35 Sweet and Spooky Halloween Gifts for Teachers


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Halloween isn’t a traditional gift-giving holiday, but it is a fun time of year that’s full of celebration. Teachers aren’t expecting anything during Halloween, and there’s no obligation, but if you feel inclined to send a spooky surprise to school—maybe you’re a room parent who wants to give a gift from the class, or a principal looking to add a spooky gift to a staff PD day—we have the full list of Halloween gifts for teachers right here.

1. A Shirt That Screams Teacher on Halloween

Teacher wearing a t-shirt that says "You can't scare me I'm a teacher"

This T-shirt is adorable and the message is spot-on. Teachers have seen everything, especially in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

Buy it: Can’t Scare Me T-shirt at Amazon

2. Gift Card Holder

halloween gift card with candy corn decoration for a halloween teacher gift

As Halloween gifts for teachers go, a gift card is an easy win. Every teacher has their favorite coffee stop or lunch place, so give the gift of a warm drink or lunch out inside this pumpkin spice latte–decorated holder. If you’re not sure which restaurants your teachers visit most, Amazon and Target are always reliable choices. Plus check out our full list of favorite gift cards for teachers here.

Buy it: Gift card holder at Etsy

3. A Mug That Says It All

Black mug with skeleton illustration that says I'll just wait until it's quiet.- Halloween gifts for teachers

The mug that speaks louder than any teacher can. I can imagine myself holding this, taking sips of tea, and waiting, waiting, waiting. …

Buy it: Mug at Amazon

4. Mix-and-Match Halloween Earrings

various halloween earrings candy corn frankenstein witch's hat

These earrings are so whimsical and understated (as Halloween earrings go). They’re a good Halloween gift for a Ms. Honey or a Ms. Frizzle.

Buy it: Mix-and-match earrings at Etsy

5. Halloween Candy

have a spooktacular halloween gift tag

Another perennial Halloween gift for teachers! Attach a Halloween-themed appreciation tag to a teacher’s favorite candy or treat. These tags are also great for printing and attaching to staff treats or gifts from the PTO.

Buy it: Gift tag at Etsy

6. Ghost Tags

two ghost tags for a Halloween gifts for teachers

For the teacher who personalizes everything, a ghost tag adds Halloween flair to baskets, lunch bags, or tote bags.

Buy it: Ghost tags at Etsy

7. Brains Tote Bag

tote bag with teachers eat brains written on it

We love this tote bag, as it’s a dose of humor we’d love to carry to and from school. (It also would double as a great trick-or-treating bag for teachers who have kids of their own.)

Buy it: Halloween tote at Etsy

8. Witch Candy Jar

halloween candy jar for a halloween teacher's gift

Teachers have their favorite Halloween candy, and this flashy jar is a perfect place to store candy to share, or not.

Buy it: Halloween candy jar at Etsy

9. Music Teacher Tote

pumpkin music note tote for a Halloween gifts for teachers

This one’s for the music teachers. Jack-o’-lantern musical notes are the perfect way to announce that you’re a teacher and love Halloween.

Buy it: Halloween tote at Etsy

10. Halloween Lanyard and ID Holder

pumpkin lanyard and phone holder for halloween teacher's gift

A lanyard full of Halloween cheer is a perfect Halloween gift for the teacher who loves to switch up their accessories for each holiday.

Buy it: Halloween lanyard at Amazon

11. Halloween Socks

socks with halloween theme - Halloween gifts for teachers

We all know the teacher who has the best socks. Help someone you know become that teacher with a pack of bright Halloween socks.

Buy it: Halloween socks at Amazon

12. Halloween Tumbler

halloween themed tumbler with ghosts hats and pumpkins for a halloween teacher gift


This trick-or-treat tumbler is perfect for hot or cold drinks. It’s a great Halloween gift for the teacher who needs coffee in the morning and soda in the afternoon.

Buy it: Halloween tumbler at Amazon

13. Glow-in-the-Dark Earrings

Glow in the dark ghost earrings glowing green.

For teachers who are more Ms. Frizzle, these glow-in-the-dark earrings are a great conversation starter with students.

Buy it: Glow-in-the-dark earrings at Amazon

14. Hogwarts Pencil Bag

pencil bag that says hogwarts wasn't hiring so I teach muggles- Halloween gifts for teachers

The perfect pencil bag for the teacher who loves Hogwarts as much as their home school.

Buy it: Hogwarts pencil bag at Amazon

15. Halloween Candle

halloween candle for a teacher's gift

A yummy-scented candle to help teachers unwind after a day filled with post-trick-or-treating energy!

Buy it: Halloween candle at Etsy

16. Halloween Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer with halloween tags

We’re still using hand sanitizer all day every day, so restocking hand sanitizer with a fun tag is a great way to send a little appreciation to teachers.

Get it: Free tag printable at Eighteen25.com

17. Spooky Cookies

Cookie mix and halloween tag for a Halloween gifts for teachers
Sisters Suitcase Blog

Combine each bag of cookie mix with one or two Halloween cookie cutters and a cute tag, and you’ve got the perfect consumable Halloween gifts that teachers will love.

Get the printable: Halloween Tag (Free) at Sisters Suitcase Blog

Buy it: Halloween cookie cutters and Betty Crocker Cookie Mix at Amazon

18. Caramel Apple in a Jar

caramel apple in a jar idea for a halloween teacher's gift
The Gunny Sack/caramel apple in a jar via thegunnysack.com

For a new spin on “apple for the teacher,” combine chocolate chips, nuts, or mini M&Ms with caramel candies in a small jar. Then, tie an apple onto the top and gift away!

