43 Amazing Things Teacher Friends Do for One Another

They’re how you survive TBH.

Teachers blowing up pink balloons on classroom floor

Ahh, your teacher BFFs. Where would you be without them? Many of us can say that we wouldn’t survive our jobs without supportive coworkers by our sides. Here are just some of the things that teacher friends do for you, day in and day out.

1. They come to the rescue during last-minute art projects.

Teachers sitting at a table painting items for a student project

Source: @scrivnersclass

2. They’re always ready to celebrate with you.

Three teachers doing a celebratory dance in classroom

Source: @pinklovingteacher

3. They leave surprise pick-me-ups.

Gift basket sitting on a teacher's desk filled with snacks and supplies

Source: @inshapewithshannon

4. They’re always there to cheer you on.

Rubber duck dressed as a fortune teller on a desk in classroom

Source: @miss.social.studies

5. They want you to know that “you’ve got a friend in me.”


Seven teachers in a hallway dressed as characters from Toy Story

Source: @whitecliffsyearbook

6. They brave snowy weather with you.

Two teachers standing in a snowy parking lot as snow falls

Source: @writewithmrswhite

7. They understand your sugar and caffeine needs.

Dunking Donuts iced coffee with a donut on top sitting on teacher's desk

Source: @caffeinatedkindergarten

8. They use you to teach Venn diagrams.

A venn diagram filled with information about two teachers

Source: @andersonacademics

9. They can read your mind, even when autocorrect can’t.

Text message chat between two teachers that includes autocorrect fails

Source: @kilesclassroom’s chat thread

10. They help you reach things.

Teacher in a school hallway jumping to pull a decoration off wall

Source: @kissyourbrainkinders

11. They choose you for their Galentine.

Two teachers posing together celebrating Galentine's Day

Source: @short.sweet.teach

12. They celebrate half-birthdays with you.

Half eaten chocolate birthday cake in a box

Source: @kilesclassroom’s birthday cake photo

13. They can “bearly” contain their excitement around you.

Two teachers on either side of a bear mascot statue in middle school

Source: @winschuhknights

14. They’re the very best co-teachers.

Collage of teachers posing in classroom prepared for upcoming school year

Source: @sarah_elizabeth_knight

15. They’re not afraid to color in public.

Colored pencils and paper strewn across the table at a local coffee shop

Source: @rachielove9

16. They help your boyfriend propose.

Teacher being proposed to by her boyfriend outside of a school

Source: @partnersinprimary

17. They go on vacation with you.

Two teachers posing with their arms to make a heart facing beach

Source: @clickclackkids

18. They remind you that the tassle is worth the hassle.

Two teachers in a parking lot wearing cap and gown for a graduation ceremony

Source: @teachsweateat

19. They love your wild ideas.

Four teachers with faces covered by emojis wearing matching blue shirts

Source: @bilingualbirdy

20. They rock the photo booth.

Three teachers in a photo booth kissing cheeks and making a heart with fingers

Source: @huskylovingteacher

21. They brag about how much they love working with you.

Two teachers pose in a classroom while wearing matching Lucky shirts

Source: @pinkadotselementary

22. They go book shopping with you.

Two teachers happily pose outside of a store named "Half Price Books"

Source: @chelsleacruse

23. They grow healthy lunches for you.

Paper plate with cucumber salad and a plastic fork

Source: @smedleyssnippetsinfirst

24. They stick by your side at the school carnival.

Two teachers post outside with shields made out of cardboard

Source: @missingtoothgrins

25. They recognize your superpowers.

Teacher wearing a Wonder Woman hoodie while sitting in her car

Source: @victoriapaige818

26. They’re always down for twinning.

Three teachers wearing the same outfit consisting of black knee high boots

Source: @lms_williams_6hum

27. They travel through time with you.

Three teachers pose outside the oldest wooden schoolhouse in the USA

Source: @teaching_in_first_593

28. They take you to get pampered.

Teachers showing off their matching manicures

Source: @twotrendyteachers

29. They’re always thinking of you.

Chat exchange with a picture of a pillow that says "do good"

Source: @dogoodforfirst

30. They trade successes and failures over dinner …

Eight teachers pose together at a table in a restaurant

Source: @teachmama1

31. … and over drinks.

Two teachers pose together at a bar/restaurant holding cocktails

Source: @partnersinprimary

32. They totally get the stress and excitement of recorder concert day.

Two teachers make "eek" faces because they are at a recorder concert

Source: @_shesoffthewall_

33. They love a good elfie.

Three teachers pose in tacky Christmas sweaters in a school hallway

Source: @meagan_honea

34. They know that retro is where it’s at.

Four teachers pose in front of a 50's rock-n-roll Grease backdrop

Source: @mallorysemanco

35. They know when you need a word of encouragement.

Printout of Tweety Bird that says "Has anyone told you yet today how absolutely, positively, incredibly amazing you are?"

Source: @the_outback_teacher

36. They’re your ride-or-die co-chaperones.

Two teachers pose with balloons while chaperoning school dance

Source: @redbirdblue

37. They know the importance of a kooky hat.

Two teachers make silly faces while posing in turkey and chicken hats

Source: @themarvelousmrshoney

38. They come to your wedding (and you go to theirs)!

Two teachers pose at a wedding reception and one is the bride

Source: @fourth_grade_farmhouse

39. They pack the same lunch as you since you’re always on the same wavelength.

Food on a desk including Cheez-It Grooves and Dannon yogurt

Source: @kilesclassroom’s matching lunch

40. They’re happy to be your extra-credit question.

Extra credit question on a test about the pattern on a teacher's skirt

Source: @dos_teachers_in_tercero

41. They support your team.

Two teachers posing in Philadelphia Eagles jerseys in classroom

Source: @radicalrinaldi

42. They wanna grow old with you.

Two teachers dressed as elderly women in classroom

Source: @sweet_n_scrappy

43. To sum it up, they’re the ketchup to your mustard.

Two teachers dressed as Heinz Ketchup and Heinz Mustard for Halloween

Source: @super_mrsk

Who are your teacher friends, and what would you add to the list? Share in the comments!

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43 Amazing Things Teacher Friends Do for One Another