The Best Classroom Screensavers on YouTube

Let your students work beachside or fireside.

Free Classroom Screensavers

If you’ve got an interactive whiteboard or projector and you haven’t tried classroom screensavers, what are you waiting for?

On those cool, fall days when the school heater won’t kick in, throw a crackling fire on your board for your morning meeting. Kids will come running, and guaranteed, whether they’re first graders or fourth graders, someone will hold out their hands to the screen and claim they feel heat from the fire. And then they’ll all try it. But they’ll also sit quietly by the fire and listen to you read. 

For real.

Here are a few of our favorite classroom screensavers. Choose your faves and be sure to click off the ads before you let them run in your room. Psst … follow our Classroom Screensavers playlist on YouTube so you have all of these great screensavers—and more!—at your fingertips. 

Crackling Fireplace

Sit on your rocker and call your students to the carpet for a cozy read aloud.



We like the aquariums that run with natural sounds instead of relaxing music, but you do what works best for your students. 


Wind in the Trees

Students will be blown away with the awesomeness of this screensaver. Not really—but it is pretty relaxing.  

Birds Singing 

Let your students work to the sounds of birds singing and in the shade of a few huge trees. 

Gentle Ocean Waves 

When life in the classroom makes you feel like you couldn’t be more stressed out, it’s time for some sand and surf. No umbrella drinks served here, but you won’t even need one with the peace that this video will bring you.

Blizzard and Wind

On hot days, when everyone is feeling uncomfortable in a sticky, muggy classroom, I like to put on a blizzard screensaver to “cool” us down. 

Relaxing Waterfall 

It’s hard not to feel peaceful and serene when working near a forest river. 


On dark and dreary days, this blue-sky-and-fluffy-clouds screensaver will bring a little brightness to the classroom.

What are your favorite classroom screensavers? Don’t forget to follow our favorites on YouTube and come and share yours in our WeAreTeachers Chat group on Facebook. 

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The Best Classroom Screensavers on YouTube