All the Best Ways to Use Mini Erasers for Learning

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There you are, on your way into Target to pick up two things (and two things only!), and there they are, in the Dollar Spot: the cutest little bags of mini erasers. So adorable! Such a bargain! Of course, you need to snag these for your classroom—they must have lots of uses, right? The good news is that they do! There are all sorts of fun mini eraser activities for learning that your students will love. So go ahead, grab a few bags. Then check out this list to put them to good use!

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If you prefer to shop on Amazon, we like this set of 1000 mini erasers. Okay, now onto the ideas! 

1. Sort mini erasers by shape, color, size, or style

Mini Eraser Activities The Printable Princess

Little ones can sort erasers by their characteristics, like size, shape, color, and much more. Give them extra fine motor skills practice by having them pick up the erasers with a pair of tweezers.

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2. Put together a sensory bottle


This is one of the coolest mini eraser activities we’ve seen! Make a themed sensory bottle with erasers, glitter, and other objects. This winter-themed one with snowmen is just one terrific example.

Learn more: Modern Preschool

3. Stack them for fine motor skills practice

Building stacks of erasers is good for motor skills. Kids can roll a die and practice counting too. For older students, challenge them to stack erasers on their edges instead of flat.

Learn more: Learning With Mrs. Langley


4. Create a variety of patterns

Mini Eraser Activities My Life as a Kindergarten Teacher

Creating and recognizing patterns is a valuable skill, and mini erasers are perfect for this. Lay out a pattern and ask students to copy it, or have kids come up with their own.

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5. Count (or skip count) them

There are so many math mini eraser activities, starting with counting. Count by ones, then move on to skip counting by groups.

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6. Roll and cover to practice numbers

Mini Eraser Fun a Day

Learn to recognize numbers with this fun and easy roll-and-cover game. Grab the free printable at the link.

Learn more: Fun-A-Day

7. Mark off numbers on a hundreds chart

Mini Erasers Activities The Mountain Teacher

Mini erasers are great markers on a number chart, especially when you group them by style for each set of ten.

Learn more: The Mountain Teacher

8. Outline letters of the alphabet

Mini Eraser Activities Simply Kinder

Use mini erasers to make the letters of the alphabet. It’s a quick activity that really helps pre-writers familiarize themselves with the ABCs.

Learn more: Simply Kinder

9. Try them with 10 frames

Mini Eraser Activities Kindergarten Smarts

Teachers love 10 frames! They help kids nail down early math skills, and mini erasers are the perfect markers for this cool math tool.

Learn more: Kindergarten Smarts

10. Fill up estimation jars

Estimation is another important math skill for kids to master, and estimation jars full of mini erasers are such a fun way to give them practice. 

Learn more: Sara J Creations

11. Make graphs with mini erasers

Do some hands-on graphing using erasers. Kids can scoop up a handful and then graph them by type, or try this free printable spinner game.

Learn more: Life Over Cs

12. Practice addition and subtraction

Mini Eraser Activities Fun 365

Math facts are more fun (and easier to understand) when you use adorable counters to spell out the equations. 

Learn more: Fun365

13. Use them as a non-standard form of measurement

Non-standard forms of measurement are the first step in helping students understand how to use a ruler, scale, or other measuring tool. We love the idea of finding out how many mini erasers “long” an object is!

Learn more: My Life as a Kindergarten Teacher

14. Learn about fractions

Here’s another one of those clever math mini eraser activities—fractions! Grab a handful and figure out the fractions represented.

Learn more: Sparkling in Second

15. Build number arrays

Number arrays build multiplication skills and set kids up to learn area and perimeter too. Simple and effective!

Learn more: Life Between Summers/Instagram

16. Crack the word code

These free printable cards engage kids in learning sight words. Each symbol represents a letter … can they crack the code?

Learn more: Move Mountains in Kindergarten

17. Inspire creative writing prompts

This is so creative! Give kids a couple of random erasers, and ask them to write a short story using those items for inspiration.

Learn more: Sara J Creations

18. Represent different music notes

Even music teachers can get in on the mini eraser fun! Use erasers to represent different types of music notes.

Learn more: Mrs. King’s Music Class

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All the Best Ways to Use Mini Erasers for Learning