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6 different options!

Flat lays of behavior reflection sheets

When it comes to classroom management, behavior reflection sheets are an excellent tool. In general, behavior reflection sheets are used to help correct undesired behaviors. When students are exhibiting unacceptable behaviors or are not following the rules, they can go to a reflection center (usually just a desk apart from their classmates) to fill out the sheet as an opportunity to reflect on their behavior, whom it affected, and what they could do differently next time. We know that the same thing doesn’t work for every student, so we created this behavior reflection sheet bundle with six different options so you can choose what works for you and the individual students in your care.

What kinds of behavior reflection sheets are in the bundle?

So glad you asked! Start with our three styles and select the one that best fits your students’ needs. You might use all three in the same classroom based on your students’ ages, maturity, reading/writing levels, and language needs.

Style 1 includes spaces to draw, emojis, and checkboxes.

Flat lay of behavior reflection sheet

Style 2 includes simple questions and big spaces in between lines.

Flat lay of behavior reflection sheet

Style 3 includes more sophisticated language in the questions and more lines to write on.


Flat lay of behavior reflection sheet

Each style has an option with and without student, teacher, and parent signatures, so you can decide whether you want to include that.

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