These Hilarious Opt-Out Fundraiser Letters Might Be Just What Your School Needs in 2022-23

Because no one needs more candy or wrapping paper.

Funny School Opt-Out Fundraiser Letters

There are three things no parent wants to see in their kid’s take-home folder: a failed test, a craft project covered in glitter, and a letter/order form announcing the latest school fundraiser. So when an Alabama high school sent home this opt-out fundraiser letter a few years back, one mom couldn’t hold back her relief. “Where has this been the past 11 years of school life with my kids?” Briana Legget Woods asked in a Facebook post that went viral.

Original opt-out fundraiser letter from Auburn High School from Briana Legget Woods' Facebook post

Auburn High School’s letter may have gone viral, but it wasn’t the first. We found this example (which PopSugar called “the best PTA fundraising letter we’ve ever seen) that dates back to at least 2016.

Opt-Out Fundraiser Letter posted on PopSugar

Other schools quickly jumped on the bandwagon, creating ever more creative versions of the original letter. The Center Road School called theirs the “No-Fuss Unfundraiser,” and changed up the hilarious options.

Center Road School Unfundraiser Letter

Foxboro Elementary combined their letter with a PTA membership form, shared on Pinterest by Chelsea Mitzelfelt.

Foxboro Elementary Unfundraiser Form

Woodland School’s PTO pointed out that your contribution may be tax-deductible, too. They also note that when you donate this way, 100% of your contribution goes straight to their PTO. (via Tarah Rasey on Pinterest)


Woodland School Opt-Out Fundraiser Letter

Kara Robertson’s version gives everyone the chance to be a superhero. And while we truly wish that schools didn’t have to do any fundraising at all, we have to admit a letter like this is a lot more likely to have us reaching for our checkbook than yet another flyer selling wrapping paper, popcorn, or candy.

Superhero-themed opt-out fundraiser letter

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These Hilarious Opt-Out Fundraiser Letters Might Be Just What Your School Needs in 2022