17 Teacher Ties You’ll Want to Add to Your Wardrobe

You can buy them all on Amazon.

Best Teacher Ties on Amazon

The teacher tie deserves a spot in any educator’s wardrobe. It makes a bold statement and keeps your students on their toes! Here are some of our favorite teacher ties from Amazon.

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1. If you think cursive is a dying art

If you’re afraid your students will grow up not knowing what a cursive Q looks like, then this is the tie for you.

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2. If you’re an elementary teacher

This subtle black and white tie mimics a blackboard in an adorable kind of way.

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3. If you love ties in an elemental kind of way

This bold tie is perfect for any science teacher.

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4. If you plan on having your students do a lot of writing

Use this tie the day before a test to serve as a gentle reminder that they are about to hate you.


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5. If you’re feeling a little presidential

Which president’s signature is the worst? Let’s debate!

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6. If you’re more of a pi person than a cake person

Somehow, delicious desserts always end up on your tie.

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7. If you want to feel like Bill Nye the Science Guy

Only the coolest science teachers can pull off this atomic bow tie.

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8. If you’re a big fan of maps and charts

Perfect for a geography or astronomy teacher!

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9. If you’re a great music teacher

Or just a fan of that scene from Big.

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10. If you think Shakespeare was the man

This is a great way for your students to see what the plays looked like in their original form.

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11. If you know what the square root of awesome is

Math teachers wear bow ties now. Bow ties are cool.

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12. If history is your jam

This tie featuring the Greek gods and goddesses is extremely cool.

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13. If you like Abe

There’s nothing more classic than the Gettysburg Address.

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14. If you want to bring more art into your classroom

Take a walk with Monet in a field of poppies.

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15. If you like solving equations

This tie will keep your brain active!

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16. If you know you are a superhero

This would also be a great prompt for a classroom discussion!

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17. If you think there weren’t enough bow ties on this list

Look at this adorable one with bikes on it!

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What are your favorite teacher ties? Leave the link in the comments!