14 Sweet Valentine’s Day Shirts for Teachers

Wear your heart on your sleeve!

Collage of shirts for teachers with Valentine's Day phrases

We don’t know about you, but since it’s been such a hard year, we are looking forward to a little Valentine’s Day love. We’ll be buying our colleagues a coffee, giving students a small treat or two, and definitely sporting an on-theme teacher t-shirt. Below, check out all the teacher Valentine shirts we found on Etsy.

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1. Teaching Is Heart Work

Red shirt with the words Teaching Is Heart Work

We can’t think of a more accurate job description for teachers.

Buy it: Teaching Is Heart Work Shirt

2. Read Your Heart Out

Red shirt with the words Read Your Heart Out

This cute shirt would be great for school librarians, too!


Buy it: Read Your Heart Out Shirt

3. Heart-Shaped Teacher Supplies

Dusty pink shirt with teaching supplies in the shape of a heart

Love for teaching is the most important teacher supply … but we wouldn’t turn down a fresh pack of Flair Pens.

Buy it: Heart-Shaped Teacher Supplies Shirt

4. Alphabet Love

Gray shirt with the alphabet highlighting 'I hear u' in red

What a precious spin on the regular ABC’s!

Buy it: Alphabet Love Shirt

5. Love in Sign Language

Light pink shirt with 'love' spelled out in sign language

This shirt is a fun lesson in American Sign Language on top of the sweet message.

Buy it: Love in Sign Language Shirt

6. Valentine’s Day Hearts

Red shirt with rows of white hearts

For those who like to keep things delightfully simple.

Buy it: Valentine’s Day Hearts Shirt

7. My Class Is Full of Sweethearts

Light pink shirt that says My Class Is Full of Sweethearts

This phrase is on quite a few teacher Valentine shirts, but we can’t get over how cute this particular design is with the candy hearts.

Buy it: My Class Is Full of Sweethearts Shirt

8. My Students Have a Pizza My Heart

Red shirt with the words My Students Have a Pizza My Heart

Does this inspire anyone else to throw a Valentine’s Day pizza party in their class?

Buy it: My Students Have a Pizza My Heart Shirt

9. I Love My Students a Latte

Dusty pink shirt that says I Love My Students a Latte

The perfect pick for that teacher who always seems to have a coffee cup in their hand.

Buy it: I Love My Students a Latte Shirt

10. Apple Hearts Valentine’s Day Shirt

White and black t-shirts with red apples made from heart shapes

You can’t go wrong with a classic teacher apple design!

Buy it: Apple Hearts Valentine’s Day Shirt

11. Teacher Valentine’s Day Shirt

Black long sleeved shirt with pink hearts and motivating words

Motivate yourself and your students with these gentle words of encouragement.

Buy it: Teacher Valentine’s Day Shirt

12. Love My Students

Dusty pink shirt with Heart My Students on it

Make this extra fun by handing out animal print pencils as a Valentine gift for your kids!

Buy it: Love My Students Shirt

13. My Students Have My Heart

Light red shirt that says My Students Have My Whole Heart

A true statement for every kiddo, even after they move on to new classrooms.

Buy it: My Students Have My Heart Shirt

14. Teaching Fills My Heart

Pink shirt that says Teaching Fills My Heart

It’s one of the best feelings in the world!

Buy it: Teaching Fills My Heart Shirt

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14 Sweet Valentine's Day Shirts for Teachers