23 Classroom Yoga Photos That Will Inspire You to Stretch It Out

I’m feeling more relaxed just looking at these.

23 Classroom Yoga Photos That Will Inspire You to Stretch It Out

Classroom yoga can be a great way to calm down and focus … for grown-ups AND for kids. That’s why we love these photos of teachers and their students making time for yoga. Crowded schedules and crowded classrooms can’t get in their way!

1. Just a little brain break. NBD.


2. A headstand before class because, why not?


3. Love these chilled out kids …

T E A C H E R S – I love the feeling of coming back from spring break. You and your students are rested, rejuvenated, and ready to put your best foot forward. There’s a renewed sense of energy and focus in the classroom. Wouldn’t it be nice if this feeling could come more often? I asked myself the same question as a teacher and then I found the answer in a daily #mindfulness practice in my classroom. Every day, a couple minutes of being present with our thoughts, with our breath, with ourselves and with each other gave us new found energy (yes, US. The students AND myself, the teacher). What I experienced in my classroom when I implemented a daily mindfulness practice blew my mind and I’ve made it my life’s mission to share these practices with more teachers and more schools. I am passionate about sharing this life changing practice with you and your students so that you can all benefit from more focus, less stress and anxiety, more calm, more joy and more empathy. Meditation is a scientifically proven method for improving learning and it actually rewires your brain to be programmed for more calm and less stress. It’s everything you’ve been searching for in classroom management and staying sane through all the many and various demands of the teacher life. I would LOVE to come to your school to teach these methods to you and your students in a fun, engaging and highly educational way. I am currently booking half and full day school workshops in April, May and June. If you are interested, email me at kailey@stillcoveyoga.com. I would love to create a day of wellness and happy brains for you at your school! If you think mindfulness matters, please help me to spread the word so I can get these practices into the hands of the next generation, tag your teacher friends, parents, or share this post. ❤️ Lots of love, Kailey

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4. … and these kiddos mastering sukasana.


5. Yoga instead of PD, anyone?


6. Peacocking off students’ desks. ?


7. Bow pose for life.


8. Streeeeetchh …


9. Just a teacher catching up on her reading …


10. … and enjoying her morning coffee.


11. The best way to start the day …


12. … and the best way to end it.


13. Teamwork is everything.


14. First grade lions. Roar! ?


15. This is how you prep for centers too, right?


16. When you just have to stop, drop, and yoga.


17. Field trip yoga!


18. That picture-perfect moment when your yoga gear matches your bulletin board. ?


19. Storytime yoga.


20. The new version of circle time.


21. Happy little cobras. ?


22. When you’re 18 weeks pregnant and still rocking classroom yoga.


23. When it’s Friday and you just have to celebrate.

Happy Friday! I made it through the first week of school!!!! WOHOO ooh!!!!

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