Hooray! It’s time for the 2020 back-to-school Teachers Pay Teachers sale! With most schools prepping for some sort of distance learning option, this is the perfect time to purchase new materials for online learning or to print and send home. On August 4th and 5th you can use code BTS20 to save up to 25% on Teachers Pay Teachers items. (Note: Some sellers may not be offering the full 25% off on their items.)

While you may already have a list of what you want to buy during the sale, we thought we’d put together some of our favorite Teachers Pay Teachers items. The sale is an especially great time to buy the pricier bundles, and the ones below come with great reviews! Plus, check out our favorite TPT sellers for kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, middle school, and high school.

5 Distance Learning Picks from the Teachers Pay Teachers Sale

1. Back to School Getting to Know You Task Cards

Get to know your student, no matter where they are! You can print these task cards or use them with Google Slides.

2. 30 First Week of Back to School Activities

Promote team building in your classroom and learn about your students. Both printable and digital activities included!

3. Main Idea Task Cards

Includes options for digital or print to allow students to determine the main idea of a passage.

4. Teacher Planner Binder

Free calendar updates and Google Drive ready which makes things super easy for distance learning planning!

5. Daily Reading Passages

Great for ELA test prep! These short reading comprehension passages are great for middle school bellringers or warmups.

12 Picks from the Teachers Pay Teachers Sale for Elementary School

1. Character Education Kit for the Entire Year

Teachers Pay Teachers Sale This Week

This kit comes with it all: character trait posters, awards, mentor-text suggestions, self-reflection quizzes, and more.

2. Monthly Fluency Passages for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade

Everything you need to teach fluency in the lower grades, including monthly themed passages, comprehension questions, and more.

3. ABC Bootcamp

There’s no better way to learn the alphabet than with these fun, hands-on activities from The Kindergarten Smorgasbord.

4. Literacy Centers for Second Grade

We love the literacy centers by Learning at the Primary Pond, and this bundle comes with everything you need for a full year of learning in second grade. Bundles for kindergarten and first grade are also available.

5. Kindness Posters

Spread kindness with these colorful and fun posters for your classroom walls!

6. Classroom Community Prompts

If you follow miss5th on Instagram, then you know how amazing her whiteboard prompts are. Here’s everything you need to set it up in your own classroom.

7. No Prep Writer’s Workshop

Includes units on narrative, poetry, research, expository, opinion, and letter writing.

8. Human Body Sketch Notes Bundle

A great way for upper-elementary students to learn about the body systems.

9. Inspirational Classroom Banner for Teachers

Print this for the teachers’ lounge or another common space in your school.

10. Passport Booklet for Around the World Unit

A passport is such a fun addition to a geography or countries unit! We love this printable, colorful version.

11. Clippin’ for Character – Alternative to a Clip Chart

We love this clip chart alternative, which blogger Sarah Plumatillo explains further in this blog post.

12. Morning Tub Activities

Start your day off right in the lower grades with these fun, hands-on activities.

15 Picks from the Teachers Pay Teachers Sale for Middle and High School

1. Back to School Activity Bundle

We love these fun, fresh back-to-school activities for middle schoolers.

2. Growth Mindset Collaborative Poster

Introduce the concepts of growth mindset AND teamwork with this collaborative activity.

3. Visual Syllabus Templates

Add a little **flair** to your syllabus this year with these visual templates from Hello, Teacher Lady.

4. Workbook Unit for ANY Novel

The editable files in this bundle include bellringer prompts, complexity quizzes, vocabulary charts, and lots of other high-interest activities.

5. Narrative Reading and Writing Bundle

We love this narrative writing unit that does a deep dive into characterization, setting, point of view, plot, and more.

6. Mock Trial Bundle

If you’ve ever thought of doing mock trial with your middle or high school students, this guide will take you through every step. Fully customizable for your students.

7.  Dissection – Vertebrate Animals Bundle

With this bundle, get everything you need for students to create eight different 3-D paper models of animals—no actual dissection required. Yes, this is as cool as it sounds.

8. Fortnite Escape Room

You know how the old saying goes—if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em—and that pretty much sums up our feelings on Fortnite. This themed escape room will teach kids important nonfiction-reading skills along the way!

9. Classroom Posters – History Theme Bundle

A great poster pack for social studies and history teachers, including geography, world history, and American history designs.

10. Be the Change: A Service Learning Project for Grades 7–12

How to get started with service learning in your middle or high school classroom.

11. ELA Back to School Bundle

Includes a growth mindset unit, a personal narrative-essay unit, a poetry unit, and a guide to teaching with reading logs.

12. Computer Technology & Design Course

Everything you need for a semester-long technology course in middle school.

13. Editable Classroom Signs for Middle School

Get your classroom management off on the right foot.

14. Enlightening English Poster Set

We adore these funny grammar posters for middle and high school students.

15. ELA Escape Room Bundle

Everything you need to try literary devices, poetry, and close-reading escape rooms in your classroom.

What will you buy from the Teachers Pay Teachers sale? Come and share your finds in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE Facebook group!

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