This Middle School Teacher’s Hilarious Impressions of 6th vs. 8th Graders Are So Accurate

The Griddy is constant.

TikTok teacher Phillip Lindsay on the difference between 6th vs. 8th graders

It may seem to outsiders that all middle school students are the same. However, any middle school teacher will tell you there is a huge difference comparing 6th and 8th graders. From their behavior to their posture to their comfort with risk, there’s a huge chasm between the grades in middle school. But now, thanks to Mr. Lindsay, a TikTok creator and middle school SPED teacher, people can see the differences for themselves. And with truly stunning accuracy.

Take a look at this TikTok from @mr_lindsay_sped:


Replying to @Jillyg93 Middle Schoolers are a whole different breed! And the difference from 6th to 8th grade is wild! #middleschoolersbelike #middleschoolboysbelike #middleschool #middleschoolers #parentsoftiktok

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What we love about this TikTok:

Mr. Lindsay really captures the differences that an outsider might not spot. Things like:

  • The open brazenness of 8th graders. “I’m not texting. But if I am, I’m texting my mom.” Reminds me of the Narcissist’s Creed.
  • The extremely subtle “SOME ROBLOX” from the 6th grader. This is art, Mr. Lindsay. Blink and you’ll miss it.
  • The 7th grader’s skillful traveling Griddy. “Don’t your knees hurt?” Me, constantly, to 7th graders
  • “Don’t forget your bag. Oh, yeah. You didn’t bring one.” Very uncool to have a bag. Also uncool: pants, no matter the weather. It’s a shorts-only world, and middle schoolers (particularly boys) are just living in it.

What others are saying about the difference between 6th and 8th graders:

In the comment section, it’s clear that fellow middle school teachers overwhelmingly feel seen.


Note: he has a separate TikTok on middle school boys as “the master gaslighters.”


Lots of comments along these lines!


If teachers weren’t saying, “Yes, this is accurate,” they were saying, “Yes, and here’s what I’d add”:


Fact: 6th graders love lunch.


Tornado? Random Tuesday enthusiasm? Hard to say.

How to find more content from Mr. Lindsay:

Clearly, Mr. Lindsay’s TikTok video brilliantly captures the essence of middle school dynamics with a hilarious glimpse into his (and many middle school teachers’) world. Thanks, Mr. Lindsay, for making teacher TikTok a little brighter, funnier, and Griddier.

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