30 Sweet Valentines for Students (That Skip the Sugar)

These sweet valentines will give your students the warm fuzzies!

Examples of valentines for students, including baby Yoda card with glow stick light saber and card with toy Matchbox car.

Who can resist a holiday dedicated to love and friendship? Share a little love with your students (minus the sugar) with these 30 sweet valentines for students.

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1. Sticky hands

kids valentines care with a toy sticky hand attached

Give your students a literal high five this Valentine’s Day!

Recommended supplies:

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2. Plastic hoppers


kids valentine with a plastic toad attached

Hop right up and let them know how awesome you think they are!

Recommended supplies:

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3. Heart stickers or tattoos

valentines day stickers

Aww, we love a timely play on words!

Recommended supplies:

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4. Maze valentine

kids valentines with plastic maze toys attached

Help them build their hand-eye skills with these a-maze-ing valentines.

Recommended supplies:

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5. Whoopee cushion

collage of images for a whoopee cushion valentines day card

Perhaps you could give these valentines to students as they head out the door at the end of the day!

Recommended supplies:

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6. Toy cars

kid valentine with toy cars attached

Vroom, vroom! Drive your point home with this fun valentine.

Recommended supplies:

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7. Yo-yo

valentine card with a toy yo-yo attached

This one ought to get their attention!

Recommended supplies:

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8. Mini light sabers

kids valentine with yoda and a glow stick as his light saber

Who can resist darling little Grogu and mini light sabers?

Recommended supplies:

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9.  Pencil-heart valentine

heart-shaped valentines for students with mechanical pencils that say, "I think you are just write"

Because really, can your students ever have enough pencils?

Recommended supplies:

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10. Colorful crayons

Ahh, the beloved smell of fresh crayons!

Recommended supplies:

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11. Silly straws

cup of colorful silly straws with valentine cards that say, "Sip-Sip Hooray! It's Valentine's Day"

These will make your students cheer!

Recommended supplies:

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12. Love bugs

Collection of mini bug figurines and valentine's day cards with punny sayings about bugs

We love the mason jar cardstock these little bugs arrive in!

Recommended supplies:

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13. Pencil arrows

Four pencils with polkadots that look like arrows with heart-shaped cards that say, "to my friend"

Play Cupid and aim for your students’ hearts.

Recommended supplies:

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14. Cuties

Cellophane bag containing two clementines and a card that says, "You're a real cutie, valentine"

A sweet message to go with a healthy treat.

Recommended supplies:

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15. Slinky valentines

Slinky valentines, a slinking with a red yarn bow and a card that says, "Hey Valentine, Looks Like You 'Slinked' Into My Heart."

Tip: Buy mini-Slinky toys in bulk.

Recommended supplies:

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16. Crayon hearts

Heart shaped crayon valentines that say, "Color your heart out valentine!"

This is a great project for using up all those crayon odds and ends.

Recommended supplies:

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17. You rule!
Red valentines with a wooden ruler and heart shaped photo of child and card that say, "You Rule Valentine!"

Let them know they measure up in your eyes with these adorable valentines for students.

Recommended supplies:

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18. Tic-tac-toe fun

Tic Tac Toe Board with a cellophane bag containing pink and white M&Ms and a card that says, "Valentine X's & O's. If you win, you get to eat them!"

If you‚Äôre still trying to stay away from candy, use jewel stones or beads instead of M&M‚Äôs. (Just make sure you change the ‚Äúyou can eat them!‚ÄĚ message!)

Recommended supplies:

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19. Foxy pretzels

Clear plastic box containing pretzel sticks and a fox-shaped card that says, "The fox says, will you be my valentine?"

Your kids will love this foxy little valentine.

Recommended supplies:

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20. Scrabble valentines

Scrabble board valentine with Scrabble Cheese-Its and a card that says, "No matter how you spell it, I'm so glad we're friends"

Use Scrabble Cheez-Its (who knew?) and this template to play Valentine Scrabble with your students.

Recommended supplies:

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21. Dinosaurs

valentines with colorful mini dinosaur figurines taped to cards that say: "You are dinomite!", "You make my heart roar!", "I'm wild about you!"

Pick up an assorted bag of plastic dinos and some cute washi tape, and you’re good to go!

Recommended supplies:

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22. Paint-strip bookmarks

Pile of paint strips in shades of red and pink made into bookmarks with heart-shaped cut outs and pink ribbon on top

Just take a quick trip to the hardware store for this DIY project.

Recommended supplies:

Learn more: The Thrifty Couple

23. Bubble fun

Mini heart-shaped bubble wand with valentine that says, "You blow me away, valentine!"

Have a bubble-blowing party on the blacktop!

Recommended supplies:

Learn more: The Girl Creative

24. Applesauce squeeze

Group of apple sauce squeeze pouches with round valentine cards that say, "Valentine, you're my main squeeze!"

Another healthy option with a sweet message.

Recommended supplies:

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25. Bouncy balls

You might want to hand this one out at the end of the day!

Recommended supplies:

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26. Play-Doh valentine

Containers of play dough with close up of one cover that says, "''Doh' you want to be my valentine?"

Kids of all ages love Play-Doh!

Recommended supplies:

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27. Teddy Grahams

Cellophane bag filled with Teddy Grahams and a card that says, "A big bear hug."

Give your students a Valentine‚Äôs bear hug‚ÄĒthe healthy option.

Recommended supplies:

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28. Sugar-free pudding cups

pudding cups with tags attached for a valentines treat

These valentines for students are a healthy version of a sweet treat. Plus they have a sense of humor.

Recommended supplies:

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29. Glow stick magic

pile of colorful glow sticks with heart shaped cards that say, "You make my heart glow!"

Because our students light up our lives! (Hint: Connect two glow stick bracelets together for a budget-friendly multicolored necklace!)

Recommended supplies:

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30. Gummy Bears

Cellophane bag filled with colorful gummy bears and a card that says, "A big bear hug."

OK, we just couldn’t resist adding one candy treat. Gummy Bears are so darn cute! And you can always buy sugar-free or organic!

Recommended supplies:

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