! Fight!’ Circle opens up and instead of kids fighting, it’s a mariachi band!” — Katie B.

“Two years ago the seniors at my kids’ high school hired a mariachi band to follow the principal around for the day. Even made the local news.” — Beth H.

Yuletide pranks

These pranks take “deck the halls” to a new level.

“At a nearby high school, the kids collected discarded Christmas trees and saved them until spring. Then on senior prank day, they ‘planted’ the trees in the soccer field. Some were even decorated!” — Amy J.

“We had a teacher who hated Christmas. Complained all year about it being the worst holiday to exist. So for April Fools’ we got the janitor to let us in after school and went Christmas crazy. Tree in the classroom, lights, tinsel, stockings, etc. He came in the next day and laughed harder than anyone has before.” — Alissa M.

Graduation pranks

We’re not sure why, but these graduation pranks are particularly hilarious to us. Is it the randomness? The subtlety that builds over time? Either way, we think these pranks are egg-ceptionally marble-ous.

“The year our school got a new building, the seniors didn’t do a prank in the building, but instead each of them handed the superintendent an egg when they received their diploma.” — Jeanne T.

“A single marble in each graduate’s hand given to the superintendent when shaking hands at graduation. There were 942 graduates and the superintendent’s son was the last to cross the stage!” — Bonny B.

Internet pranks

The internet disappoints us sometimes, but not when it comes to harmless online-selling pranks.

“We had a group put the assistant principal’s car up for sale on Craigslist with his cell phone number. It said, ‘proceeds will benefit the class of —'” — Becky S.

“Students in another high school in my district made a Zillow listing for their school.” — Bailey M.

Pranks that last forever

These classes certainly knew how to leave a lasting impression! Several senior pranks involved leaving items around the school that were often not found until years later.

“A class printed thousands of business cards that said something like ‘There are 5,000 of these hidden around the school. Good luck getting rid of us.’ It was last year’s group, and I still find them sometimes in books or behind a piece of furniture. I think they are funny and harmless.” — Kassie D.

“Over 300 of those crazy-haired trolls hidden all throughout the school building … tossed up onto high ledges too. The later classes/years continued to stumble across those trolls for several more years, and one was so high that no one can get it … so there sits the crazy orange hair.” — Catherine F.

Pranks using students

“A couple of years ago, the seniors of two central Alabama HS’s reversed and showed up at the other school. It was midday before the teachers actually caught on. Epic!” — Myron H.

“Best senior prank ever! Seniors in a history class. The teacher was called out to the office for a minute. While he was gone, all the seniors went into the room next door and a class of second graders filled the room. When the teacher came back in … lol!” — Jacqueline P.

“Most of the seniors at our school set it up with our superintendent and the superintendent of our rival school. The seniors from each school secretly switched schools for the day. I walked in to my first period class, and it was full of 30 kids I had never seen before. I played it off in stride and went around giving them names that I thought they looked like … then 30 more seniors from the rival school packed in, followed by a television crew and our superintendent. It was pretty well done.” — Jason J.

Clearly, the sky’s the limit when it comes to students leaving their mark. While senior pranks may sometimes cause a bit of chaos, they also bring laughter and joy to the school community. So, whether you’re a student or a teacher, enjoy the laugh!

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Teachers told us their favorite senior pranks and we had to share them! Everything from redecorated offices to scattered trolls.