34 Brilliant Classroom Organization Ideas for Teachers

If an organized classroom is your jam, these tips are for you!

Do you own your own monogrammed label maker? Do you have 17 bazillion pins on classroom organization and dream at night of little color-coded boxes, bins, and folders? Has cruising the Target dollar aisle become your favorite pastime? Well then, it’s pretty clear—you’ve got the teacher organization bug! But don’t worry, you are not alone! To inspire you even further, we’ve rounded up 34 amazing #teacherorganization images from Instagram. Enjoy!

1. Wow … just wow

A beautifully organized shelving unit as an example of classroom organization

Source: @lessmess_amygelmi

2. Finally, a brilliant solution for whiteboard chaos

Colorful mesh bags hold student dry erase boards

Source: @thekoolmaestra

3. Even this word wall is beautifully organized

Color coded word wall in an elementary classroom

Source: @the_enthusiastic_teacher

4. If only our lives were as organized as this closet

An organized classroom storage closet

Source: @someones_miss_honey

5. Dying to know what’s in the Hot Mess drawer!


Color coded classroom organization

Source: @mrsrainbowbright

6. This makes positive reinforcement so much easier

A blue plastic container labelled "reward coupons"

Source: @theaverageteacher

7. On-trend teacher organization

Yellow classroom organizer with black and white palm leaf printed drawers

Source: @misstrendyteacher

8. Neat, orderly, color-coded … deep exhale

Classroom organization system with labeled bins and drawers

Source: @tessteaches

9. Teacher organization starts with a beautiful planner

A meticulously organized teacher planner with detailed notes

Source: @made4middle

10. A veritable rainbow of classroom organization

A rainbow colored kindergarten classroom

Source: @kindergarten_chaos

11. Clever! Using manual labels to organize math units

Classroom organization system for math manipulatives

Source: @reagtunstall

12. Wouldn’t even need to search for your readers to see these tabs

Colorful, organized filing cabinet file

Source: @teachermrsjones

13. Even the little baby erasers are perfectly organized

A clear plastic bin filled with tiny erasers

Source: @sparklinginsecondgrade

14. Organized desk drawers make our hearts go pitter-patter

Teacher organization of a desk drawer

Source: @teachermrsdavisteach

15. Finding the best book is easy when your library is this organized

Super organized classroom library with labeled shelves and bins

Source: Mrs. Cessac’s Class

16. Super organized, month by month

Stacked bins of classroom supplies labeled with the months of the year

Source: A Primary Mindset

17. Organizing the clips that help you stay organized

Color-coded and labeled binder clips help with classroom organization

Source: @made4middle

18. Whew, talk about detail-oriented!

Shelves filled with labeled, organized classroom materials

Source: @justaprimarygirl

19. Professional resources … check!

Colorful labeled magazine holders hold professional materials as an example of classroom organization

Source: @learningwithmrss

20. Prepping for the luckiest sub in the world

Substitute teacher materials spread out on a desk

Source: @lifeas_missmichael

21. Color-coded earbuds—brilliant!

A plastic shoe holder hold color-coded earphones for students

Source: @mstaradye

22. Color-coded caps keep markers in order

Tin organizer hold color coded selections of markers

Source: Third Grade Love

23. Rainbow dream classroom organization

Rainbow hued plastic bins holding crayons and markers

Source: @hipsterartteacher

24. Jewel-tone treasure boxes!

Brightly colored pencil cases provide classroom organization

Source: @themeaningfulteacher

25. It’s the little things, for sure

Examples of matching, black and white patterned teacher notebooks

Source: @amandabrindley

26. Kicking it old-school

Coral colored pastic milk crates filled with student files

Source: @littlecountrykindergarten

27. Desk drawer or Tetris puzzle?

A teacher's desk drawer filled with neatly organized supplies

Source: @msk1ell

28. Teacher organization with boho style

Classroom storage with panache- wood panels back storage shelves

Source: Upper Elementary Snapshots

29. Can I just climb in and close the door behind me for a little while?

Shelves filled with plastic bins of classroom supplies as an example of teacher organization

Source: @aplacecalledkindergarten

30. Dotty for organized spaces!

Two classroom organization shelving units decorated with black and white polka dots

Source: Pray and Teach

31. Big-picture and small-picture classroom organization

Plastic stacking bins labeled by season and a plastic rolling cart labeled by day

Source: Organized Speducator

32. Efficiency on wheels

A white Ikea rolling cart with teacher supplies

Source: Simply Samantha

33. A classroom organization system “tie-dye” for

A rainbow-hued rolling cart with labels for every day of the week

Source: The Educator Superhero

34. And … just in case organization isn’t your strong suit, a cute cabinet with doors

Double white cabinets with 2 doors each covered in black and white spotted wallpaper

Source: Grades and Grace

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