65 Best Teacher Gifts in Every Price Range for 2024

Give teachers gifts they’ll actually appreciate and use.

Collage of best teacher gifts, including Godiva chocolates and a personalized notebook
We Are Teachers; Amazon; Etsy

Shopping for teacher gifts can be tricky. How do you know what they really want? Here’s the good news: We’ve got the answers! We spoke with 120 teachers from around the country to learn what makes the best teacher gifts for every style and price range. Here’s what we found out.

5 Tips for Choosing Teacher Gifts

We asked teachers to share their tips for finding the best gifts, and they had lots of helpful advice.

Simple Gifts From the Heart Are Best

“Teachers are easy to please,” says senior English teacher Cheryl M. “Any gift matters to us. We love cards and pictures! It doesn’t have to be expensive!” Lisa K. agrees: “Keep it simple. Anything is appreciated. A student-written card or a kind message means a lot.”

Personalize Your Gifts

“Think of them as a person as well as an educator,” urges Beth Jarzabek, a middle school reading teacher. Several teachers we asked encouraged folks to find out what teachers like to do in their free time and give a gift related to that. As one second grade teacher from Virginia advises, “Be intentional with the gift and get things that they like and will actually use. If you were with kids all day, what would make you feel good at the end of the day?”

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Many of the teachers who responded to our survey said it’s absolutely OK to find out what teachers like in advance, so you can choose a gift accordingly. “You could have them fill out a questionnaire at the beginning of the school year so you could get to know what their favorite things are,” suggests Illinois teacher Amanda Christensen. “Our PTA does this at the beginning of each school year and provides it to the public so everyone has an idea of the perfect gifts for each staff member!”

Be Mindful of Preferences and Restrictions


Asking in advance can also help you avoid gifting something a person truly dislikes or won’t use. “Please do not assume a teacher will appreciate food, coffee, alcohol,” warns high school teacher Ann Cox. “Many people have special diets due to health reasons and might not be able to enjoy your gift at all.” This is especially important when it comes to food gifts. “I’ve had parents buy me lunch and it’s meat and I don’t eat meat,” shares a first grade teacher from Texas. “I feel like it’s just a waste.”

When in Doubt, Think Practical

It might be better to take a pass on those cute little teacher tchotchkes, unless they really seem relevant. “We always appreciate the thoughtfulness of any gift, but we get rid of a lot of stuff that we don’t want to sit around and cause clutter,” admits one 6th grade teacher from Maryland. Instead, teachers tend to prefer practical or consumable items, especially those that fit their own interests and inclinations.

Best Teacher Gifts, According to Teachers

“One of the teacher gifts that made me feel most appreciated is handwritten thank-you notes or cards from students,” shares a Texas math teacher. “The heartfelt words written by students convey deep appreciation and warmth, which makes me feel truly valued and encouraged.” In fact, most teachers we surveyed say they appreciate a handwritten thank-you note over just about anything else.

Six examples of subject-specific teacher thank-you cards.
We Are Teachers

Personalized Thank-You Note

You don’t need to get fancy, but if you want to add a little something extra, you could buy one of these awesome greeting cards for teachers or use these printable thank-you cards for teachers to express your message.

Best Gift Cards for Teachers

When we ask real educators about the best gifts for teachers, the number-one answer is always the same: gift cards. They don’t need to be for a huge amount: $5 at Starbucks will get most teachers a cup of coffee, and with $10 at Dunkin’, they can grab a snack too. If you feel like a gift card isn’t enough, we’ve also rounded up some creative ways to present these gifts for teachers.

Two amazon gift cards held up in front of a colorful whiteboard.
We Are Teachers

Top 5 Teacher Gift Card Picks

We surveyed more than 350 teachers to find out what their most-wanted gift cards are. Here are their top five choices; see the full list of teacher gift card picks here.

  1. Amazon Gift Card
  2. Target Gift Card
  3. Starbucks Gift Card
  4. Visa Gift Card
  5. TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) Gift Card

Teacher Gift Card Holders

Some people worry that gift cards don’t feel “personal” enough. If that’s the case, you can always spring for a creative or personalized gift card holder. Here are some of our favorites.

Examples of printable teacher thank you gift card holders including one for Target and one for Starbucks.
We Are Teachers

Free Printable Gift Card Holders

Our free printable gift card holders are themed to match your cards! There are options for Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and any other gift card you choose.

