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Teachers want to be the best they can be at their jobs, and they know that education is a lifelong process. But meeting professional development requirements can often feel like a hassle instead of something that’s meaningful. Districts offer (and require) plenty of their own PD, but they may not cover topics that really interest or benefit you. That’s why it’s helpful to be able to track down professional development for teachers that’s truly a good use of your time.

Use these resources (recommended by fellow teachers!) to find PD on a variety of topics, both in person and online. A few tips:

  • Each state and/or school district has different PD requirements, and one may accept a PD activity that others don’t. Be sure to verify what you’ll need.
  • Remember that grants may be available to help offset costs if necessary.
  • If you need continuing education credits (CECs or CEUs), be sure to find out if the program offers them and if your district or state accepts them. Similarly, if you need a certificate to document your completion, ask about it in advance.

Angela Watson’s 40 Hour Teacher Workweek

The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek is a 52-week program that helps you streamline your teaching, one area at a time. Essentially, it’s a yearlong professional development endeavor focused on increasing productivity. The goal is cultivating a more productive mindset to help you succeed, no matter what you teach. At the end of the course, you will receive a professional development certificate to document up to 104 credit hours. See our review of this innovative professional development for teachers here.

Annenberg Learner

From podcasts to video workshops, Annenberg offers a huge selection of professional development for teachers. Use video workshops, with bigger groups using the facilitator guides and other materials. You’ll also find video libraries and more helpful resources for teacher development. All resources are free for K-12 teachers, though colleges and universities must purchase a license to use Annenberg materials in their courses.

Bureau of Education & Research

BER has live online events, plus in-person classes around the country. You can also watch recorded events or take online courses. You’ll get PD hours for each and may be able to earn CEC/CEU hours depending on your state. Prices vary by event or course, with discounts for signing up three or more people at the same time.



Choose between instructor-led and self-paced courses that last six weeks to an entire year. Topics include child development, classroom technology, math and science, and reading and writing. Six-week courses start at $170 and earn you 24 course hours.


Teachers in the We Are Teachers HELPLINE group love edWeb! They recommended it more than any other page for terrific free teacher PD on a huge variety of subjects. “Lots of helpful webinars to watch with printable certificates available after viewing (the lists will tell you which ones have PD certificates available),” says Molly K.

Friday Institute

The William and Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at North Carolina State University offers a variety of free online courses and webinars. Their courses are self-directed and self-paced and provide certificates and potential CEC/CEU offers.

Grassroots Workshops

Complete online PD workshops at your own pace, with 16 weeks from the time of enrollment to finish. Choose from instructors you like and topics that will truly help you become a better teacher. You’ll earn PD hours and may have the ability to gain graduate-level credits too. Costs vary by workshop, starting as low as $45.

The Heritage Institute

Looking to take more detailed courses that really dive into educational topics? Consider the Heritage Institute. You’ll earn both PD hours and CEU/CEC credits. Courses are self-paced, and you have six months to complete them. Prices vary by class, with different courses discounted each month, so check back regularly if there’s a subject that interests you to see if the price has dropped.

Learning for Justice

If you’re looking to up your game in diversity, inclusion, equity, and empathy, check out this site. Learning for Justice provides a range of materials for educators: learning modules that make you think, presentations you can share, and hands-on workshops with our expert trainers. Participate in virtual workshops for a minimal fee, use self-guided learning modules, or join a six-month Learning for Justice Virtual Professional Learning Cohort.

Modern Classrooms Project

The free online course at Modern Classrooms (developed by two public school teachers) helps teachers interested in implementing self-paced, mastery-based learning in their classrooms. The course itself is self-paced, and you can earn a certificate indicating you’ve completed 5 to 10 hours of PD. See our review of this course here.

National Geographic’s Online Courses for Educators

Nat Geo’s free online courses teach you how to motivate your students to ask deep questions and think like National Geographic Explorers. They also teach you how to design inspiring lesson plans that turn your students into scientific storytellers who connect with diverse researchers and take action to solve global challenges. Teachers can earn graduate credits for many of these courses through one of National Geographic’s university partnerships. See our overview of the courses here.

NEA Teacher Professional Growth Programs

The NEA (National Education Association) provides many tools for teachers, including a wide variety of professional development programs. Some provide support for aspiring or new teachers, while others are geared toward education paraprofessionals. The micro-credentials programs offer easy ways to earn CEUs or CECs, wherever you are in your career. These are free for NEA members, with a fee for non-members.

Next Gen Personal Finance

NGPF is dedicated to helping all students learn how to manage their personal finances, a key executive-functioning skill that’s often not taught in schools. They offer free online courses and videos, along with the lessons and materials teachers need to get their students started on the path to financial responsibility.

Professional Learning Board

PLB offers robust self-paced online PD courses, and can even help you get the credits you need to renew your teaching license. Their site provides the information you need, state by state, and ensures you get the certificates or transcripts to meet your requirements. Prices vary based on courses, with a free class on Keeping Kids Safe that you can take to see if PLB is right for you.


For a fee (currently $29.99/month or $199/year), teachers have access to professional development created by teachers for teachers. You can try one free live class per month, but to unlock all content and earn certificates, the relatively small monthly fee is worth it. Attend live trainings or listen to recordings on topics that truly interest you, presented by fellow educators.

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