25 Sweet and Silly Greeting Cards for Teachers This Holiday Season

Plus more for teacher appreciation, end of school year, or just because!

Examples of teacher thank you cards

Want to make a teacher’s day for the holidays, a birthday, Teacher Appreciation Week, or just because? Write a heartfelt message in a clever card you’ve picked out just for them! These greeting cards for teachers work for all sorts of occasions and are sure to put a smile on your favorite educator’s face. There’s never a bad time to show a teacher you truly appreciate all their hard work.

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Cards to Show a Teacher Your Appreciation

1. Glittery Apple

Gold glittery teacher appreciation card with apple design

How cute is this sparkly spin on the traditional teacher’s apple? The retro font on the heartfelt message makes this an extra-adorable option.

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2. Above and Beyond Laser Cat

80s laser cat design on thank you card

This isn’t specifically for teachers, but it’s the perfect choice if you know your favorite educator loves cats!


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3. Teacher Appreciation Card Pack

Pack of colorful greeting cards for teachers

There’s plenty to go around in this beautifully designed set of cards with kind messages like “The influence of a great teacher can never be erased.”

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4. Cartoon Supplies

Greeting card for teachers with cartoon supplies

You can’t beat a simple “Thank You,” especially when it’s surrounded by these super-cute cartoon supplies. If you want to go above and beyond, you can attach it to some supplies from their teacher wish list!

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5. Couldn’t Spell “Thank” Without YOU

Fill-in-the-blank greeting card for teachrs

Getting your kiddo to fill in the blanks on this card is such a thoughtful way to show their teacher how much they are appreciated.

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6. Drained Battery

Thank you card for teachers with drained battery icon

Giving teachers a laugh with this hilariously honest card will likely help recharge those drained batteries.

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7. Great Tea-cher

Cartoon tea cups on teacher greeting card

If you know your kid’s teacher loves to sip tea, adding a few bags of their favorite blends will make this card extra sweet.

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8. Pencil Favor Box

DIY paper pencil gift holders

You can fill this with chocolates, supplies, gift cards, and anything else the teacher might love. Plus, they can keep it as a charming decoration in the classroom.

Buy it: Make Your Own Pencil Favor Box on Etsy

9. Coloring Page Bouquet

Bouquet flower coloring page thank you cards

Here’s another great option for adding a special touch from your kids with their own personalized coloring.

Buy it: Teacher Appreciation Coloring Page Bouquet on Etsy

10. Any Way You Slice It

Teacher greeting card with pizza

Does anything really say “thank you” as deliciously as a fresh slice of pizza?

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11. S’more Teachers Like You

Drawing of s'mores on teacher thank you card

Another tasty way to say thank you: Attach this to all the fixings for a yummy s’more!

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12. Bobblehead Teacher Card

Pop up teacher card with photo of teacher as a bobblehead

This has to be one of the cutest cards for teachers we’ve ever seen. This Etsy artist will make a pop-up card featuring your very own favorite educator!

Buy it: Bobblehead Card on Etsy

13. Lovepop Bouquet

3-D paper flower bouquet (Cards for Teachers)

Lovepop makes incredibly cool 3D cards. They’re all beautifully detailed, but we especially love the flower bouquet options. Such a nice way to have flowers on your desk without needing to worry about caring for them.

Buy it: Wildflower Bouquet Card on Lovepop

14. Teachercorn

Dancing unicorn with text Teachercorn: Like a Normal Teacher But More Awesome

Cross a teacher with a unicorn and what do you get? The best educator ever!

Buy it: Teachercorn Card on Etsy

15. Color It Yourself

Black and white greeting card reading Not all heroes wear capes (Cards for Teachers)

This sweet card is such a cute way to say thanks. Kids can put their personal stamp on it by coloring it before they sign.

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16. No. 2 Year, No. 1 Teacher

Greeting card reading It's been a No. 2 kind of year but you're a No. 1 teacher with pencil motif

Congratulate a teacher on surviving a tough year with this smart card. Number 2 pencils may be best, but teachers rank number one in our book!

Buy it: No. 1 Teacher Card on Etsy

17. Teachers Plant Seeds

Greeting card showing growing plants; text reads Teachers Plant Seeds That Grow Forever (Cards for Teachers)

For an inexpensive teacher thank-you gift, tuck a packet or two of flower seeds in with this charming card.

Buy it: Teachers Plant Seeds Cards on Etsy

18. Winnie the Pooh Believes in You

Greeting card with drawing of Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet; text reads It makes such a difference to have someone who believes in you.

Pooh always has such words of wisdom to offer. Have this card (with dainty wooden accents) personalized for your recipient.

Buy it: Winnie the Pooh Card on Etsy

19. Day at the Beach

Pop up card of a beach scene with chairs and umbrellas

Every teacher is in constant need of a vacation. Give them a day at the beach with this Lovepop card, even if it’s only in paper form.

Buy it: Beach Day Pop-Up Card on Lovepop

20. Teacher Report Card

Teacher thank you card made to look like a report card hanging from a bottle of wine

It’s your turn to give a report card to the teacher! This one is designed to hang from the neck of a bottle of wine too.

Buy it: Teacher Report Card on Etsy

21. Patience and Caring

Teacher appreciation card with a crayon motif and short poem (Cards for Teachers)

Sometimes all you need is a simple message to say thanks. Have this card personalized to make it extra special.

Buy it: Patience and Caring Card on Etsy

22. Hallmark Assortment Pack

Assortment of appreciation cards for teachers

If you need a whole bunch of terrific cards for teachers, try this assortment from Hallmark. You get eight cards for less than two bucks each.

Buy it: Hallmark Assortment Pack on Amazon

23. Gift Card Holders

Gift card holders themed for various stores like Amazon and Target (Cards for Teachers)

Giving your favorite teacher a gift card? These holders are customized for some of their favorite places, including Amazon, Starbucks, and Target.

Buy it: Gift Card Holders on Etsy

24. Gift Cards Are Better

Printable gift card sleeve for teacher appreciation

Looking for some free printables so you can spend your cash on a present or gift card instead? We’ve got you covered! Find 12 free printable appreciation cards for teachers in a variety of styles here.

25. ISBN Thinking

Printable card that looks like an old-fashioned library card, reading ISBN thinking about how much you do for our school.

Here’s a joke for the librarians and other book lovers! Get this free printable card here, along with others, to thank your school’s unsung heroes like cafeteria staff and custodians.

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Celebrate birthdays, the holidays, and teacher appreciation days with these sweet and funny greeting cards for teachers of all types.