15 Places To Find Discount School Supplies Any Time of Year

Save money all year long, not just during back-to-school season.

Examples of discount school supplies including a 45-piece kit for $9.50 and Ticonderoga #2 pencils for $0.12 each.

In mid- to late summer, school supply sales are everywhere. But kids and teachers need supplies year-round, and there’s not always a convenient sale to shop. Instead, check out these tips and online shopping sites for finding discount school supplies any time.

Top Tips for Finding Discount School Supplies

When every penny counts, try these ideas for saving money on classroom materials and supplies.

1. Use Teacher Discounts

Many stores offer teacher discounts, though you may need to sign up for a rewards program or register an account. Make sure you’re getting all the money-saving offers you deserve by checking out our list of the Best Teacher Discounts and Perks.

2. Sign Up for Rewards Programs

Take advantage of the rewards programs many stores offer. They’ll often get you perks like free shipping, plus help you earn money toward future purchases. Some even offer a discount to participating members every time they shop.

3. Visit Rummage Sales and Charity Shops

One person’s trash can definitely be someone else’s treasure. You can find both brand-new and lightly used discount school supplies at a fraction of retail prices. Pro tip: When you’re shopping yard sales, let sellers know you’re a teacher. They’ll often be happy to let you have items for even less and sometimes for free.

4. Pick Through Clearance Racks


Every bargain shopper knows you don’t pass up a markdown bin! Stake out the usual clearance areas at your local Target, Walmart, and other retailers, and take a few minutes to sift through whenever you’re passing by. You might even try making friends with store staff, who can let you know if something you’ve been eyeing winds up on markdown.

5. Buy in Bulk

You can save a lot when you buy a whole lot at once. Some teachers take advantage of bulk discounts by purchasing all the supplies their students will need in one big order, then simply asking parents to pay their part. This won’t work for every situation, but it can be one way to make things easier on parents and ensure all kids have quality supplies. Check out the list below for some of the best places to buy discount school supplies in bulk.

Where To Buy Discount School Supplies

These sites and stores offer bargains on all sorts of school supplies, for both teachers and students. Prices change regularly, but we’ve shared some of the deals we found in the summer of 2023.


Large box of Ticonderoga #2 pencils, next to rows of Elmer's glue sticks- discount school supplies

With daily deals and the ability to buy from suppliers across the country (and the globe), not to mention free, lightning-fast shipping, Amazon has become one of the best places to get bargain supplies. Drop by the Today’s Deals page regularly. Plus be on the lookout for Amazon Prime Day (usually in July) for some of the deepest discounts on school supplies. WeAreTeachers looks for the best Prime Day discounts on school supplies and posts them on our site.

Sample bargains: A pack of 96 unsharpened Ticonderoga #2 Pencils (a teacher favorite) for about 12 cents per pencil, and Elmer’s Disappearing Purple Glue Sticks for about a quarter each when you buy a pack of 30

Bags in Bulk

Discount school supplies and a child's backpack

This site provides bargain supplies in ready-made kits, as well as reasonably priced backpacks to hold them all. Items are sold by the case, with discounts for higher-volume purchases. This is a terrific way to buy supplies for a backpack-stuffing community event.

Sample bargains: The 45-Piece School Supply Kit is ideal for upper elementary or middle schoolers, and it’s just $9.50/kit (or less). We also like the 18 Inch Multi-Pocket Bungee Backpack with 20-Piece School Supply Kit, which is $9/kit (or less).

Big Lots

Package of foam pencil grips and a package of 8 Paper Mate Ink Joy Pens- discount school supplies

You can find items online at Big Lots, but you’re often better off dropping by one of their retail locations in person to see what they’ve got. Inventory changes regularly here, so it can be a little hit-or-miss. Still, sometimes you can find real deals on all kinds of classroom supplies.

Sample bargains: Get a package of 10 Pencil Grips for $1.75 and 8 PaperMate Ink Joy Pens in varied colors for $2.99.


Pack of 250 heavyweight sheet protectors and pack of 18 Expo dry erase markers

Costco is well known as a place to get bargains on anything and everything. You’ll need a membership to shop here, but many people find the annual cost pays for itself many times over based on how much they save.

Sample bargains: 250-ct Avery Easy Load Heavyweight Sheet Protectors for $14.99 and 18 Pack of Expo Dry-Erase Markers for $17.99 (another teacher favorite!)

Discount School Supply

Set of six large bottles of fingerpaints, and a stack of rainbow-colored construction paper- discount school supplies

This is a top teacher supply store, and it’s an excellent place to find discount school supplies. They guarantee the lowest prices on everything they sell, and you’ll find items here you can’t get at your average office supply store.

