14 Princess Bride Moments That Pretty Much Sum Up the School Year

You’ll never see this movie in the same way again!

sum up the school year

A school year is full of ups and downs, even for teachers!  We start the year armed for the battle for our students’ futures. With that in mind, we hope that these moments from The Princess Bride that sum up the school year lighten the mood!

1. When you realize back-to-school is only a week away …

Where did the time go?

2. So you set up your perfectly-organized classroom.

You beautiful, beautiful bins.

3. Then meet your new students …

Looks like a good group!

4. Who immediately ask if we “really have to learn this stuff.”

Welcome to school, kids!

5. You try venting to regular friends …


They just don’t get it.

6. So you plan a night with your teacher BFF instead …

This chart might help.

6. Though most weekends are spent planning and grading anyway.

Social life? What social life?

7. Halfway through the year, your kids start acting interested …

It’s quiet in here, too quiet.

8. Until you announce midterms …

I knew it was a trap.

9. Luckily, it’s time for winter break.

See you in a few weeks!

10. Back at school, you still don’t have a grasp on all the slang.

Don’t worry, we can help.

11. And there’s standardized testing …

Could we just not?

12. By the time May comes you’re EXHAUSTED!

Where are you, summer?

13. And wonder if you can really do this again next year …

Did I mention I’m tired?

14. Until a student says they wish they could have you again in the fall …

See you next year!