10 GIFS That Perfectly Sum Up What It’s Like When You Need a Sub

All the feelings.

10 GIFS That Sum Up What It's Like When You Need a Sub

Let’s get real—while it’s good for your soul to take a break from your classroom—bringing a substitute teacher into the mix can be a pain in the you know what. There’s the eternal planning (on top of your day-to-day work) before you head out, the trouble letting go whether you’re home sick or on vacation and the messes (left by the sub and the students) that are on you to clean up.

We’ve all been there—so let’s commiserate—and laugh—over the experience!

1. There’s that utter desperation when you wake up sick as a dog and can’t get through to the sub coordinator at your school . .







2. Or, when you know you’re going to be out—that utter satisfaction of creating a step-by-step, air tight plan to account for every minute of each day you’re gone . . .







3. Or maybe you’re an “ehh, they can wing it” kind of teacher. That works, too.






4. How about the delicate balance of trying to RELAX during your days off? You pretend your classroom doesn’t exist—yet why are you so consumed with needing to know if your sub even looked at your color-coded, easy-to-follow, meticulous lesson plans . . .







5. You always take a moment to pray that your kids didn’t get the sub who likes to go rogue and use materials like Us Weekly and Instagram for “real life” lessons . . .







6. Also, you hope the sub doesn’t turn your classroom into a round-the-clock nap pod . .







7. Maybe you watch too much Homeland, but you totally feel like a secret agent by sending in a fellow teacher to spy on your classroom and report back. . .







8. Which upon hearing that your class manipulated the sub into thinking they always do their assignments in small groups gives you a much needed chuckle . . .






9. But, you’re not laughing as you try to decipher the scribbled, incoherent mess of notes the sub left for you. . . you have no choice but to trust what the kids say!






10. It’s all okay though. Why? Secretly, you’re happier than you ever imagined to be back—and maybe even a little teary eyed over how much the kids missed you!

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Lauren West-Rosenthal is a senior editor at WeAreTeachers. In the fourth grade, she started writing "bonus chapters" to her favorite books. Her teacher was impressed -- and encouraging -- and a vast writing career was born!

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