Our Favorite Multiplication and Division Videos on YouTube

Math block will be ten times cooler than ever before when you use these videos.

Our Favorite Division and Multiplication Videos

Divide your lessons between direct instruction, hands-on activities, and these cool multiplication and division videos, and it’s a sure win.

These are just some of our favorite videos for teaching multiplication and division—you can also check out our multiplication and division videos playlist here (and be sure to subscribe to WeAreTeachers YouTube channel while you’re at it.)

Remember to check out these videos yourself before you show them to your students because only you know what will work for the children in your classroom.

Schoolhouse Rock: Multiplication


The very first ever Schoolhouse Rock song is this one, Three Is a Magic Number. In fact, they have one for every number. Check out zero through 12 here.

Multiplication Song: Learn about Multiplication


Iken Edu has 165 videos on its primary math video playlist alone. The library of learning videos here is vast. Though some of the videos can be a little slow, most contain animation and little stories which will keep students engaged. 

Multiplication Song

This song has more than 5.7 million views, because it’s pretty silly and catchy–not because it’s helpful for teaching concepts. Students will probably find it funny, though, so it’s worth checking out.


Concept of Multiplication for Kids: Grade 1 Maths for Kids

Periwinkle teaches the concept of multiplication in this video, and thanks to its simplicity and visuals, students will be engaged.

The TIMES Table Songs (1-10) by Miss Jill

Miss Jill sings songs about the times tables to the tunes of favorite children’s songs. She’s super high-energy, and her whole channel is just fun.

Multiplication for Kids: Multiplying on Your Fingers

This video is made by Front Porch Math, and it’s all about teaching kids the famous trick for knowing the 6 x 6 to 10 x 10.  It’s simply a woman explaining the trick with her hands. But it’s pretty cool.

Multiplication Trick: Full-Time Kid

Little Mya is PBS’s full-time kid, and she teaches viewers the finger-trick for the 9 times tables. She’s cute, and the trick is worth learning for all students.

Multiplication Memorization (And Why It’s Not That Hard!)

This video takes a different look at multiplication in that it examines how viewers can memorize all of the multiplication facts up to 10 x 10. Hint: They say it’s easy because they talk about mirroring and how you only really need to learn half of the times tables to know them all.

Multiplication and Division Relationships

This video explains the difference between multiplication and division in an extremely simple way. It’s short, well-made, and worth checking out!

Division, by BrainPOP


This cool video by the great folks at BrainPOP explains division through an animated short about how the criminal underworld divides their loot. Students love it.

Simple Division By Sharing for Grade 1

Apples, potatoes, cookies, and sushi are divided into equal groups in this incredibly basic video. Sometimes, though, simple is okay.

Division Song: Great Intro to a New Unit

McCarthy Math Academy gets everyone jamming to this catchy song about division. It’s full of division-related vocabulary, with lots of on-screen examples. Be warned: this song will be stuck in your brain for days.

Learn Division for Kids: 2nd and 3rd Grade Math Video

Viewers will learn all things division in this three-minute video. It’s great as an intro or quick review for the unit of study. And this channel’s video library is worth checking out. It’s incredibly vast and well done.

Why Can’t You Divide by Zero? A TED Talk

Definitely geared toward upper elementary or middle school-aged kids, this short TED talk explains in great detail why we can’t divide by zero. There’s a lot of talk about multiplicative inverses here. 

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Our Favorite Division and Multiplication Videos on YouTube