31 Teacher Tweets About Testing That Tell It Like It Is

Get ready for some truth telling.

31 Teacher Tweets About Testing

Testing season is upon us, which means students all over the country are covering their classroom walls, sharpening their No. 2s, and showing us their academic prowess…or something like that. These teacher Tweets about testing give us a glimpse of what high stakes tests are really like for teachers and kids.

1. On missed opportunities:

2. On good mornings:

3. On teacher ambition:

4. On kindergarten standards:

5. On creativity:

6. On who’s doing the grading:

7. On skills we’d rather test:

8. On the side effects of testing:

9. On feeling trapped:

10. On good news:

11. On privilege:

12. On adulthood:

13. On race:

14. On the real aim of education:

15. On “incentives”:

16. On scrutiny:

17. On right and wrong:

18. On what keeps us up at night:

19. On what we remind our kids:

20. On heartbreak:

21. On our love for the job:

22. On the culture we’ve created:

23. On lost money and time:

24. On relentlessness:

25. On zombies:

26. On beating the grownups at their own game.

27. On even less time for the bathroom.

28. On the impact on teachers AND kids.

29. On what springtime means for schools:

30. On prayer requests:

31. On what our jobs look like:

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