Whether it’s a genius repurposing of an everyday item, another dollar-store find, or a perfectly affordable way to organize your classroom, there’s nothing like proven teacher hacks to save you time and money. Here is a roundup of some of our favorite Instagram-worthy teacher hacks straight from the source: you

1. Turn scrap paper into confetti.

Turn colored scrap paper into confetti with a hole punch

Save colored scrap paper and turn it into confetti with a hole punch. Use it for celebrations or art projects.

Source: @aperfectblendteaching

2. Display student work with clothespins and tacks.

Put tacks on the back of clothes pins to display student work

No longer leave holes in student work with this hack!

Source: @lifeas_missmichael

3. Use pouches to separate papers.

Separate graded and ungraded papers in pouches

Keeps things organized with mesh pouches such as these. Use them for transporting papers to and from home or for staying organized in the classroom.

Source: @mrscowmansclassroom

4. DIY your own Play-Doh.

DIY playdoh from cornstarch, lotion, and food coloring

Just use cornstarch, lotion, and food coloring for a DIY you can do with your students.

Source: @aperfectblendteaching

5. Communicate with your teacher team.

Still of students holding walkie talkies

No need to rely on your phones!

Source: @justpeachyinelementary

6. Color code your printables.

Still of teacher hacks for the classroom

One for each day of the week!

Source: @educating.yorkshire

7. Create online video icons.

Still of teacher's hand sharing hacks for classroom

Now even your littlest of students will know what to do with their screen.

Source: @latteloveforteaching

8. Implement a calming caddy.

Classroom calming caddy with students toys and calming items

Give students a place to take a break if needed. You might end up using these items too!

Source: @lifeas_missmichael

9. Create a voice-o-meter.

Still of creative ideas for classroom management

All you need are tap lights and signs. Now all your students will know the appropriate noise level.

Source: @crissysclassroomcreations

10. Create desk holders.

Still of desk holder ideas for the classroom

All you need are zip ties and plastic cups!

Source: @teachersbrain

11. Turn your collaboration desk into a dry-erase board.

Still of tables in the classroom

This teacher says, “It’s amazing what five dollars can do,” and we definitely agree!

Source: @ksclassroomkreations

12. Use colorful lead pencils!

Still of notebook and pens in the classroom

These are so genius. Now you can have erasable colors in pencil, not just pen.

Source: @mrswaldron

13. It’s an A+ for organized learning.

Still of Instagram teacher hacks

This teacher uses photo boxes you can buy from Michaels to store and organize her task cards.

Source: @ayearwithmsz

14. Use a fun screen saver to keep track of your devices.

Still of device management ideas for the classroom

Avoid numbering your devices with stickers that can leave an icky residue. Photos of yourself or your students make a fun alternative.

Source: @theamygroesbeck

15. Make turning in homework a game.

Still of homework game teacher hacks

Homeworkopoly might be one of the most genius things we’ve seen this year. It’s from Le Teacher Chronicles and demonstrated here by A Love for Teaching.

Source: @_aloveforteaching_

16. It’s coffee that lasts all day!

Still of all day coffee idea for teachers

This will get you through those long days. Iced coffee to the rescue.

Source: @theteacherhouse

17. Get students to stop blurting out.

Still of teacher hack for taking turns in classroom

When the light is on, there is absolutely no blurting out.

Source: @loveforelementary

18. Use microfiber cloths to clean your whiteboards.

Still of classroom whiteboard cleaning hack

With minimal sewing skills, you can make mitts that are extra kid friendly.

Source: @beingmissausten

19. Give your mini easel a new life.

Still of mini easel cleaning ideas

This teacher said her mini easel was always getting in the way—until she figured out this genius use for it.

Source: @mrswaldron_‘s mini easel!

20. Repurpose an old spice rack by filling it with school supplies.

Still of spice rack classroom hack

Because you can never find a paper clip when you need one.

Source: @teachingheroes

21. Try a drying rack for student art.

Still of classroom drying rack for student art

A laundry drying rack is a cheap and space-saving way to dry glued or painted projects.

