19 Michaels Teacher Discounts and Ways Educators Can Save

How to always have the big coupons at your fingertips.

Is Michaels your happy place? You’re not alone. Michaels has been helping teachers for decades, with its aisles of supplies just perfect for sharing with our students. But what are the definitive, complete, and BEST Michaels teacher discounts and ways educators can save? Read on for all our tips—some of which you may already know, but a few, I guarantee, will be brand new to you! 

1. Always use your Michaels Teacher Discount. 

The Michaels Teacher Discount is one of the most legendary of educator loyalty programs. All day, every day, teachers get 15 percent off EVERYTHING, including sale items! Just be sure to bring along your educator ID or pay stub to show that you’re legit. If you forget your paper proof, do your best to verbally make your case. The Expo marker in your purse and chalk dust on your pants might be enough. 

2. Combine your teacher discount with coupons.

The teacher discount formally says “exclusions apply,” which means that it is up to the store to determine whether they will let you apply your teacher discount and Michaels coupons to your purchase. (The formal coupon rules read, “Limit one coupon per product. Limit one coupon of each type per day.”) Always try, and if the cashier does not allow you to “double dip,” sweetly ask her to call the manager. Use your best parent-conference voice.

3. Get the coupon in the online weekly ad. 

Michaels posts their weekly ad online each week! Typically every weekly ad contains not only the store specials and seasonal discounts but also a big ol’ 40–50 percent off one item or 20 percent off your entire purchase. Score! 


4. Sign up for Michaels Rewards. 


When you join the Michaels Rewards email club, you will receive lots of coupons good for use online and in-store. Michaels also alerts their rewards members about sales earlier than the general public; you can even sign up for text alerts for big sales! You can also easily store all of your eligible discounts in your phone for easy redemption at the cash register. 

5. Enter your ZIP code for the big weekly coupon. 

If you want a big coupon and you want it fast, simply go to the Michaels Coupons link and enter your ZIP code. The weekly big savings coupon will appear on your phone screen for the cashier to scan. This works especially well if you are out of town and don’t have your local coupons with you. 

6. Get the Michaels app. 

The Michaels app is free and will organize all of your Rewards savings and sales in one place: right in your pocket. You’ll also receive notifications about sales and in-store events. 

7. Check the newspaper.

Michaels regularly places big ads—such as their famous 40–50 percent off one item coupons that you will find in the online weekly ad—in local newspapers in the coupon section. Sunday edition coupon sections for newspaper subscribers are a reliable place to locate these.

8. Peruse your junk mail. 

Michaels also places coupons in local direct mailer magazines and those envelopes full of coupons you find in your mailbox. Take a sec to flip through those ad mailings for a Michaels coupon or two before transferring them to your recycling bin.

9. Use multiple coupons. 

Just as you should always try and use your Michaels teacher discount plus a coupon, you should always combine coupons, if allowed. The “limit one coupon of each type per day” rule is often interpreted by store employees and managers as allowing the combining of coupons. Fingers crossed!  

10. Clip coupons from competitors.

Michaels honors their competitors’ coupons on single items, so be on the lookout for coupons from A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann Fabrics, and more! The rule for a competitor coupon is that it can only be for up to 50 percent off one item, but competitor coupons for a percentage off an entire store purchase will not be honored. The rule also states that competitor coupons cannot be combined with Michaels discounts, but read our next tip for a way to possibly get around that. 

11. Go to Michaels during quiet times. 

If you know the low-traffic times at your local Michaels store, you will be more likely to happen upon a cashier who is willing to combine your coupons, or if necessary, break up your purchases into multiple transactions for the best savings and use of all your available discounts. It is tougher to ask for that coupon counsel when there is a long line of customers waiting behind you. 

12. Read the fine print. 

Be aware of items that Michaels traditionally does not allow coupons to be used on, such as 3D printers, sewing machines, technology items, and other categories and brands. Check out the full list so you are not caught by surprise at check out. 

13. Don’t have a coupon? Ask the cashier.

If you find yourself at Michaels without a coupon, don’t sweat. Often the cashier will have copies of the big ones of the week next to her register specifically for customers who ask. 

14. Sleuth out lower prices elsewhere.

If you have found a lower price on an item at another location, even a big box store that is not a direct competitor, such as Walmart or Target, bring in proof of a lower price, and Michaels will honor it in store. 

15. Take advantage of Michaels Bulk Buys.

Michaels Bulk Buys are one of the best ways to save online on items you need for all of your students. Definitely check there before purchasing 25 votive candles for a craft project, for example. Michaels will usually give you a code for 20 percent off your first bulk buy online order, too! 

16. Look for 3-fer Deals.

Michaels offers periodic buy-three-and-save-big discounts, called their 3-fer Deals. These are typically listed in the online weekly ad. Common discounts are three T-shirts for $10, three for the price of one wrapped canvases, and discounts on three skeins of yarn. Good luck comes in threes! 

17. Check the clearance and sale bins first.

True Michaels pros always hit the clearance aisles and bargain bins first to see if an item on their list, or a suitable replacement, can be found there. Don’t be surprised if the quality is higher but the price lower than what you might find at the dollar store. 

18. Go for the grab bags.

Give those sealed plastic grab bags a chance! Savvy shoppers and deal experts say that the contents of the grab bags are always drastically discounted from the total value within. Try one and see!

19. Don’t forget to check your receipt.

If you’re a Michaels Rewards member, you will enjoy receipt-free returns, but you’ll want to hold onto your receipts thanks to the coupons at the bottom of the slip. You will often find $5 off and other goodies at the bottom. Score! 

Have you been able to combine coupons with your educator discount? What is your best Michaels savings strategy? Share your Michaels teacher discounts in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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