Get it: Free Printable Gift Card Holders

Gift card holder saying "Happy Appreciation Week: Thank You for All You Do" with colorful artwork and To and From fields

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Card Holder

This one is designed specifically for Teacher Appreciation Week. Buy this digital file once, and you’ll have a printable you can use year after year.

Buy it: Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Card Holder at Etsy

Paper coffee-shaped gift card holders with punny thank-you messages

Coffee-Themed Gift Card Holders

If you’re gifting a Starbucks or Dunkin’ card, these holders are absolutely perfect!

Buy it: Coffee-Themed Gift Card Holders at Amazon

Set of 24 paper gift card holders shaped like a pencil

Pencil Gift Card Holder

This affordable set nets you 24 of these pencil-shaped card holders. The front and back both have plenty of room to add a personalized note of thanks.

Buy it: Pencil Gift Card Holder at Amazon

Small clipboard with text reading A Good Teacher can change a class. A Great Teacher can change a life.

Clipboard Gift Card Holder

This gift card holder is absolutely adorable, and it’s reusable too. Your teacher can use it to pass on the love, or tuck notes or pictures inside the slot.

Buy it: Clipboard Gift Card Holder at Etsy

Selection of paper gift card holders shaped like pots of flowers with sentimental thank you messages for teachesr

Floral Gift Card Holders

These holders are so pretty, and the sentimental messages help you express your true appreciation.

Buy it: Flower Gift Card Holders at Amazon

Food and Drink Gifts for Teachers

Treats, snacks, and beverages are often welcome, but remember to find out about any preferences or restrictions before gifting food or drinks.

Grubhub logo and text reading "Did Somebody Say Grubhub?" on an orange background

Have lunch or coffee delivered

Teachers like Christina H. love “food or drinks to enjoy during the school day (a breakfast taco, a coffee, a drink).” Ask their preferences and take orders in advance. Then bring teachers lunch or a delicious pick-me-up on a day and time that works best for them.

No time to do your own deliveries? That’s why Grubhub and DoorDash exist!

Box of Godiva chocolates

Godiva Truffles

Most teachers will love any chocolate you give, but many of them stressed the benefits of quality over quantity. If you really want to make them feel special, splurge on a gourmet option like Godiva. These are perfect for savoring slowly while binging Netflix, or rewarding themselves after turning in their final grades on time!

Buy it: Godiva Chocolatier Patisserie Dessert Truffles at Amazon

A can and case of Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar soda

Their Favorite Drink

This is an affordable but highly appreciated gift. Pair a case of their favorite potable with a thank-you note and your child’s teacher will treasure you forever. Not sure what their favorite beverage is? Ask your child what drink they see on their teacher’s desk after lunch … they’ll know.

Buy it: Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar at Target

YETI insulated coffee mug in seafoam green (Best Teacher Gifts)

Yeti Rambler 14-oz. Insulated Mug

Teachers rarely get to sit down and enjoy a whole cup of coffee in peace. That’s why insulated mugs are must-have teacher gifts. This YETI mug is a top-notch choice, keeping your brew hot for as long as it takes you to get to the bottom. It holds enough coffee to get a teacher from first bell to at least their lunch break!

Buy it: Yeti Rambler 14-oz. Insulated Mug at Amazon

Ember Smart Coffee Mug

Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug

The best gifts for teachers don’t have to be pricey, but it doesn’t hurt. This is definitely a bit of a splurge, but the Ember coffee mug not only keeps your coffee hot, it maintains it at the exact right temperature. Set your desired temp using the app, and Ember will ensure your coffee or tea is perfect from the first sip to the last.

Buy it: Ember Smart Mug at Amazon

Brownies and cakes in a tin, with a red lid reading "David's"

David’s Brownies and Cakes

If 4th grade teacher Caitlin Veise was giving a gift to a fellow teacher, she’d bake them one of their favorite treats. No time to bake yourself? Amazon will deliver this delightful assortment of sweet treats for you!

Buy it: David’s Assorted Brownie and Crumb Cake Basket at Amazon

Keurig K-Mini Single Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Need a good gift from the whole class? The Keurig K-Mini is one of those teacher gift ideas they’ll be thanking you for over and over again. (Check out more of our coffee station ideas.)