Sample bargains: Crayola Washable Finger Paints Set of 6 for $17.99 and Colorations Set of 950 Construction Paper Sheets in 18 Colors for $25.08


Set of 4 colorful 3-ring binder pencil pouches, and 4 spiral bound notebooks

DollarDays exists specifically to provide affordable supplies to people and organizations that need them. That includes schools and students, and everyone is welcome to shop this site. You’ll get free shipping and better deals on larger orders, though, so try to team up with others to make a bulk purchase if you can.

Sample bargains: Wide-Ruled 70-Sheet Notebooks for 85 cents each when you buy a case of 24, or 3-Ring Pencil Pouches for just under a dollar each when you buy a case of 96

Dollar Tree and Family Dollar

Wooden low-profile clipboard and package of four Post It notepads in bright colors- discount school supplies

Both of these stores offer terrific deals, but it pays to do some price comparison. Depending on what you need, you might find a better price (or better quality) by buying in bulk someplace else. That being said, you can find lots of school supply deals here, along with some nice teacher supplies. (Remember that most things are $1.25 now at Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar has a variety of prices.)

Sample bargains: Jot Wooden 9Ă—12 Clipboard $1.25 at Dollar Tree or Post-It Notes Variety Pack of 4 $1.50 at Family Dollar

Five Below

Pack of 24 Crayola Crayons and pile of colorful pencil cap erasers

Everything here is five bucks or less, with some being much less. Find standard supplies plus cute items that kids will love, at reasonable prices. You can shop online, but you’re more likely to find better deals without shipping costs in-store.

Sample bargains: 24-ct Crayola Crayons and 50-ct Pencil Eraser Caps, both $1 each

K12 School Supplies

Watercolor paint tray set and box of bulk colored pencils in multiple colors- discount school supplies

This site offers all sorts of teacher and educational materials, but if you’re looking for deals, hit up their Cheap Teacher Supplies section. Items here are marked down as much as 80%, providing incredible bargains if your timing is right.

Sample bargains: 12 Color Watercolor Set w/Brush for $1.19 and 144 Bulk Set of Sargent Colored Pencils for $36.29

Office Depot

Box of Bic Highlighters and package of colorful Sharpie markers

Shop this supply store online, and you can have your orders shipped to you or pick them up locally instead. Remember to sign up for their rewards program, which earns you money toward future purchases.

Sample bargains: Bic Brite Liner Highlighters, Pack of 24 for $10.99 and Sharpie Permanent Fine-Point Markers, Pack of 12 for $10


Several reams of Hammermill copy paper and a large tub of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes- discount school supplies

Our favorite thing about this online supply store is their weekly Penny Deals. When you place a $99 order, you can pick two Penny Deal items, which could include Post-Its, cleaning supplies, and more. Quill offers free shipping with $25 purchases, and you can pay for a Quill+ membership to unlock more perks.

Sample bargains: Case of Hammermill Copy Paper (4,000 sheets) for $39.99 and Clorox Wipes Commercial Tub of 700 for $41.99

Sam’s Club

Boxes of Bic ballpoint pens and rolls of paper towels

This is another membership club store, with deals on all sorts of products when you buy in bulk. We like it for classroom cleaning supplies like sanitizing wipes and tissues, as well as pens, pencils, and other basics.

Sample bargains: Bic Round Stic Ballpoint Pens, Pack of 96 for $8.68 and Member’s Mark Select & Tear Paper Towels, Pack of 15 for $19.98


Package of graph filler paper and a clear plastic protractor

Staples Rewards gives you 5% back on purchases, and you can shop online or in-store for a huge variety of supplies. Set up Auto Restock for items you go through quickly, like paper or pencils, and you’ll save time and money.

Sample bargains: Five Star Reinforced Graph Paper Pack of 100 Sheets for $2.99 and Westcott 6-Inch Protractor for $1.09

Wholesale School Supplies

Blue pocket folders and soft-handled safety scissor in packaging- discount school supplies

Get wholesale prices on basic supplies, without lots of bells and whistles. You’ll have to order by the case, so join up with some other teachers or place an order for your whole class to get these great bargains.

Sample bargains: 2-Pocket Folders, Case of 100 for 21 cents each or Valor 5-Inch Soft Grip Safety Scissors, Case of 24 for 53 cents each

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Pens, pencils, paper, crayons, glue sticks ... it all adds up fast. Save money on discount school supplies with these stores and tips.