18 Things Teachers Should Buy With Their Amazon Gift Cards

Gift card shopping is the best shopping.

What Teachers Should Buy With Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards are always at the top of my holiday wishlist. Years go by when I don’t receive a single gift card, and that’s totally fine. But in the back of my mind, I always have a running wishlist of things I’d buy if only I had a little extra moolah.

I’m not talking classroom supplies like glue sticks and notebooks. Of course, I could always use those. This list is dedicated to extra special things for my classroom and for me. Because: #treatyourself.

1. A classroom rug

How pretty is this rug?! It would totally brighten up my entire classroom! If you’re looking for one with seating spots, this one is gorgeous in person and really good quality.

Colorful patterned rug.

2. An instant pot

For all those nights when I have negative ten minutes to make dinner and eat popcorn instead. Also, recipe #12 on this list looks soooo good.

Silver instant pot.

3. A book about teaching

This book makes me feel seen. And our editor recommended it!


Cover of "schooled" by Stephanie Jankowski.


4. A book about life

This book has made so many best-of lists this year. Perfect for reading over winter break.

Book cover of "Exhalation" by Ted Chiang.

5. Cute AND comfortable shoes

So many great reviews on these shoes. One teacher said, “I am an elementary school teacher and have a fast pace life with baby and family and these are the best shoes for all those jobs!”Grey Adidas running shoes.

6. This limited-edition pack of post-its

Oh hiiii, pretty colors! I must have you.

Limited edition multi-colored post-it notes.

7.  A personalized library stamp

I’ve wanted one of these for so long! Finally treating myself… and my library books. 😊

Personalized library stamp saying "Mrs. Hammel. Read it. Love it. Return it."

8. This portable humidifier

Because cold and flu season always gets the best of me, and a little humidity does the body good. This little guy is perfect for a teacher desk.

Portable blue and white humidifier.

9. A wireless doorbell

Have you read about all the cool ways to use these in the classroom?!

White Wireless doorbell

10. Rainbow scratch notes

These were one of the top-purchased items in our Teacher Deals Facebook Group. (If you’re not a member yet, do yourself a favor and join!)

Box of Rainbow scratch notes.

11. A fruit-infuser water bottle

This should help with my resolution to drink more water!

Clear fruit-infuser water bottle with pink lid.

12. A Watering Can

My classroom plants usually just get a swig of what’s leftover in my water bottle. But I like the idea of getting a watering can and adding “Water Plants” to our Classroom Responsibilities list. This one is bright and a great price!

Green watering can.

13. Flair pens

Or whatever your pen of choice is. These InkJoy pens are favorites too.

Paper mate flair colored pens.

14. A fun 2020 calendar

Students love tearing off the pages on this Every Day’s a Holiday Desktop Calendar. The wall calendar version is great too.

"Every day's a holiday" daily calendar.

15. A chic backpack

Teachers on our Teacher Deals Facebook Group are jonesing for this backpack. It’s been one of our top sellers!

What Teachers Should Buy With Amazon Gift Cards

16. This quick-drying top coat

Seriously, who has time to let their nails dry these days? I adore this Essie Speed Setter Top Coat. It dries in under a minute and keeps my nails chip-free for days. P.s. If you’re feeling extra fancy, try these fun teacher nail designs.

Essie speed-setter clear nail polish.

17. A Cricut

Maybe 2020 will be the year I finally treat myself to a Cricut! Here are 50 reasons to convince yourself this is purchase is necessary.

White cricut on wooden table.

18. A really good portable charger

I’ve purchased a few battery packs in the past, but often I’m disappointed with their efficacy. That, or they grow legs and walk up on out of my classroom. I love the digital display on this battery pack! Note to self: Write my name on this one.

Black portable charger on table.

Plus, we’d love to hear—what you are spending your Amazon gift cards on! Come and share in our WeAreTeachers Deals group on Facebook.

18 Things Teachers Should Buy With Their Amazon Gift Cards