Buy it: Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker at Amazon

An edible arrangement of fruit in a tin reading Thank You
Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangement

Healthy snacks can be delicious (and beautiful) too! Edible Arrangements are always popular, and they offer lots of yummy treats that are good for you too.

Buy it: Thank You Delicious Fruit at Edible Arrangements

Cravebox with sweet and salty snacks


Real Teacher Story: “I know I’m not the only teacher who feels better having a stash of snacks in their cupboard. I like to know that I’ve got something there to offer a hungry student or grab if I forget my lunch.” Snacks will never not be appreciated, and this box offers an excellent variety.

Buy it: Cravebox at Amazon

Selection of K-cups coffee machine pods from Starbucks

K-Cup Variety Pack

Who doesn’t love coffee, especially Starbucks? Gift your favorite teacher or multiple teachers this variety pack, which is sure to have something for everyone. These K-cup pods will unquestionably be a welcome addition to the teacher’s room.

Buy it: Starbucks Variety K-Cups – 40 Pack at Amazon

Chocolate chip cookie

Crumbl Cookies

California 5th grade teacher Nancy Cowan was once wowed by a gift of custom-decorated sugar cookies. Another great option is that iconic Crumbl Cookie pastel pink box, full of the most decadent cookies around. No store near you? Crumbl Cookies ships nationwide!

Buy it: Crumbl Cookies at Crumbl

Sage green bento box filled with healthy foods, and a fork and spoon that fit into the lid

Bento Box

These are all the rage now, and perfect for packing healthy and delicious teacher lunches. Personalize yours by adding their name with permanent vinyl lettering, and fill it with delicious snacks and candy for a practical, delicious gift they’ll love.

Buy it: Bento Box at Amazon

Classroom and Desk Supplies Teacher Gifts

If pre-K teacher Alicia Worthy were buying a gift for a fellow teacher, she’d definitely go practical: “Something useful that they have specifically shared that they need and will use.” If you can personalize it, so much the better. “I love cats and I also use sticky notes a lot,” says Montessori teacher Donna Paul, “so the best gift I ever received was a personalized sticky notepad with a cat on it.” Here are some popular practical gifts for teachers.

Scotch Brand PRO Thermal Laminator

Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator

Want to become a teacher’s hero? Gift them their own personal laminator! This model from Scotch with Never Jam technology is one of our favorites. Here’s what one teacher thinks: “LOVE! It surpassed my expectations. It’s nearly silent! … It also laminates fairly quickly! I would absolutely recommend.”

Buy it: Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator (TL906) at Amazon

Personalized stationary pad with text at top reading "A Note from Sarah Smith"

Personalized Stationery

This personalized pad is perfect for writing notes to colleagues, parents, or students. Teachers can use it in their personal lives too.

Buy it: Personalized Notepad at Etsy

Colorful pencils with funny sayings about being a teacher

Whiskey River Soap Company Pencils for Teachers

Teachers will want to make sure they hang on to these pencils for themselves! The clever sayings on each will make them giggle. One teacher shares, “So cute! Love the sayings because as a teacher I have personally felt each one. One of the best gifts for teachers to brighten their day!”

Buy it: Whiskey River Soap Company Pencils for Teachers at Amazon

Adjustable phone stand that looks like two thumbs up, empty and holding a tablet

Phone/Tablet Stand

Practical and fun, this smart stand adjusts to hold phones or tablets upright so teachers can easily go hands-free. It comes in tons of colors too, so you can get one in your school colors or your teacher’s favorite shade.

Buy it: Honsky Thumbs-Up Phone Stand at Amazon

Simple label maker printer with roll of tape

Label Maker

Part of a teacher’s job (and one many of them absolutely love!) includes organization. Label makers will definitely upgrade their organization systems. Think of the endless possibilities!

Buy it: Label Maker at Amazon

Round black sign with colorful crayons and a teacher's name

Custom Door Sign

Multiple teachers told us they’ve received cool signs to hang in their classrooms. When a sign is personalized, teachers will hang it with pride. Sites like Etsy offer tons of options to fit every teacher’s style and personality.

Buy it: Crayon Teacher Door Sign at Etsy

Multitool peen showing its screwdriver, bottle opener, stylus, and other points, with accompanying box

Multi-Tool Pen

A pen that’s also a screwdriver, bottle opener, LED light, and more? That’s a whole bunch of teacher gifts all in one!

