What’s the Best Part of the Grade You Teach?

We asked WeAreTeachers readers to share why they love teaching the grade they do. Below are some of our favorite[…]Continue Reading

We asked WeAreTeachers readers to share why they love teaching the grade they do. Below are some of our favorite answers, from pre-K on up!

Pre-K: Enthusiasts  Pre-K is about enthusiasm

“I love the spark that my preschoolers get when they make a new discovery or master a skill they’ve been working on. I feed off of their excitement!” –Alyssa F.

Kindergarten: Sponges  The joys of teaching kindergarten

“Kindergartners are so enthusiastic about everything. They are very confident and haven’t been jaded yet. They also have no filters and can say some interesting things. It’s also easy to “trick” them into learning. 🙂 Gets them every time!” –Doreen G.

First Grade: Sweethearts  Affectionate first-graders

“I teach first and love it! No matter how stressed you get or react on those long, bad days, they still love and hug you at the end of the day.” Renee O.

Second Grade: Bloomers  Second-graders as butterflies

“It’s the sweet spot! Second graders still have the sweetness and innocence of the primary grades but they have more confidence because they’ve learned the basics and now they’re perfecting their skills and becoming more independent. They’re like caterpillars turning into butterflies.” –Liz M.


“Second graders have no filter…love that.” —Tiffany C.

Third Grade: Readers/Storytellers  Third-grade storytellers

“I love how third graders can begin to think critically and defend their thinking. I also love how they love novels so much!” —Heather B.

“They adore narrative—whether it’s about ancient Egypt or Star Wars—they love talk and story.” —Emily H.

Fourth Grade: Clowns  Fourth-graders are class clowns

“They try to act so grown up, but are really still big kids…although sometimes they act more needy than my primary babies did.” —Richard K.

“My class was writing thank-you cards to the local IGA grocery store that had donated ice cream to our school. One of my darlings raised his hand to ask me how to spell IGA.”

“The silliness and innocence of being young but gaining in maturity and independence. They are hilarious.”

Fifth Grade: Mac Daddies! (Or BMOC)  5th grade

“It’s their first time in life being at the top of the food chain and they love it! Also often the beginning of all the boy/girl stuff.” — Hilary F.

 “You’d be surprised to know how many of your fifth graders already have Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat accounts.” —Diane N.

Sixth Grade: Little Bigs  sixth grade

“Terrified middle schoolers. Back to the bottom of the heap. Terrified by lockers. And they realize that they’re moving on from being little kids.” —Darcy R.

Seventh Grade: Sensitive  seventh graders are sensitive

“Seventh graders have middle child syndrome. I think they feel invisible sometimes, and they are definitely in their own heads.” —Robert D.

Eighth Grade: Geniuses  eighth grade genius

“Eighth grade…love seeing the light bulbs go off!!!” —Elaine R.

Ninth Grade: Fresh Faced Fresh-faced ninth grade by Emily S. Hopkins

“Back to the bottom again. Ready for new challenges. Open to new ideas. Scared but excited. Overwhelmed. Hilariously awkward. I remember when I dropped my first daughter off at her first day of high school and had a panic attack because there were senior boys with full on beards walking along side her!” —Liz M.

Tenth Grade: Samaritans Tenth-graders are understanding and kind

“I teach high school SPED reading and 10th grade inclusion ELA. At this age, students recognize the social struggles in high school but, given a safe space they relate well with each other.” –Joanne M.

Eleventh Grade: Pressure Cookers  eleventh grade

“SO MUCH PRESSURE. Classes are hard, stakes are high. Really gearing up for college. This is the year that matters most in high school.” –Somer V.

Seniors: Paragons senior year

“I LOVE teaching seniors with their ability to think, to have a constructive debate, to have “real” questions, more mature thought process (usually), and they are SO funny!!!” Asphault A.

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