Summer Bootcamp for Teachers Week 2: De-Flab Your Abs

You got this!

Welcome back to our summer bootcamp for teachers! Created especially for you with the help of our friends at CRUNCH gyms!

See week one for legs exercises, as well as an explanation of how the summer bootcamp for teachers works. If you’ve already been there, done that, hopefully you are feeling stronger (mentally AND physically) and ready to take things up a notch.

Summer bootcamp for teachers: Week 2

This week, CRUNCH group fitness instructor Michele Bastos is adding new moves to your routine made for sculpting your abs and core. And if you’re feeling stuck indoors, Bastos challenges you to take this workout outside. As for equipment, all you need is a beach ball (don’t have one? You can buy one for only $2 or less at your local drugstore), an exercise mat or beach towel and of course, sunscreen!

As for equipment, all you need is a beach ball (don’t have one? You can buy one for only $2 or less at your local drugstore), an exercise mat or beach towel, and of course, sunscreen!

Each exercise includes modifications to make them more accessible or more challenging depending on your fitness level. Repeat the entire circuit three times in a row and try to do it two to three times per week. Don’t forget to drink lots of water. Ready? Let’s do this!

Rear Lunge with Rotation (alternate legs for 20 reps)

summer bootcamp for teachers

Step your left leg back into lunge. Twist to the right, rotate back center, and step together. Then switch legs.
Tip: Shoulders over the hips and hold abs tight the entire time.
Modifications: You can minimize the range of motion by taking a smaller step back.

Side Bend – Side Leg Lift (repeat 20 times on each side)

Stand tall with ball overhead, shoulders down, and abs engaged. Flex to the side lifting the leg up simultaneously.
Tip: This is a great oblique exercise that also works the hips as an extra bonus.
Modifications: Keep both feet on the floor for balance.

Sit Up Variations (repeat 20 times on each side)

Inhale to roll down, then exhale to roll up. At the top, lift your leg, reaching your toe towards the ball. Switch legs on the next sit up.
Tip: Do not hold your breath.
Modifications: Keep booth feet on the floor for a beginner version

Plank Fun (repeat 20 times total)

Start in a plank position with hands directly under the shoulders. Keep your legs open, using your shoulders, roll the ball from side to side. Be sure to maintain a strong, solid plank position throughout.
Tip: Planks are a fun way to work the core muscles. This move will strengthen the entire body, especially the core, lower back, and shoulders.
Modifications: Lower your knees down to make this move easier or bring your feet together for a more challenging option.

Superman Lift (repeat 10 times)

Lay on your belly with legs straight but opened to hips width apart. With arms stretched out long and overhead, hold the ball in front of you. Inhale to prepare by pulling the abdominals in towards the spine and lengthening through the body. Exhale and lift arms and legs off the ground.
Tip: It’s so important to work the posterior chain whenever focusing on core moves for an overall balanced workout that will strengthen the body on all different planes of motion
Modifications: Keep legs down and focus on the upper body lift.

Russian Twist – Table Top (repeat 10 times)

From a seated position, roll half way down and lift one leg up at time to a table top position. Inhale to lift the ball overhead and exhale to twist right and then left.
Tips: Smile! It makes any challenging exercise feels much easier.
Modifications: Keep both feet on the floor for a beginner level or lift one leg up at time to the same direction of the twist for a more moderate level.

Standing Crunches (repeat 20 times on each side)

Reach the left leg out to the side as you twist to the right. Bring your knee to the ball as you twist back to the center.
Tip: Think of this as riding a bike—it’s just double the fun because you’re standing. Stabilize your body on a single leg to go against the range of motion.
Modifications: Reach arms up to a high diagonal to make this move a bit more challenging.

And that’s our summer bootcamp for teachers, until next week! In the meantime, don’t forget that Crunch Live, an online workout hub, is giving WeAreTeacher’s readers an exclusive 30-day free trial. Just enter the code TEACH30.


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