Buy it: SAPGIF Multi-Tool Pen at Amazon

Personalized teacher library stamp reading "Read It. Love It. Return It.)

Personalized Library Stamp

Teachers build their classroom libraries with loving care. Help them keep their selections from disappearing with a personalized stamp like this one. Real teacher review: “This stamp is very sturdy. I have had other custom stamps fall apart after a long session of classroom library building, but this is still going strong.” (See more teacher stamps we love here.)

Buy it: Self-Inking Teacher Library Stamp at Amazon

A set of pens with artificial flowers attached to the ends

Flower Pens

Why is it that so many students never seem to have a pen handy? Teachers are usually willing to lend theirs out, but only if kids promise to return them at the end of class (except they never do). These flower pens solve the problem: It’s always easy to see who has a loaner!

Buy it: 16-Piece Flower Pens at Amazon

Personalized notebook with bows and words Miss Roberts

Personalized Notebook

Real Teacher Story: “A group of students gifted me a notebook this year. It meant so much to me that I wanted to use it for something special. I decided to write down funny moments that happen throughout the years and give it to them for a graduation gift.” This one is adorable, can be personalized, and is less than $15.

Buy it: Personalized Notebook at Etsy

Magnets with grammar rules on them


Magnets are great for both fridges at home and whiteboards at school, making them one of our favorite little teacher gifts. This set is especially fun for English teachers and their fellow grammar geeks.

Buy it: Grammar Correction Bottle Cap Magnets at Etsy

Apparel and Jewelry Gifts for Teachers

Stuff they can wear or carry is another teacher favorite, especially when you take the time to find something personalized to their subject or interests. One of the most creative gifts Christina H. ever received? “Socks that had pictures of me and my students!”

Black lanyard with equations like E=mc2 printed on it


Lots of teachers wear lanyards to hold their school IDs, keys, and all the other paraphernalia they need quick access to throughout the day. This is one of the best teacher gifts because you can get a lanyard to match their personality. We’ve got a whole selection to choose from for teachers of any subject here.

Buy it: Math Lanyard at Amazon

Different colored key chains with names on them

Personalized key chain

Key chains are really practical teacher gifts, since they usually have lots of keys to keep track of. These simple personalized leather key chains are an easy and elegant gift for any teacher.

Buy it: Personalized Key Chain at Etsy

Shirt with words Be the Good in colorful retro letters

“Be the Good” Shirt

This fun shirt comes in 10 different colors and has a fun retro vibe, with a message that embodies the philosophy of pretty much every teacher we know.

Buy it: Teacher Shirt at Etsy

Tote bag with words Custom Text on it

Personalized Tote Bag

Since teachers often need to carry papers and other school supplies, what better gift than a tote bag or two? We love the personalization option.

Buy it: Personalized Tote Bag at Etsy

A black bracelet with a gold heart and a black bracelet with beads that spell teacher are shown on a wrist.

Teacher Bracelet

This bracelet set is equally cute and affordable. Bonus: It will make your child’s heart swell with pride when they see their beloved teacher wearing it!

Buy it: Teacher Bracelet at Amazon

Leather hand sanitizer holders in black and brown with refillable bottles and clips

Ventured Living Hand Sanitizer Holder Set

Hand sanitizer is a teacher must-have, and they can clip these holders to their lanyard or belt, refilling as needed. They come in a cute floral pattern too. Here’s what one reviewer had to say: “I’m a teacher and this product is perfect to keep on my backpack. I can easily use it entering/leaving school, with peace of mind for sanitation. We are buying more for my teacher friends and family.”

Buy it: Ventured Living Hand Sanitizer Holder Set of 2 at Amazon

Orange fanny pack with black zipper and belt

Belt Bag

This bag is trendy, and for good reason! It is a functional, fashionable version of a fanny pack. Your child’s teacher will love a gift that leaves their hands free while storing their phone, hand sanitizer, key card, and wallet. This one is simple but comes in tons of colors.

Buy it: Tinyat Belt Bag on Amazon

Book stack dangle teacher earrings

Book Stack Earrings

These adorable statement earrings are perfect to dress up any outfit, even on jeans day! When it’s a messy-bun day, your child’s teacher will feel more put-together with these fun earrings.

