15 Ways to Use This Incredibly Popular Teacher Cart

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Collage of teacher cart ideas with multiple color styles and uses

A few years ago, teachers discovered the RÅSKOG rolling utility cart from IKEA … and they fell in love. Soon, this popular piece was popping up everywhere, personalized to make the perfect teacher cart for every classroom. This year, we predict teacher carts will be more popular than ever, as teachers adjust to the ever-changing learning environments in a COVID-19 world.

Whether you need to travel from classroom to classroom, turn your home office into a virtual learning center, or just keep your classroom clutter under control, this teacher cart is the must-have accessory on every list.

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1. This rolling cart is a teacher organization dream

Teal, three level organization cart filled with school supplies in a classroom

It gets rave reviews from users, who love its simple sturdy design. This teacher cart is popular because it can stand up to years of use (and abuse).

Source: @abubblyclassroom

2. If you add a wood top, it turns into a mobile desk


White teacher cart with wood on top to become a desk in a classroom

This simple accessory makes your teacher cart a desk-on-the-go. And since most teachers are constantly on-the-go themselves, it’s a perfect match!

Source: @simpsoninthemiddle

3. Use it to keep hygiene supplies front and center

Black teacher cart filled with cleaning supplies and water bottles next to a teacher's desk

Teachers will be relying on hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes this year more than ever before. Stock your teacher cart with cleaning supplies to stay safe.

Source: @teachinghistoryinthemiddle


4. It’s great for virtual school teachers too


If you’ve traded your classroom desk for a dining room table, this cart helps keep all your teacher supplies in one place. That way, you can wheel it into the living room and spread out on the couch to work on lesson plans and grading!

5. Don’t be surprised if you wind up with more than one teacher cart

Two white, three level teacher carts labeled math cart and reading cart, respectively, full of school supplies

Get one for each subject or every class period. They really should sell these at a bulk discount, don’t you think?

Source: @suzannes_plans

6. Remember to accessorize

Multi level, mint green teacher cart full of school supplies and accessorized with a bunny in a classroom

The metal construction means you can easily add magnetic hooks. Hang baskets off the sides, add racks and bins, or even hang a pegboard … this thing is sturdy enough to hold it all!

Source: @ibonsensei

7. Use it to organize all those papers

Empty white teacher cart with three racks labeled classwork, homework, and paperwork against a wall

How is that in an increasingly paperless world, teachers still have so much paper to deal with? We don’t know, but we do know this teacher cart is one good way to get a handle on it.

Source: @life.is.sweet.in.2nd

8. Turn it into a makerspace

Does your classroom have a makerspace yet? A makerspace provides the tools kids need to take an idea and turn it into a reality. This cart is terrific for creating a mobile version.

9. Use them to organize learning centers

A teal teacher cart sits beside a furnace in a classroom, full of school supplies and books with the words inspire, motivate, and educate

Sometimes, it’s easier to bring the materials to the kids rather than the other way around. Roll this cart to whichever group needs it next.

Source: @livelovecraft.teach

10. Stock a STEM station

Black teacher cart labeled stem station features experiment cards and materials

STEM subjects have all sorts of required materials. Stash all your math manipulatives and science experiment materials in one place for easy access.

Source: @abcsinroom123

11. Sort and store Chromebooks and iPads

Black teacher cart set up to store chromebooks with a section for ones that are charged and ones that need to be charged located in a classroom

This idea is downright brilliant. At the end of each day, simply roll the cart to your charging stations and take care of everything all at once. (Tip: Tuck a container of screen wipes into the cart so you can clean them while they charge.)

Source: @imthediyteacher

12. Prepare for indoor recess

Rainy days can be rough, so keep an indoor recess cart ready to roll! Store your favorite inside toys and games, and don’t forget to add a few coloring books and art supplies.

13. Create a themed play space

Teal teacher cart full of play-doh toys and accessories

Organize toys and learning activities by type, so kids can easily find everything they need. This cart is a Play-Doh station, but you could also assemble coloring books with crayons and markers, LEGOs and other building blocks, or dress-up clothes … just to name a few.

Source: @mrshenryinfirst

14. Create a library cart

Black teacher cart labeled library cart with a shelf for new books filled with books and book buddies full of stuffed animals in a classroom

This is a nice way to showcase your classroom library, or at least a part of it. School librarians can use this for classroom visits too.

Source: @primarypride

15. Once you try a teacher cart, you’ll wonder how you lived without one

White teacher cart with a desktop on it full of pens, books, and other school supplies located in a classroom

Seriously, there’s a reason these are so unbelievably popular. This cart is a blank slate waiting to become exactly what your classroom needs!

Source: @teachcreatemotivate

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15 Ways to Use This Incredibly Popular Teacher Cart