12 Teacher Thank-You Cards Perfect for Teacher Appreciation

Free printable thank you cards for your favorite teacher!

Printable Teacher Thank You Cards

It’s always a good time to thank a teacher! In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we put together these teacher thank-you cards. These printable cards are completely free, and they’re perfect for telling your favorite teacher or educator just how much you appreciate them.

To get the full set, just submit your email. Here’s a sneak peek at the different designs: 

Spread the love with crayons and hearts. 

You are my favorite teacher.

Color one of your own teacher thank-you cards or go with a classic. 

Coloring FTW.

Write your own message or go for the honest approach. 

Because let’s be honest. You might be the hard part.

Go the gift-card route. 


Nothing says teacher love like a Target gift card.

Embrace the pun.    

Hooray for donuts!

Add a plant or a coffee gift card. 

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Yes! I Want My Free Thank You Cards!