Our Favorite Videos for Teaching Poetry in Elementary School

Videos that help teach figurative language, personification, and more.

Our Favorite Videos for Teaching Poetry to Young Students

Let’s put the fun back into teaching poetry, especially for our younger students! These poetry videos for elementary school will help teachers make lessons engaging and fresh.

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Remember to check out these videos yourself before you show them to your students. Only you know what will work for the children in your classroom.

“Personification” by the Bazillions

Super cute and catchy song about this figurative device. Perfect for any age, really. Definitely don’t miss the “Similes and Metaphors” song. It’s a must-see! 

“Onomatopoeia Song”

With over one million views, this is a must-see video for any poetry unit. 



“Hit ‘Em With the Onomatopoeia” by Guava Juice

Roy from Guava Juice has over twelve million subscribers on YouTube, so many of your students probably already know him. He makes onomatopoeia the subject of one of his songs, and kids love it.

“Alliteration Song” by Melissa

Animated and catchy, this song provides a ton of examples of alliteration. The on-screen text with highlighted first letters of alliterative words is even more helpful in explaining this device to students.

Vocabulary Battle: Poetry Skills Game for Kids

This 10-minute, interactive video encourages group work and collaboration as students stretch their brains and creativity.

How to Write a Rhyme Poem

Pretty straightforward and simple, this video shows viewers firsthand how to write a rhyming poem. Less than five minutes and worth showing students!

Groobles Media Videos

If you can stand the fuzzy puppets explaining figurative language devices in weird voices, you’ll dig this video. Students will giggle (or roll their eyes) at the delivery of this content. 

Figurative Language Tutorial

For upper elementary or middle schoolers, this video explains six elements of poetry in clear and concise ways. Photos of famous faces will make this especially appealing to youngsters. 

“There’s a Crocodile in My Lunchbox” by Steve Attewell

A silly poem by Steve Attewell, students will giggle at the content, and teachers will appreciate the text on screen. Check out his other poems, too. All funny and kid favorites.

“Chocolate Cake” by Michael Rosen

Students will take a look at a free-verse poem by talented poet and storyteller Michael Rosen. They’ll love his silly voices and the way he brings his poems to life on screen.

Asha Christensen at TedxKids

Young Asha shares her version of spoken poetry, reciting a poem she wrote about having writer’s block. Powerful. Students love this.

“That Crazy Lazy” 

Another inspiring example of spoken word poetry, students are in awe of this young man. 

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Our Favorite Videos for Teaching Poetry in Elementary School