Buy it: Book Stack Earrings at Amazon

Tie with alegbra equations on it

Teacher Tie

Tie-loving teachers likely have an impressive collection, but there are so many unique options out there that make fantastic teacher gifts! (Find more fun teacher ties here.)

Buy it: Math Tie at Amazon

Self-Care Gifts for Teachers

Texas elementary teacher Brooke Blake loves it when people give her gifts that help her relax. Many other teachers agreed, noting that teaching can be stressful, so self-care gifts are often welcome.

Nail salon gift cards for Pick Your Polish
Pick Your Polish

Manicure and Pedicure

Real Teacher Story: “I consider it a real treat to get my nails done, and normally that happens for me just twice in a school year. I get my nails done at the start of the year and again when it is time to break out those toes for sandal season. Gifting your teacher a manicure will make them want to find an excuse to use the document camera and spend more time pointing at things on the smartboard!” A Pick Your Polish gift card can be used nationally at 15,000 different locations.

Buy it: Nail Gift Card at Pick Your Polish 

Spafinder Gift Card

Spa Day

Everyone can use a little relaxation time. With this gift card, teachers can choose the services they are interested in and can use it at spas found nationally. (Check to make sure you have a location near you that accepts the gift card.)

Buy it: Spafinder Gift Card at Amazon 

Best Teacher Gifts: L'Occitane Classics Hand Cream Trio
Ulta Beauty

L’Occitane Hand Cream Classics Trio Gift Set

Teachers tend to get a lot of bath and body products, so if you’re going to go that route, pick a high-quality, luxurious option so your gift will stand out. L’Occitane makes some of the best hand cream around, perfect for reviving hands that are dry and cracked from using sanitizer all day long. Buy this set and give it as-is, or split it up and pair each one with a gift card for three separate teacher gifts.

Buy it: L’Occitane Hand Cream Classics Trio Gift Set at Ulta Beauty

Shower steamers in a blue box labelled CALM

Shower Steamers

Teachers will love these shower steamers that make them feel a little more excited about their regular routine. These shower steamers have great reviews and offer a collection of calming scents that promote relaxation.

Buy it: Shower Steamers at Amazon

Baltic Amber candle by Voluspa

Scented Candle

Be warned: These are really popular teacher gifts, so if you’re going to gift one, make it good quality and in a scent they’ll actually really enjoy.

Buy it: Voluspa Candle at Amazon

More of the Best Teacher Gift Ideas

When it comes down to it, teachers appreciate any gift that shows you put some thought and effort into it. “Think outside the box,” recommends Carmen Class, a 3rd grade teacher from New Jersey. Fifth grade teacher Melanie Stalworth probably says it best: “Pick from the heart.”

LEGO wildflowers set with box

LEGO Flowers

Real Teacher Story: “I received a LEGO house built to resemble a school with a figurine that represented me and a dinosaur to represent the student who built it.” So personal and fun!

If you want to give teachers a relaxing activity they’ll enjoy themselves, consider a set of LEGO flowers. Designed just for adults, these sets are popular and make amazing classroom decorations.

Buy it: LEGO Wildflowers Set at Amazon

Purple Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Adding pictures of fun moments in the classroom around the room would be such a nice personal touch to any teacher’s classroom. Then when the year is over, they’ll have photographic tokens of the memories made that year.

Buy it: Fujifilm Mini 11 Instant Camera at Amazon

Variety of photo reel viewers in blue, red, black, white, and wood
Uncommon Goods

Personalized Reel Viewer

Older teachers will especially love this one, with its cool retro appeal. Gather up a selection of photos with all their best teacher memories, and get a custom set of View-Master cards to cherish forever.

Buy it: Personalized Reel Viewer at Uncommon Goods

Ticketmaster gift card


You’ll definitely want to ask about this first, but tickets to a movie, show, game, concert, or other event can be a really cool teacher gift. Find out what they love, and offer to get them a pair of tickets to enjoy with a partner or friend. (Not sure what they’d like? Ticketmaster makes gift cards!)

