10 Moments When Teaching Feels Like a Scary Movie

These sound eerily familiar.

Teaching Feels Like a Scary Movie

If people had to pick a movie genre that best fits with teaching, they’d probably pick a family friendly one; a comedy maybe, or something with animated princesses and talking animal sidekicks. But any teacher can tell you there are definitely times when teaching more closely resembles a scary movie than a Disney film.


1. Craft time

When your parent helper brings in a new craft…that uses glitter. Lots of glitter. It gets everywhere. Everywhere! And it never goes away!


2. When that parent calls

You’re just about to leave for the weekend. The phone rings. You know you should ignore it…but you just can’t.



3. The last-minute meeting

You check your email at lunch and discover your principal has asked that everyone stay for a brief after-school meeting. You could try to sneak out, but…


4. Flu season

Students are coming into school sick and it feels like you have a dormant volcano hiding somewhere in your classroom just waiting to blow.


5. Trying to find a minute to yourself

You just want 15 minutes of quiet time while the students are out at recess, but there’s always that one kid who wants to stay inside with you.


6. The copy machine

I’m actually surprised that no one has made a horror film about an evil copy machine. They always break just when you need them the most—it has to be demonic possession.


7. Professional development

Trapped for hours in an uncomfortable room. Forced to do things you don’t want to do. Knowing that no matter how much testing data you analyze, there’s no escape. Sometimes truth can be scarier than fiction.

8. Mysterious textures

You’re picking up your room at the end of the day and you pick up something that has no business being sticky and wet…but it is.


9. Show-and-tell

A student comes up to you on the playground and tells you he fell off his bike yesterday. Before you can respond, he asks you if you want to see…


10. Two words

Head. Lice.

Stay strong out there, teachers. Schools can be scary, scary places.