Our Favorite High School Teachers Pay Teachers Sellers

Lessons for high schoolers? Yes, please!

Whether you’re in the classroom or teaching from a distance, Teachers Pay Teachers can be a great resource for finding curriculum that is standards and research-based. Plus, it’s created by classroom teachers who know how to engage students. The key is knowing where to shop. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you! Check out our top 15 high school Teachers Pay Teachers sellers:

Doc Cop Teaching

ELA: Dr. Jenna Copper is the mastermind behind the TPT store Doc Cop Teaching. She hold a doctorate in education, has presented at NCTE, and helped found the Keeping the Wonder conference series. Dr. Copper is a powerhouse educator with years of experience teaching both high school and college. Her products are smart, engaging, and rigorous.

Can’t Miss Resources: Literary Lenses Workbook Unit: Literary Theory, Close Reading and Annotation Mini-Unit

Write on With Miss G

ELA: Miss G is the queen of engaging high school ELA students with hands-on, on-your-feet learning experiences that kids love. Her question trails will leave your kids asking for more. And her novel studies work with any texts and are completely editable and digital!

Can’t Miss Resources: Novel Study for Any Novel , Writing Workshop Mini Lessons Growing Bundle



Classroom Clapback

ELA: Silver Danielle of Classroom Clapback is an award-winning ELA teacher with a passion for teaching and social justice. All of her products reflect this passion and will enrich any high school ELA classroom.

Can’t Miss Resources: This is America–Childish Gambino, 13th Documentary Unit

Building Book Love

ELA: Ashley of Building Book Love has a passion for teaching secondary ELA. Not only does Ashley have ten years of high school teaching experience, but she also founded the Keeping the Wonder workshop. Ashley’s teaching style is pure magic, and her curriculum materials and classroom decor will help all teachers to keep the wonder alive!

Can’t Miss Resources: Podcast Listening Worksheets, Literary Yoga

Esther Brunat

MATH: Esther Bruant is all personality, and her fun style translates directly into her curriculum for high school math. Esther has a passion for math and for connecting with her students through pop culture. We love her story because her energy is contagious!

Can’t Miss Resources: Goal Setting Cards, Composite Figures: My Dream Home

I Teach Algebra

MATH: Rory from iteachalgebra has taught at the middle, high school, and college levels. A 14-year teaching veteran, her resources are smart and engaging. And her math themed classroom decor is so much fun!

Can’t Miss Resources: Math Teacher Sayings Poster Set, Geometry Word Wall

Let’s Cultivate Greatness

SOCIAL STUDIES: Let’s Cultivate Greatness is on a mission to leave the textbooks on the shelf and immerse students in history instead. A National Board Certified teacher, Let’s Cultivate Greatness has a rigorous, engaging curriculum that brings students beyond memorizing history facts and towards a deeper understanding and appreciation of history.

Can’t Miss Resources: World Poverty Living on a Dollar a Day PBL Mini Unit, Back to School Activity Pack for US History Government Civics

Leah Cleary

SOCIAL STUDIES and ELA: Leah Cleary has over 15 years of teaching experience. Her classroom is standards-based and engaging. And, the over 400 products in her TPT store reflect her experience, her rigor, and her understanding of high school students.

Can’t Miss Resources: Digital Citizenship Video Webquest, Tickets out the Door Exit Ticket Package for Google Distance Learning

Tangstar Science

SCIENCE: With 18 years of teaching experience and 14 years teaching science and biology, Tangstar Science has a wealth of teaching and curriculum knowledge. This store puts nearly 600 science resources at your fingertips!

Can’t Miss Resources: Science Sub Plans – 52 Articles, Meiosis Foldable

Amy Brown Science

SCIENCE: Amy Brown has been teaching for 30 years. Her products reflect that experience and expertise in the science classroom. Her teaching goal is to fill students’ brains with science knowledge!

Can’t Miss Resources: Viruses and Bacteria PowerPoint, Human Impact on the Environment Bundle

Bond with James

SCIENCE: James has 10 years of experience teaching 7th grade science, biology, physics, and chemistry. James worked as his district’s Science Instructional Specialist, and his products reflect this experience. His interactive notebooks make science class notes hands on!

Can’t Miss Resources: Chemistry: Graphic Organizers for Interactive Notebooks, Chemical Reactions: Chemistry Task Cards

Band Directors Talk Shop

MUSIC: This store is a collaborative project from band directors across the country. Most contributors have over 15 years of teaching experience. Band Directors Talk Shop is a must-explore for all secondary music teachers!

Can’t Miss Resources: Music Distance Learning Boom Cards Bundle

Simply Special Ed

SPECIAL EDUCATION: Simply Special Ed has a passion for teaching students of all ages. And her resources help to individualize instruction for your students.

Can’t Miss Resources: Special Education At Home Learning Bundle, Digital Safety Signs Real Pictures

Spanish Mama

SPANISH: Spanish Mama currently teaches 6-12 Spanish. In the past eight years, she’s also taught English in Peru. Her unique teaching experiences are reflected in her curriculum materials that will complement any Spanish language classroom.

Can’t Miss Resources: Songs in Spanish, Spanish Interactive Notebook

Senora Lee

SPANISH: Senora Lee has taught Spanish for over 18 years. She loves experiencing other cultures and sharing those cultures with her students. Her products work in the classroom or for distance learning.

Can’t Miss Resources: Spanish Cognates Slides for Google Classroom, Spanish Time Bingo for Google Slides

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Our Favorite High School Teachers Pay Teachers Sellers