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Fourth grade teaching life is the BEST life! But sometimes you need a little inspiration for lesson plans and supplemental exercises. That’s where we can help. Take a look at our favorite fourth grade Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) sellers. You will find a lot of reliable and affordable resources here in these stores!

Lovin Lit

If you are a fourth grade ELA Teacher, this is a great place to look for your classroom. Lovin Lit has years of experience in teaching ELA and has created trustworthy resources for you to use with your fourth graders!

Can’t Miss Resources: Interactive Reading Literature Notebook |Grammar Poster Bundle

Clutter-Free Classroom

Do you want to make your math lessons, centers, and resources cute and engaging without hours of cutting to prepare? Welcome to the Clutter-Free Classroom! These math resources are literally just that … cute, fun, and clutter-free!

Can’t Miss Resources: Sub Plans Made Easy | Math Journal



Digital Divide and Conquer

STEM, STEAM, and Project Based Learning are all the rage right now! If you are a STEM teacher, GT teacher, or simply want to implement this way of learning into your classroom, check out Digital Divide and Conquer for some awesome finds!

Can’t Miss Resources: Build a Tiny House | Design a Water Park

Kristine Nannini

If you are in need of for how to organize yourself, your classroom, your data, and more … check out Kristine Nannini’s TPT store. She has everything you need to teach and run a fourth grade classroom!

Can’t Miss Resources: Assessments & Teaching Notes | Back to School Logic Games

Runde’s Room

If you like to teach ‘outside the box’ or want engaging projects and resources for your classroom, check out Runde’s Room TPT store. Here you can find some unique lessons, study aids, notebooks, projects, and more your fourth graders will enjoy!

Can’t Miss Resources:
Lapbook Report Project | Comprehension Question Fans

Rachel Lynette

Rachel Lynette’s TPT store is full of wonderful task cards for your students to use to review or practice almost any skill. From inferring to division and everything in between, she has a resource for it! Rachel is also reformatting most of her products into digital-learning friendly formats (such as Google Slides). Check out these best selling fourth grade resources.

Can’t Miss Resources: Drawing Conclusions Task Cards | Digital Figurative Language

Teaching With a Mountain View

Need engaging material for your students that are not distracting but still effective? Check out Teaching With a Mountain View! Resources here are perfect for this age group, and are great for your wallet as well.

Can’t Miss Resources: Place Value Detectives | Breaking Up the Bakery

Jennifer Findley

Anything you need for a fourth grade classroom, Jennifer Findley has ready for you in her TPT store! Check her out for choice boards, exit slips, test prep, reading resources, math resources, science resources, and SO much more. Compared to other sellers with similar quality resources, her bundles of resources are for sale at low prices.

Can’t Miss Resources: Plant and Animal Cells | Teaching Theme

Teach Create Motivate

Teach Create Motivate has a large library of resources, in an online friendly format, ready to use with your students. With continued distance learning possibly in our future, engagement is key! Check out these two resources your fourth graders are sure to love.

Can’t Miss Resources: Bitmoji Student Awards | Social Media Sheets


Are you wanting to spice things up in your fourth grade classroom? Finding that you need to engage students more in their work? Check out Ashleigh’s TPT store. Here you will find interactive notebooks, games, centers, and a variety of other engaging resources for wonderful prices! 

Can’t Miss Resources: Informational Writing | Multiplication Fact Booklet

One Stop Teacher Shop

Just like the name of the shop says, this is a one stop shop for fourth grade teachers! At this TPT store you will find the most effective and engaging resources for your students. She has centers geared directly toward student objectives, sells review materials, and has other resources for teachers to use to keep themselves organized. One Stop Teacher Shop has everything you need.

Can’t Miss Resources: Math Spiral Review & Quizzes | I “Can” Math Games

Miss 5th

Do you enjoy the “cuteness” of the lower grade classrooms, but know your students are too old to enjoy that? Check out Miss 5th’s TPT store. Here you can find academic resources, but also classroom decoration and classroom management materials that are both adorable for the classroom and age-appropriate. Your fourth graders will enjoy these!

Can’t Miss Resources: Welcome Back | Math and ELA Alphabet Posters

Not So Wimpy Teacher

Not So Wimpy Teacher has the most efficient resources you need for your fourth graders. With over 185K Votes and a 5 star rating, you know you will be getting some quality work! Definitely one of our fave fourth grade Teachers Pay Teachers sellers.

Can’t Miss Resources: Reading Response | 4th Grade Math Centers

Nicole Shelby

Nicole Shelby has a lot of wonderful resources to use in the classroom, especially if project-based learning or cooperative learning are on your agenda. Career & College Ready, Poetry, Greek Mythology, and more, she has a resource for you to use!

Can’t Miss Resources: Greek Mythology | College and Career Research Project

Catherine Reed – The Brown Bag Teacher

In Catherine Reed’s TPT store you will find a lot of hands-on materials and resources for your students to use. A lot of her resources are no-prep or hassle-free for teachers to use and implement in the classroom. Check out this store for some affordable finds.

Can’t Miss Resources: I Can Make Inferences | Greek & Latin Morphology

Who are your favorite fourth grade Teachers Pay Teachers sellers? Share in the comments or in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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Our Favorite Fourth Grade Teachers Pay Teachers Sellers