Bitmojis are all the rage during COVID-19. Teachers are making virtual Bitmoji classrooms that include interactive elements so students can click through to assignments, documents, and websites. But the latest trend is easier and (we think) even more fun. A Bitmoji virtual locker! This is a perfect icebreaker for any middle school or high school teacher.

Check out the sample Bitmoji lockers from our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE Facebook group and Instagram. And if you don’t know how to get started … we’ve included a tutorial below.

Sewing and Animal Crossing love from Mr. Harbeson

Yoga mat and Starbucks from Ms. Vining

PE Teacher’s FTW

Watch the Stack of Books!

Avengers fan

Packers fan

Netflix and Target love!

Never give up!

Science teacher love

The X-Files fan

Create Your Own!

Ready to create your own virtual locker assignment to share with your students? 

Start with this Google Doc template created by Lauen Vining with Teach the World. Add your own details. Then, share a blank copy with your students. They can edit the document and present their locker so their classmates can get to know them better. And you will too!

For further details, check out this video tutorial:

Have your own virtual Bitmoji locker to share? Come join us in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook!

Bitmoji Lockers Are the New Bitmoji Classrooms—and a Great Icebreaker for Students!