Enhance Early Math Skills With These Clever 10 Frame Activities

These elementary math ideas score a perfect 10!

10 Frame Activities

Have you tried 10 frames in your math teaching? They’re a popular way to help kids recognize numbers and then learn how they work together to add up to 10. Experiment with these 10 frame activities to help kids learn those vital math skills.

1. Set the scene with an anchor chart.

10 Frame Activities Mrs Richardsons Class

Start with an anchor chart that covers the basics. Then you can leave it up on the wall to support all your 10 frame activities going forward.

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2. Practice counting with DIY rock markers.

Introduce 10 frames early, when kids are still learning to recognize numbers and put them in order. These two-sided DIY painted rocks have numerals on one side and dots on the other. Little ones can match the numerals or count the dots and put them in the right places.

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3. Build a 10 frame from LEGO bricks.

Ten frame activities will be even more meaningful if kids build their own 10 frames first. You already know your students love LEGO bricks, so this project is sure to be a hit!

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4. Snack your way to 10.

Help students grow comfortable with 10 frame concepts by using cereal pieces or other small snacks to match the number on each of these free printable cards.

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5. Turn an egg carton into a 10 frame.

10 Frame Activities Happy Toddler Playtime

Sure, eggs come by the dozen, but all you have to do is chop off the two sections on the end, and you’ve got a DIY 10 frame. This is a terrific way to recycle in the classroom, too.

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6. Get to 10 with clip cards.

Little fingers get hand-eye-coordination practice with these free printable cards. Kids count the number of stars shown, then place a clothespin on the number needed to make 10.

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7. Roll out the play dough.

10 Frame Activities Life Over Cs

Is there anything better than learning that feels more like playing? Break out the play dough and have kids roll balls to represent the numbers on these free printable mats. They can even shape the play dough to form each number itself.

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8. Spell out a name frame.

10 Frame Activities Northwestern Kiddies

Kids use their own names to complete this 10 frame activity, so each one will be different. They’ll practice fine-motor skills by cutting out the letters too.

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9. Construct a craft stick 10 frame.

Use wooden craft sticks from the dollar store and have students glue together frames to use for all kinds of 10 frame activities. These are inexpensive enough for each student to have one or more of their own.

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10. Play 10 frame four-in-a-row.

10 Frame Activities My Fabulous Class

Math games are always popular with kids. Visit the link below to get the free printable boards and cards, then have students compete to see who can get four in a row first.

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11. Make it stick with a cookie sheet 10 frame.

Draw a 10 frame on an inexpensive cookie sheet with a dry-erase marker and glue magnets to the back of counter chips for easy math manipulatives that can be used over and over.

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12. Stack up 10 frame pairs of cups.

10 Frame Activities The Kindergarten Smorgasboard

If you’ve never tried a cup-stacking activity with your class before, you’re missing out. Kids pick a 10 frame cup then find the matching numeral cup. They then add each pair to the stack, trying to see how high they can build the pyramid.

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13. Use 10 frames to reward good behavior.

10 Frame Activities Fluttering Through the Grades

If you’re using sticker charts for behavior rewards, why not add a math element with 10 frames? As students work toward rewards, they can calculate how many more stickers they need by looking at the frames.

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14. Tape off 10 frames on your floor tiles.

10 Frame Activities Kindergarten Holding Hands and Sticking Together

If your floor tiles are square, this is an especially easy project, and blue painters’ tape pulls up easily without leaving residue behind. You can use these for 10 frame activities with the whole class at once.

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15. Count the school days together.

10 Frame Activities Shipshape Elementary

Counting the school days is a fun way for kids to practice higher numbers as the year goes on. Add a 10 frame element to your calendar time to enhance students’ math skills.

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16. Challenge them with a 10 frame memory game.

Make a set of 10 frame cards with matching numeral cards. Turn them upside down in rows and allow each student a turn to try to make a match, removing each pair as it’s found.

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17. Find a friend to make 10.

10 Frame Activities The First Grade Parade

Tie cords to 10 frame cards to hang around kids’ necks, then send them off to find the friend that makes 10! Try using this to pair students up for team activities.

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18. Take your 10 frames outside.

10 Frame Activities Kinderbrations

When the weather’s nice, take your class outdoors and draw 10 frames on the grass or playground. Roll giant inflatable dice to place counters (mini Frisbees are cute for this), then see how many are still needed to make 10. 

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19. Go for a ride-along with 10 frame trucks.

10 Frame Activities Teach With Me

Print, cut out, and laminate a set of these free semitruck 10 frame cards. Use dry-erase markers to write a number or equation on one half, and fill in the 10 frame correctly on the other.

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20. Create a life-size 10 frame mat.

If you can’t tape off tiles directly on your floor, make a life-size 10 frame mat instead. This teacher used a shower curtain liner cut in half, and the resulting size is perfect for kids to stand on!

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21. Face off in 10 frame War.

10 Frame Activities First Grade Garden

Give each student a stack of 10 frame cards to turn face down. They each turn over the top card on their stack at once; the student with the highest card wins the round and takes both.

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22. Punch it out to 10.

10 Frame Activities Tunstalls Teaching Tidbits

Strengthen small fingers with this 10 frame activity. Kids use a hole punch to make circles to fill the frames, demonstrating all the different ways to make 10.

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23. Take a 10 frame spin.

Get this free printable spinner at the link below, which you can use for a variety of different 10 frame activities. Tip: Use the point of a pencil and a paper clip to make a quick and easy spinner arrow.

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24. Erect block towers for counting practice.

10 Frame Activities A Little Pinch of Perfect 2

Stack LEGO or Duplo blocks to match the numbers in each square, giving kids counting and number matching practice while they build.

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25. Go dotty with circle markers.

10 Frame Activities 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Grab the free printable worksheets at the link below and laminate them so they’ll last long. Have kids use washable dot markers to help them complete the equations.

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26. Work on the concept of adding nine.

Most students quickly learn how easy adding 10 is. They can apply this skill to adding nine, too, and this 10 frame activity will help them master the concept.

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27. Deal out a 10.

Draw card from a standard deck (you can discard the face cards first if you like) and mark it off on a 10 frame. Then work out how many are needed to make 10 and write out the number sentence.

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28. Add up candy to practice teens facts.

10 Frame Activities Youve Got This Math

Once kids have mastered basic math facts, it’s time to move on to higher numbers. Use candy pieces along with the free printables found at the link below to practice these skills.

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29. Assemble a 10 frame sensory bag.

Sensory bags are lots of fun for toddlers. Learn how to make one for 10 frame activities at the link below using just a zipper bag and some baby oil.

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30. Get up and stomp your feet.

Give kids a chance to make some noise! Flash a 10 frame card and let them stomp their feet to count out the number of dots shown.

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Enhance Early Math Skills With These Clever 10 Frame Activities