The Bitmoji Craze Has Arrived at the Principal’s Office

Principals are making their offices virtual.

Bitmoji Principals Office

Teachers have loved creating their Bitmoji classrooms and Bitmoji lockers, but principals are starting to see the benefits too. They can create a Bitmoji principal’s office to showcase their interests, welcome families virtually back to school, use with professional development training slides, and even include in their staff email distributions.

Want some inspiration for your Bitmoji principal’s office? Check out some favorites that we rounded up from Instagram and our Principal Life Facebook group  below.

Mr. K’s Office

Still of school principal's bitmoji

Loving the inspirational posters!

Source: @principalkapuchuck

Ms. Hurley’s Office

Still of an assistant principal's bitmoji

An AP deserves one too!


Source: @ambibabii

Ms. Sorokin’s Office

Still of a bitmoji principal's office Instagram post

We love that she loves her job!

Source: @stemsorokin

Dr. Kerribraun’s Office

Still of a bitmoji principal in their school office

Useful tools for parents and staff!

Source: @drkerribraun

Mrs. Mills’s Office

We love her aquarium and crystals!

Ms. Dean’s Office

She used these questions for students having difficulty with virtual learning.

Mrs. Tyler-Skinner’s Office

Loving all these resources and links to social media!

Ms. Graham’s Office

She’s been collecting brain breaks, movement breaks, and more to share with staff members.

Ms. Paonessa’s Office

She used her Bitmoji Principal’s office to launch a staff meeting scavenger hunt on a remote teaching handbook.

Mrs. James’s Office

Loving the vibe of this office. The rug. The chairs!

Create Your Own!

Want your own Bitmoji office that is interactive? Check out this video tutorial:

Also this template by Kayla Young is a great place to start! Find even more classroom templates on her Linktree.

Have your own Bitmoji Principal’s Office to share? Come join us in our Principal Life group on Facebook!

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The Bitmoji Craze Has Arrived at the Principal's Office