Buy it: Ticketmaster Gift Card

bouquet of Bouqs assorted, colorful farm-fresh flowers on a table, as an example of teacher appreciation gifts


If you’ve got a garden, put together your own bouquet. Otherwise, brighten a teacher’s day with beautiful blooms from Bouqs. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles. These flowers are sourced directly from farmers who use sustainable growing practices like minimizing waste and recycling water.

Buy it: Farmers Choice Bouquet at Bouqs

Fiddle fig plant in white pot

Live Plant

Plants make great classroom decorations and add some life even in the darkest months of winter. Choose a plant from a local nursery (ask for advice on good plants that need minimal care), or order an easy-care favorite like this fiddle fig from an online supplier.

Buy it: Fiddle Fig Plant at Amazon

Paper bouquet of cherry blossoms in a paper vase

Lovepop Bouquet

Want something that will last longer than cut flowers? Lovepop’s paper bouquets are gorgeous and make a gorgeous classroom display or home decor item.

Buy it: Cherry Blossom Bouquet at Lovepop

Throw blanket that looks like notebook paper with a personalized letter written on it
Uncommon Goods

Personalized Letter Blanket

This would make an amazing group gift: a personalized blanket with a teacher thank-you note they’ll keep forever! You choose your text, so your recipient will think of their students every time they snuggle up with this blanket.

Buy it: Personalized Letter Blanket at Uncommon Goods

Frigidaire 6-Can Mini Retro Beverage Fridge

Mini Fridge

Help teachers make the most of their much-needed break time by saving them a trip to the teachers lounge fridge. This little model is just big enough to hold some fizzy water and yogurt, exactly what teachers need for a midafternoon pick-me-up. (Check out more terrific mini-fridge options here.)

Buy it: Frigidaire 6-Can Retro Beverage Fridge at Target

Black mesh beach tote filled with towels, water bottles, flip flops, and more

Beach-Ready Tote

Texas 1st grade teacher MQ loved this gift: “A beach bag full of summer fun that I still l use—towel, sunscreen, travel tumbler, and canned drinks.” When they’re not at the beach, the tote can double as an extra teacher bag.

Buy it: Dejaroo Mesh Sand-Free Beach Tote at Amazon

Lila Greer, Teacher of the Year book cover

Beloved Book

Many teachers shared that some of their favorite gifts were books, whether personal favorites from the person who gifted it or something chosen especially for them. Try asking your teacher if they have an Amazon Wish List with their favorite books on it so you know you’re buying something they’ll really love!

Buy it: Lila Greer, Teacher of the Year at Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker

Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Smart speakers with voice search built in have so many uses in the classroom. The Amazon Echo Dot is one of our favorites, since it’s so easy to use and coordinates with other Amazon products.

Buy it: Amazon Echo Dot at Amazon

Custom Photo Collage Frame w/ LED Light

Photo Collage

Gather your favorite photos from the year (check social media or photos your child’s teacher shared in class emails or newsletters). Then, turn them into a keepsake collage. This one is extra adorable with a modern look and an LED light. Add your teacher’s favorite quote, a quote about teaching, or just their class and year.

Buy it: Custom Photo Collage Frame w/LED Light at Etsy

Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire

Kindle Paperwhite or Fire

If you’re up for a splurge or looking for a teacher gift from the whole class, Amazon’s e-readers and tablets offer great value for the money. If your teacher already has one, consider a Kindle Unlimited membership.

Buy it: Kindle Paperwhite and Fire HD 8 Tablet at Amazon

Personalized picture frame with teacher's name and school, with a picture of a hockey team
Personalization Mall

Personalized Photo Frame

Teachers and coaches love the gift of memories. Share your child’s favorite memory with their teacher in a personalized frame. This is a perfect gift to display in a teacher’s classroom for years to come. 

Buy it: Personalized Picture Frame at Personalization Mall

Coasters with crayons and desk supplies inside and a name printed on top


These cute coasters are the perfect teacher gifts for those teachers who always have a mug or bottle on their desk. Even without the mug, teachers can display this personalized desk tchotchke to add some flair to their space. 

Buy it: Personalized Coaster at Etsy

Collage of audiobooks with headline Give the gift of Audible (Teacher Appreciation Gifts)

Audible Membership

Give a lit-loving teacher plenty of audiobooks to enjoy during their much-deserved downtime. Audible gift memberships are available from one month to a year, so there are teacher gift options for all price ranges.

Buy it: Audible Gift Membership at Amazon

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