27 Instagram-Worthy Teacher Hacks

Some of these are genius TBH.

27 Instagram-Worthy Teacher Hacks

Whether it’s a genius repurposing of an everyday item, another dollar-store find or a perfectly affordable way to organize your classroom, there’s nothing like proven teacher hacks to save you time and money. Here is a roundup of some of our favorite Instagram-worthy teacher hacks straight from the source: you.

1. Use a fun screensaver to keep track of your devices.

Avoid numbering your devices using stickers that can leave an icky residue. Photos of yourself or your students make a fun alternative.


2. Use microfiber cloths to clean your whiteboards.

With minimal sewing skills, you can make mitts that are extra kid-friendly.


3. Use a spice rack to organize small supplies.

Because you can never find a paper clip when you need one.


4. Try a drying rack for student art.

A laundry drying rack is a cheap and space-saving way to dry glued or painted projects.


5. Make a review game from dry-erase dice.

For $1, these dry-erase dice are the perfect learning activity for any subject.

6. Create student toolboxes.

Little hands love to lose things. Keep them organized with this handy teacher hack.

7. Color-code your hall passes.

And hang them in a handy place where only you have access.

8. Store X-ACTO knives in an old eraser.

Safety first!


9. Use a shoe rack to distribute work.

Save time on passing out assignments by giving your students a teacher-hack cubby where they can find their work.


10. Store paint in old soap dispensers.

And make art time a LITTLE less messy.

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11. Make your own fidget toys.

Much cheaper than the ones on Amazon!


12. Use clothespins for pencil grippers.

This teacher hack is a cheap and simple way to help kids grasp their fine motor skills.


13. Store paintbrushes in toothbrush holders.

You can get them at the dollar store for a great organization hack at school and at home.


14. Make duct tape bulletin board trim.

Stick colorful duct tape to wax paper to easily make borders for your bulletin boards. Bonus: Your students can help!


15. Use Popsicle sticks to call on students.

A colorful way to ensure every student gets a turn.


16. Make glue sponges.

Instead of going through a ton of glue sticks, dump a bottle of Elmer’s Glue over a sponge. Every few weeks, flip them and give them a spritz of water, and they’ll be good to go all school year.


17. Make your own classroom lighting.

Create a calming atmosphere in your classroom by putting an inexpensive string of fairy lights in a glass jar.


18. Color-code your art supplies.

For a truly Instagram-worthy teacher hack, grab free paint chips from a hardware store and get creative.

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19. Make a simple dry-erase board.

With a plastic sleeve protector, your students have the freedom to try multiple times.


20. Put scissors in the dishwasher.

Remove all that sticky glue on your scissors by giving them a quick run through the dishwasher.


21. Glue decor to your desk. Yes … really.

You can scrape it off at the end of the year when all of your breakables will (finally) still be intact.


22. Use straws for inexpensive pencil holders.

Give students a place to keep a pencil handy by taping down pieces of straws.

23. Put bag hooks on the backs of student chairs.

Finally clear up the clutter on the floor.


24. Make yourself an “invisibility cloak.”

For this teacher, it’s her kitty ears. Putting them on reminds students to try to problem-solve on their own.

25. Use a pool noodle for a doorstop.

No more slamming doors!


26. Organize papers with magazine racks.

These are inexpensive ones from Ikea.

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27. Use numbered clothespins to keep track of student work.

See whose work is done with just a glance.


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