19 Real Classroom Photos Guaranteed to Make Teachers Laugh

Items NOT found in your typical classroom.

It’s not uncommon for teachers to come across odd, unusual, or humorous sights in their classroom. We recently asked our Facebook followers to share some of their most atypical classroom pictures with us, and they certainly came through! We’ve seen plenty of picture-perfect, organized classrooms—these are not them. But these real classroom photos are guaranteed to bring the LOLs.

1. This surefire evidence that it’s the end of the year.  

real classroom photos pencils

“I have third graders actually writing with these. No, we’re not out of pencils in the room (yet).” –Cindy P.


2. This proof that your littles are conquering their spelling. 

“I’m really killing it with teaching sight words this year. My student was so proud when I told him he did such a good job that I wanted to take a picture.” –Desiree P.


3. This evidence that everyone in pre-K needs naptime.

“This wasn’t in my room, but it was right outside and quite distracting for my pre-K class. The roofer was taking a nap.” –Susi H.


4. This proof you should never leave your phone unattended.  

“I left my phone on my desk while I went to the workroom between classes. This was my wallpaper when I got back. I <3 freshmen.” – Mollie T.


5. This unusual evidence that spring has sprung.

“This is the annual procession of ducklings from the courtyard back out to the pond.” –Amanda M.


6. This homework proving students add entertainment value.

“One of my students always turns his exam papers into games. This one was one of the last ones he designed. I love it because it’s always a needed surprise when I grade papers.” –Kayla S.


7. This evidence that annual traditions get inflated. 

“It’s our 10th annual dinosaur day. This is how I greet my students in my classroom.” –Janet E.


8. This proof that staff bathrooms can be scarier than student bathrooms. 

“This creepy thing hangs out in our staff restroom.” –Kelli C.


9. This evidence of students being extra.  

“A kid showed up with a jar of pickles to snack on during class.” –Kristine N.


10. This sign that it’s time to mix things up.  

“We took inside/outside/backwards day to a whole ‘notha level.” –Julie F.


11. This evidence of … we don’t want to talk about it. 

“You don’t want to know. Parents told me they thought it was some sort of melon.” –V.A.


12. This evidence that you’re getting old.   

“She’s trying to work out what these ‘old things are.’” –Janine S.


13. This proven way to make history come alive. 

“My friend keeps moving this life-size Lincoln cutout around the school to scare the bejeezus out of people. Today he came to visit me.” –Ashley M.



14. This evidence of a sub shortage. 

“We have a preschooler teaching the class.” –Katie M.


15. This proof that not all classroom pets fit indoors. 

“This is the newest addition to my outdoor classroom.” –Megan W.


16. This evidence of the teenaged sense of humor. 

“Never take a moment to go to the bathroom and leave teenagers there.” –Tammie A.


17. This unusual indication of teacher appreciation. 

real classroom photos pets

“This was a teacher appreciation gift from one of my second graders.” –Cassilda A.


18. This proof that books really take you places. 

“We’ve got a canoe reading seat. It’s an actual canoe, sawed in half.” –Liz A.


19. And this evidence that attraction is relative. 

“This is Albert from a couple of years ago. He didn’t last long before he was taken down.” –Jessica A.

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