21 Amazing Teacher Nail Designs You’ll Want to Try ASAP

Fancy fingers!

Best Teacher Nail Art Designs

Sometimes all you need is a manicure to complete your look. With so much amazing teacher nail art out there, we decided to pull together a roundup of our favorite designs. Of course, these would go great with your painted teacher shoes. We now have some serious mani envy and can’t wait to try these out for ourselves for #ManiMonday.

By the way, our favorite teacher nail designs were pencils, notebook paper, and crayons. So we put together a quick video tutorial of these great designs. Take a look!

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1. When you want to step up your color coordination game …


This is a great way to focus on a single nail color and add in some accents. Blue works great, but you could do any color.

2. When you want to go classic …



Some of us would have to use an overlay instead, but I love that these mini apples were hand-painted.

3. When you work with crayons every day …


Would you choose to do your nails all in one color, or would you mix and match?

4. When you want to show your Harry Potter love…


These are a must for any Harry Potter fan.

5. When you love chemistry so much, it’s worth celebrating …


Whether you’re a science teacher or just a science nerd, periodic table nails will make you happy.

6. When you need simplicity …


This shade of pink is everything. Add accents for a party nail, and you have a great mani.

7. When you want to rock a different design for each nail …


Whether you’re headed back to school or celebrating a classroom milestone, pick a single design—or do them all!

8. When you have good nail DNA …


The electrons really complete the look here.

9. When you’re excited for your astronomy unit …


Studying space is more fun with glamorous nails.

10. When it’s Dr. Seuss week …


The truffula trees are so perfectly done!

11. When your favorite book never goes out of style …


Your inner literary geek needs these.

12. When red is the theme …


With this nail brush pen set, I really think I could pull these off on my own!

13. When you go all in for Pi Day …


This teacher took Pi Day to a whole new level.

14. When you have a robotics competition …


Read a robot picture book to your class to bring it full circle.

15. When you need The Force to be with you always …


These might be more advanced, but they’re still awesome.

16. When you are studying the stars …


Minimalist look with subtle gold accents for the win!

17. When you are in back-to-school mode …


Why pick one design when you can have five?

18. When you want to have more than just a green thumb …


Spring is the perfect time to go with a flower mani.

19. When you want to prove math rules …


The great thing about math nails is that there are so many formulas to pick from.

20. When you want some apple flair …


Forget the French tip. Try apple tips instead!

21. When you feel nostalgic about grade school …


You could even spell something!

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