Source: @a.learning.moment

22. Make a review game from dry-erase dice.

Still of dry erase dice

For one buck, these dry-erase dice are the perfect learning activity for any subject.

Source: @food_for_taught_

23. Color-code your hall passes.

Still of color-coded hall passes for students

And hang them in a handy place that only you can access.

Source: @somewhat_sparkly

24. Get their attention with a doorbell.

Still of wireless doorbells for the classroom

This teacher swears by her wireless doorbell. She says it’s just the thing she needs to get students’ attention.

Source: @loveforelementary’s classroom doorbell!

25. Rolling carts are game changers.

Still of classroom rolling cart ideas

We’ve heard it again and again: A teacher can never have too many rolling carts.

Safety first!

Source: @adifferentiatedclass

26. It’s a new kind of classroom pet.

Still of Roomba vacuum classroom pet

This teacher likes it nice and clean, and her robot vacuum does the job.

Source: @thekidlitmama

27. Use a shoe rack to distribute work.

Still of classroom teacher hacks

Save time on passing out assignments by giving your students a teacher- and student-friendly cubby where they can find their work.

Source: @just.add.glitter

28. Bring life to a number line.

Still of teacher hacks for dice and numbers

Best of all, it doesn’t take up much space at all.

Source: @earlycorelearning

29. Store paint in old soap dispensers.

Still of teacher hacks for classroom paint

And make art time a LITTLE less messy.

Source: @twinkl_ireland

30. Bring new meaning to the dab.

Still of bingo dabbers for the classroom

How do you use bingo dabbers in your classroom?

Source: @earlycorelearning’s bingo dabbers

31. Learn a little something from your students.

Still of classroom management ideas for teachers

Encourage your students to share.

Source: @naturallychiceducator

32. Use pom-poms for your markers.

Still of pom poms on classroom markers

This one goes around from time to time, but it’s worth showing again because it’s so easy!

Source: @_aloveforteaching_’s marker pom poms!

33. Use clothespins for pencil grippers.

Still of classroom hacks for teachers

This teacher hack is a cheap and simple way to help kids grasp their fine motor skills.

Source: @ky_khaleesi_kensington

34. Put a mark on borrowed pencils.

Still of tips for borrowed pencils in the classroom

Now you can easily keep track of them.

Source: @littleroseplace

35. Bring life to clothespins.

Still of clothespin classroom hack for teachers

How great are these for holding papers?! We love them.

Source: @madeinfifthgrade

36. Store paintbrushes in toothbrush holders.

Still of tips for storing paintbrushes in classroom

You can get them at the dollar store for a great organization hack.

Source: @art_with_msvu

37. Bottle caps are good learning opportunities.

Still of tips for using bottle caps in the classroom

You can use this idea for letters, math, and so much more.

Source: @kinderkhronicles

38. Use Popsicle sticks to call on students.

Still of teacher hacks for popsicle sticks

A colorful way to ensure every student gets a turn.

Source: @missmcannloveslearning

39. Practice makes perfect.

Still of classroom math hacks

All you need is plastic plates, and you have a math manipulative that you can write on with a dry-erase marker.

Source: @farrahhenleyeducation

40. Make glue sponges.

Still of making glue sponges for classroom

Instead of going through a ton of glue sticks, dump a bottle of Elmer’s Glue onto a sponge. Every few weeks, flip them and give them a spritz of water, and they’ll be good to go all school year.

Source: @liveandlovekindergarten

41. Color-coding works every time.

Still of organization tips for classroom

It’s so simple, but oh-so genius at the same time.

Source: @jumpinwithmrsj

42. Make your own classroom lighting.

Still of fairy lights for the classroom

Create a calming atmosphere in your classroom by putting an inexpensive string of fairy lights in a glass jar.

Source: @kind_er_garten

43. Color-code your art supplies.

Still of classroom tips for color coded art supplies

For a truly Instagram-worthy teacher hack, grab free paint chips from a hardware store and get creative. We’ve also seen several teachers use paint samples for curriculum review.