Buy it: Mini Mason Jars at Amazon

19. Have a Boo-ti-ful Halloween

Halloween gift tags for skin lotion for a Halloween gifts for teachers
Crazy Little Projects

Attach a gift tag to a tube of lotion or a beauty product you know your child’s teacher likes (hand lotion is usually a good one, since teachers wash their hands All. The. Time.). This is a great way to give a Halloween gift that’s not candy.

Get the printable: Boo-tiful Gift Tag at Crazy Little Projects

Buy it: Pumpkin Spice Hand Cream at Amazon

20. Halloween Doughnuts

box of doughnuts with vampire teeth and eyes for a halloween teacher's gift
Eighteen25/Halloween Donuts via eighteen25.com

Get a dozen doughnuts and add teeth and eyes to them, then bring them to school. This is a great way to include all the teachers your child works with and involve your child in transforming regular doughnuts into vampires.

Buy it: 12-Pack Neon Fangs and Candy Eyeballs at Amazon

21. Lighted Maple Tree

maple tree that lights up for halloween teacher's gift

For the teacher who always has all the decor in their room, a lit-up maple tree is perfect to add to the reading corner or calm-down space.

Buy it: Lighted maple tree at Amazon

22. Hocus Pocus Board Game

hocus pocus board game- Halloween gifts for teachers

For the team of teachers that works together as well as the Sanderson sisters, a Hocus Pocus board game gives teachers a fun way to celebrate Halloween.

Buy it: Hocus Pocus Board Game at Amazon

23. Harvest Stackable Teas

three stacked tea tins and a mug for a halloween teacher gift

For the teacher who already has enough mugs, tea to warm up with during cold dismissal duty or after work is the best.

Buy it: Harvest stackable teas at Amazon

24. Fall Polish Set

fall nail polish colors for Halloween gifts for teachers

Teachers can choose from orange pumpkin, retro gold glitter, and other colors all fall long.

Buy it: Fall nail color set at Amazon

25. Autumn Throw Blanket

throw blanket with bat decoration for halloween teacher's gift

Show a teacher how much you appreciate them by giving them a throw blanket that they can cozy up with while they binge a TV series and lesson-plan at the same time.

Buy it: Goodgram throw blanket at Amazon

26. Fall-Scented Diffuser

fall scent diffuser- Halloween gifts for teachers

Teachers can fill the classroom or their house with fall scents—apple, pumpkin, or fall air—with this reed diffuser.

Buy it: Sweet Water Decor diffuser at Amazon

27. Fall-Themed Badge Reel

badge reel decorated with fall images- Halloween gifts for teachers

This badge reel—a badge holder attached to a string that pulls out for the teacher to use their badge to scan open a door—is a great way to spice up a lanyard or badge for the season.

Buy it: Fall badge reel at Amazon

28. Skull Pen Holder

pen holder covered in mini skulls for a halloween teacher's gift


This one may be for middle or high school teachers (or the more macabre elementary school teacher), but a pen holder that looks like it’s made of tiny little skulls would look amazing on many teachers desks.

Buy it: Skull pen holder at Amazon

29. Witch Hands Book Stand

witch hands bookstand for halloween- Halloween gifts for teachers

Perfect for balancing a textbook or read-aloud, we can think of many teachers who would appreciate this desk decor.

Buy it: Witch hand book stand at Amazon

30. Great Shakespearean Deaths Card Game

cards from a shakespearean death card game- Halloween gifts for teachers
Uncommon Goods/death card game via uncommongoods.com

This game is played like War where the player who has the more powerful card, in this case the worst death, wins. It’s a great Halloween gift for high school English teachers.

Buy it: Great Shakespearean Death Card Game at Uncommon Goods

31. Halloween Boo-quet

fall colors bouquet for a halloween teacher gift

A bouquet will brighten any teacher’s day, especially if it comes with a jack-o’-lantern or black cat planter.

Buy it: Flowers at 1-800-Flowers.com

32. Seasonal Pencils

seasonal personalized halloween pancils that say phrases like trick or treat- Halloween gifts for teachers

Pencils are a classic teacher gift for a reason. These Halloween-themed pencils make perfect gifts for teachers because they’re cute to display and can be tucked behind an ear or in a bun, or they can be shared with students who have lost their pencil again.

Buy it: Halloween pencils at Etsy

33. Skull Laser Pointer

laser pointer with light that looks like a skull- Halloween gifts for teachers
Frisco/Laser pointer via chewy.com

Any lesson would be made spookier (read: better) with a skull laser pointer.

Buy it: Skull laser pointer at Chewy

34. Spider Brooch

silver spider pin for halloween teacher gift

We love this spider pin for the teacher who is dressed for every holiday, or for the teacher who will wear the minimum for every holiday. A spider sneaking up the shoulder fits both personas perfectly.

Buy it: Spider brooch at Amazon

35. Bone Pens

bone pens for Halloween gifts for teachers

This Halloween gift makes me think of biology teachers, but really most teachers would get a kick out of grading papers with a femur or humerus.

Buy it: Bone pens at Amazon

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Halloween gifts for teachers from room parents, principals, or anyone else who wants to send a spooky surprise to their favorite teacher.