27 Amazing Things Teacher Friends Do for One Another

They’re how you survive TBH.

27 Amazing Things Teacher Friends Do For One Another

Ahh, your teacher BFFs. Where would you be without them? Many of us can say that we wouldn’t survive our jobs without supportive coworkers by our sides. Here are just some of the things that teacher friends do for you, day in and day out.

1. They come to the rescue withΒ last-minute art projects.


2. They leave surprise pick-me-ups.

Who has an awesome Secret Santa, and made my Monday??!! πŸ™‹ This girl right here!!! πŸŽ…πŸΌ

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3. They find silly ways to make you laugh.


4. They send you home when you’re sick.


5. They match your spirit wear.


6. They use you to teach Venn diagrams.


7. They help you reach things.


8. They don’t let you go uncaffeinated.


9. They find the best school supplies.


10. They’re the very best co-teachers.


11. They’re always down to sip and paint.


12. They go on vacation with you.


13. They keep you company while you knock out your weekend to-do list.


14. They rock the photo booth.


15. They go book shopping with you.


16. They stick by your side at the school carnival.


17. They celebrate milestones with you.


18. They take you to get pampered.


19. They trade successes and failures over dinner …

20+ years of friendship that began under the roof of Wilde Lake High School. There's nothing like working with people you love, and I truly love these women. Β I wish I knew then how very lucky I was to have landed in the same school as such talented, creative, smart, innovative, supportive, amazing people. I look back so fondly on my early teaching years because of the laughter we shared and the hours upon hours upon hours upon hours we spent together. Though we've all gone in different directions, we're still–and always will be–so very connected, and when we get together, we pick up right where we left off. Love you, ladies! #teacherfriends #friendsforever #wehaventchangedabit #yeswehave #wildlakehighschool #waylatergram

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20. … and over drinks.


21. They’re all about that conference swag.


22. They blow up balloons for you.

We were feeling a little light headed this morning all in the name of #studentengagement πŸ˜‚ Best teammate in the world ❀

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23. They know when you need a word of encouragement.


24. They’re your ride-or-die co-chaperones.


25. They come to your wedding (and you go to theirs)!

Megan was beautiful!! #teacherbffs

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26. They pack the same lunch as you, since you’re always on the same wavelength.


27. To sum it up, they’re the ketchup to your mustard.


Who are your teacher BFFs, and what would you add to the list?

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