Source: @mrs_garsides_classroom

44. Create a pencil-sharpening station.

Still of pencil sharpening station in classroom

Now you won’t have students always asking to go to the pencil sharpener. They can just grab a new pencil and keep working. Then the sharpening can be done at a later time!

Source: @doubledoseoflearning

45. Make a simple dry-erase board.

Still of classroom dry erase DIY

With a plastic sleeve protector, your students have the freedom to try multiple times.

Source: @teaching_outside_the_box

46. Glue decor to your desk. Yes, really.

Still of teacher desk decor ideas

You can scrape it off at the end of the year, and all of your breakables will (finally) still be intact.

Source: @creatorium_explorium

47. Put bag hooks on the backs of student chairs.

Still of bag storage teacher hacks

Finally clear up the clutter on the floor.

Source: @michelle_thecolorfulclassroom

48. Make yourself an “invisibility cloak.”

Still of invisibility cloak ideas for teachers

For this teacher, it’s her kitty ears. Putting them on reminds students to try to problem-solve on their own.

Source: @a.bilingual.classroom

49. Use a pool noodle for a doorstop.

Still of pool noodle classroom door stop

No more slamming doors!

Source: @teachingmore

50. Organize papers with magazine racks.

Still of classroom magazine rack hack

These inexpensive ones come from Ikea.

Source: @love.learning

51. Put matched stickers on glue sticks and caps.

Stickers on Glue sticks to not lose the top teacher hack

Never lose caps again.

Source: @teachingwithmisspeney

52. Use shower curtains as decor.

use shower curtain as classroom decor Instagram hack

Decorative shower curtains can be a cute and inexpensive way to spruce up any classroom wall.

Source: @teachertothecore_katie_knight

53. Don’t let markers go dry.

Duct tape marker caps together in sets

Tape together markers in sets for students to use so you never find miscellaneous caps!

Source: @planethappysmiles

54. Partner up with bracelets.

Partner colored bracelets in a jar

Create random partners with colored bracelets to facilitate variety.

Source: @teaching_on_plan_it_planet & @hello_fifth

55. Easily store anchor charts.

Store anchor charts on hangers and clothing rack

Use hangers with clips and a clothing hack (or wall hooks) to keep anchor charts neat.

Source: @ms.b_yourself

56. Save time by using the dishwasher.

Clean classroom supplies in the dishwasher

Clean and disinfect classroom supplies such as these in the dishwasher for a fast solution to dirty items.

Source: @teachinginthesip

57. Clothespins can help teach the alphabet and spelling.

Use clothes pins with letters to teach the alphabet and spelling

Glue or even write letters on clothespins for kids to find alphabet letters or spell out words.

Source: @applesandabcs

58. Start a writing suitcase station.

Writing suitcase station

Have everything you need in one place to get students writing with this suitcase station and ideas.

Source: @reagtunstall

59. Share your screen.

Still of Instagram post classroom ideas

If you are still doing a hybrid model, this is a good option.

Source: @truelifeimateacher

60. Try out chalk markers.

Chalk markers for chalk boards

Use chalk markers for brighter, more vibrant colors without the chalky mess.

Source: @createandeducate

61. Have a sub survival set ready.

Substitute teacher survival guide set up

You never know when you will have to call in a sub last minute. A setup like this makes it so easy to be ready to go at the drop of a hat.

Source: @mrshenryinfirst

62. Use all of the classroom.

Still of Instagram tips for teachers

Run out of desk space? Use the floor!

Source: @jenna.jacobs

63. Ask parents for toys.

Still of teacher hacks for the classroom

If your students can’t share indoor recess toys, ask parents to send in a few.

Source: @missbakerinfirst

64. Use an apron.

Still of classroom hacks for teachers

Hand sanitizer? Check. Scissors? Check. Pens? Check!

Source: @anawaitedadventure

65. Masks off!

Still of chalkboard in classroom

If you still need to wear masks, let students know when it’s appropriate to keep them on or off.

Source: @missgrubersgoobers

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65 Instagram-Worthy Teaching Hacks