Costco Teacher Discounts: The Ultimate List

Score a discounted membership and the cheapest teacher lunch in town.

Costco Teacher Discounts: The Ultimate List

We have rounded up all of the Costco teacher discounts and the best ways for teachers to save at this warehouse superstore. Even veteran Costco teacher discount hunters will find new tips to try! 

1. Join online for the Costco teacher discount on membership.

When teachers join Costco online, they receive over $60 in savings to use in store. As a Gold Star membership is $60, teachers effectively receive a free membership! Sign up at this link to enroll and have your teacher status verified, pay the $60 membership fee, and receive your Costco Membership Activation Certificate. When you bring your Certificate to your nearest Costco location, you will receive your membership card. A couple weeks later, $60 worth of coupons or gift certificates to use at Costco will be mailed to your home address. This discount applies to all teachers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and for brand-new teacher Costco members. The discount also applies to teachers who have had their Costco memberships lapse for at least 18 months.

2. If you’re pursuing a degree, sign up for the Costco student discount. 

Teachers who are currently enrolled in a Title IV U.S. college or university can sign up for the Costco Student Discount. Join online here to verify your student status and pay the $60 Gold Star membership fee, and you’ll receive a $10 Costco Cash Card in the mail. You can also apply for the $120 Executive Membership, which provides two household cards for use, and you’ll receive a $20 Costco Cash Card. The only problem you will have is deciding whether the Costco teacher discount or the student discount reward is best! 

3. Check out the Costco Warehouse savings.  

The Warehouse savings section of the Costco website breaks down their biggest deals, the ones everyone raves about and that really justify the membership fee. Michelin tires for hundreds of dollars less than you’ll find anywhere else? Warehouse savings. Name-brand jeans for $10? Warehouse savings. Dyson vacuums for $80 off? Warehouse savings. Bookmark this Costco link and visit it frequently! 


4. Buy Costco-exclusive products. 


Costco’s exclusive products, branded Kirkland Signature, are typically lower than other consumer brands in the same category. From bottled water, to milk, to diapers, always price-check the Kirkland version against the other brands.

5. Book your travel through Costco. 

Costco Travel provides members-only discounts to Walt Disney World, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Europe, Las Vegas, Mexico, and more destinations. Members can get great deals on airfare, hotels, and attractions or save on packages such as cruises and guided tours. You can also get discounted car rentals and theme park tickets. 

6. Explore buying a car through Costco. 

Costco arranges members-only deals on new and previously owned cars through the Costco Auto Program. Through special partnerships with car manufacturers and dealerships, you can purchase a vehicle for a low, prearranged price. Buying a car without haggling and hassling? Thanks, Costco! 

7. Grab a cheap meal at Costco. 

The Costco food court is like a members-only cafeteria for affordable meals. Their quarter-pound beef hot dog and 20 oz fountain drink (with refills) combo have been $1.50 since 1985! Pizza, frozen yogurt, and salads are also priced well below other quick-service restaurants. Sounds like it is time to grab your teacher buddies for a Costco lunch.

8. Fuel up at Costco. 

Gas at Costco is typically 15–30 cents cheaper than at your neighborhood pump, and the savings could be more if you live in a pricey urban or suburban area. Even if all you buy at Costco is gas, you will earn back your membership fee after a few visits. 

9. Check out Costco’s online exclusives.

Although we all love an in-person Costco run, Costco also has exclusive online-only deals for members. Electronics, computers, appliances, home gym, and home decor items are some of the products where you can save a great deal.

10. Sign up for the Costco email newsletter for big savings .  

Costco sends out exclusive savings offers in their email newsletter. Don’t miss the deals that are only for the e-subscribers. Sign up here for more Costco teacher discounts.  

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Costco Teacher Discounts: The Ultimate List