Our Favorite Subtraction and Addition Videos on YouTube

Solid instruction + cool videos = serious learning.

Best Subtraction and Addition Videos

Making math more engaging for kids can be difficult. But teaching math will be anything but boring when you introduce students to some of our favorite subtraction and addition videos on YouTube.

Some of these videos are silly songs, some are stories, and some are basic explanations about how to add and subtract. Use what works for your students, and, as always, check out these videos before you show them to your class. 

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Homeschool Pop: Basic Addition for Kids

Homeschool Pop explains addition in a simple story about golf. The combination of photographs, illustrations, and friendly, casual explanations helps make this an easy video for kids to connect with.

Harry Kindergarten Music: When You Add With A Pirate

Harry Kindergarten is packed with “hip songs and videos for the K-2 classroom”. Each one is cooler than the next, but this addition one is definitely one of my faves.



It’s AumSum Time: Basic Addition for Kids

Ants and mangoes and other silly animated characters tell the story of basic addition here. No talking, just words on a screen, music, and noises convey the story here.

The Number Guys Addition Tables Collection 0-10

Forty minutes of numbers walking across a screen can become pretty monotonous, but I like the simplicity of this video and the repetition. I do think it can be used in chunks effectively. 

Counting Songs: Learning Addition 

A short and catchy song about addition, this tune will for sure be stuck in everyone’s mind well after it’s over. One thing I love about this video is that both the numerals and the number of objects is included on screen. That way, teachers can pause the song and make connections if need be.

Mr. R.’s Songs for Teaching: Mental Math

Mr. R.’s videos are “for teachers, by a teacher” and this song about the importance of mental math is so catchy you’ll be singing it all day long. You must check out his “My Dog Addition” video also. Kids love it.

Meet the Math Facts: Basic Addition and Subtraction Level 1

This is a 60-minute video, and even though it’s long, it’s well done. Numbers take the shape of animals or characters in mini-animated skits, which younger viewers especially will love. Though there tends to be a lot of repetition, repetition helps!

Homeschool Pop: Basic Subtraction for Kids

This quickie, 10-minute video demonstrates for viewers the basics of subtraction in an animated and engaging way. It’s basic, super basic, and sometimes basic is all you need. 

Kids Learning Tube: Subtraction

Kids Learning Tube shares an incredibly vast library of videos, ranging from science to geography and holidays to the human body. This little ditty about subtraction is quite catchy, and there’s an addition one, too. 

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Our Favorite Subtraction and Addition Videos on YouTube