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7 Principal Disasters That You’re So Glad Didn’t Happen To You

These principals and their schools made the news this year … and it wasn’t always flattering.

We know being a school leader is really hard, but you can still be grateful for small things. So we scoured for administrators, superintendents, and principals in the news to find the most what-the-heck and oh-no-you-didn’t moments from this school year. Here are nine things that you can be grateful didn’t happen to you this year.

1. I am grateful I fundraised in positive ways.

Unlike this principal who pawned her school-owned computer for extra cash.


2. I am grateful I modeled good decision-making skills.

Unlike this principal who shamed students for their behavior, but hid her own DUI from the DOE.

principals in the news


3. I am grateful for the experiences that make me a good school leader.

Unlike this school leader who lied about her resume and was found out by investigating students.


4. I am grateful I developed a new dress code with all community stakeholders.

Unlike this principal who used an outdated code that didn’t take diversity or reality into account.


5. I am grateful our graduation went off without a hitch.

Unlike this one where parents were fighting in the aisles. Can you imagine?!


6. I am grateful my parent community respects our right to free thought.

Unlike this principal who was brought under investigation for suspected Communist thoughts.


7. I am grateful to have suspended less than 500 students this year.

Unlike this principal who chose to suspend nearly half the student population for an alarming number of unexcused absences.

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Posted by Kimberley Moran

Kimberley is a Senior Editor at WeAreTeachers. She has 15 years of classroom teaching experience and a master's degree in literacy education.

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