The 8 Back to School Emotions All Teachers Will Recognize

Oh yeah, these looks familiar.

Back to School Emotions All Teachers Will Recognize

For teachers, the end of summer brings with it a range of back to school emotions that follows a very predictable arc. The ups and downs are a trip, am I right? Don’t be surprised if you recognize someone you know (ahem, yourself) in this sequence.

Phase 1: Shock

At first you can’t even deal with the reality that summer is over and another school year is starting.

Phase 2: Denial

“But, I haven’t climbed that fourteener. I haven’t organized all my photos. I haven’t gotten my teeth cleaned!” you say.

Phase 3: Avoidance

You’ve been scouring Pinterest all summer and you’ve come up with a glorious vision for your classroom this year. You’re just not quite ready to execute.

Phase 4: Outrage

I mean, how can you possibly be expected to wear anything but yoga clothes and flip-flops? And wait, how many days of meetings are there before school starts?

Phase 5: Grief

If you’re a crier, like so many of us tender-hearted teachers, the tears will come as you mourn the end of summer.

But then… you’ll see all the shiny new school supplies at the store and you’ll realize you might just be ready to get back into your routine and a tiny glimmer of hope appears.

Phase 6: Anticipation

After all, you love your job and you’ve REALLY missed your students.

And the books, all the glorious books you’ll read together!

Phase 7: Acceptance

And a feeling of readiness and rightness will settle over you.

So you’ll dig into your teacher bag which has been chillling in the back of your car since June, start making plans, and pull your professional wardrobe together as you enter the final phase of back to school emotions…

Phase 8: Excitement

And you’re on your way. You’ve got this teachers!




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