Our Favorite Teacher T-Shirts on Etsy

These designs are irresistible!

Roundup on best teacher tshirt on Etsy

Etsy is an obsession that we have no plans of giving up any time soon. The creative, stylish, and customizable wonderland has some of the fiercest and most fabulous teacher t-shirts. Here’s a peek of some of our favorite Etsy teacher shirts—from phrases you’ll wish you coined to personalized options that will make you the envy of everyone in the teacher’s lounge! Best of all, if you’re unsure of what to get your favorite teacher for their birthday, the holidays, teacher appreciation or all of the above—look no further!

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1. Teach, love, inspire

teacher shirt saying teach love inspire, as an example of Etsy teacher shirts

Perfectly capturing a teacher’s purpose, this top is so versatile.

Buy it: Teach, Love, Inspire Tee

2. Teaching the future

Yellow teacher shirt saying "teaching future leaders," as an example of Etsy teacher shirts

With different color options, this top will make any teacher smile.


Buy it: Teaching the Future Tee

3. I’ll be there for you

Friends themed teacher shirt "I'll be there for you." as an example of Etsy teacher shirts

For any friends-loving teacher, this will make dress-down days a hit.

Buy it: I’ll be there for you Tee


4. Peace, love, teach

Peace love teacher symbols shirt, as an example of Etsy teacher shirts

A mantra that never can be repeated too much!

Buy it: Peace, Love, Teach Tee

5. Flair pens everywhere

Teaching with flair tshirt with colorful pens pictured, as an example of Etsy teacher shirts

Because who doesn’t love them?

Buy it: Flair Pen Tee

6. Customizable name

White tshirt with teachers name and a rainbow, as an example of Etsy teacher shirts

This colorful, but simple design is perfect.

Buy it: Customizable Name Tee

7. Spread kindness

Grey kindness is contagious teacher shirt, as an example of Etsy teacher shirts

It’s the teacher motto, so wear it proudly.

Buy it: Spread Kindness Tee

8. Baseball tee

Red and white baseball tee with Mrs. Smith written inside an apple

Add your “teacher name” to the apple and it’s perfection!

Buy it: Baseball Tee

9. What we learn becomes who we are

Teacher shirt saying "what we learn becomes a part of who we are" on a globe

Sums up what we strive to do for our students every single day.

Buy it: “What we learn becomes who we are” Tee

10. Teachersaurus

Mens teacher tshirt saying teacher-saurus with a dinosaur holding a pencil

When you need to unleash the beast—on a cute jersey-style tee!

Buy it: Teachersaurus Tee

11. Customizable grade

First grade teacher white tshirt

With different options for grades, the simple shirt works for every grade level (and principles/staff too!).

Buy it: Customizable Grade Tee

12. TGIF alphabet tee

Writing the alphabet teacher shirt with letters on writing lines

If you’re looking for unisex Etsy teacher shirts for an elementary crowd, this TGIF alphabet tee is a perfect option.

Buy it: TGIF Alphabet Tee

13. Personalized pencils

Pink teacher shirt with pencils and customizable name

Add a name to this adorable design, and you’ll rule casual Fridays!

Buy it: Personalized Pencils Tee

14. Growth tee

Teacher shirt with plants "we all grow at different rates"

An important reminder with trendy plants makes for a great, relaxing teacher tee.

Buy it: Growth Tee

15. Coffee, teach, repeat

Coffee, teach, repeat pink teacher shirt

Since teachers run on coffee, this saying is sure to be a hit with your favorite teacher.

Buy it: Coffee, Teach, Repeat Tee

16. A moment of science, please

"A moment of science please" black teacher tshirt with science symbols.

Whether you’re teaching in the lab all day or just a teacher who loves good puns!

Buy it: Moment of Science Tee

17. Teacher definition

Teacher shirt saying "a multitasking educational rockstar who lives to inspire and loves to encourage. They're kind of a big deal."

Teachers are educational rockstars, and everyone should know it!

Buy it: Teacher Definition Tee

18. My favorite people call me . . .

My favorite people call mr Mrs. Smith pink teacher tshirt

Pay homage to the students (past and present) who bring you so much joy!

Buy it: “My favorite people call me..” Tee

19. The future of the world

"The future of the world is in my classroom" teacher tshirt
A stylish way to show off that your students rock!

Buy it: The Future of the World Tee

20. Teacher off duty

Teacher off duty tshirt with sunglasses and palm trees

Perfect for weekend relaxation and summer break!

Buy it: Teacher Off Duty Tee

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Our Favorite Teacher T-Shirts on Etsy