18 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Our Love of School Supplies

Our love for gold staplers is undying.

Forget Black Friday. For teachers, the most exciting shopping season of the year is back-to-school, when we stock up on discounted folders, milk crates and no. 2 pencils like it’s our job (because it is). There’s something about new school supplies that makes us unapologetically excited to start the new year, and below we’ve captured some of these feeeeeelings in GIF form.

  1. Because there’s nothing like a brand-new pack of colored pencils or crayons…Colored Pencils

  2. Because the jumbo container of paper clips really is the best thing ever…Good God, Lemon

  3. Because let’s face it, books are better than perfume…

Oh that book smell

4. Because you guard your favorite stapler with your life…

That's my red stapler

5. Because nothing makes us happier than seeing those boxes of Kleenex in the closet (even if they’ll be gone by October)…Blow your nose on me!

6. Because you have a secret hiding spot for your favorite pair of scissorsI like sissors

7. Because color coding is almost as good as meditation 🌈 💗 💛 💙 💜…Color code for god's sake!

8. Because this is what your back-to-school shopping list looks like…

All the Things!

9. Because you know how the right pen and notebook can turn lesson planning from 😝 to 😀…

Getting my pink fluffy pen for this!

10. Because the **fancy** file folders are seriously going to improve your state of mind…Treat *Your Self

11. Because you’re always on the hunt for a deal…

Way too many cookies!

12. Because your students go through glue at the rate you go through coffee…Bill Murray as Too Much Coffee Man

13. Because hand sanitizer is the way and the truth…

Hand sanitizer is life changing.

14. Because running out of supplies right before class got you like…

Help, I can't reach the lightbulbs!

15. Because this is you every year during back-to-school…

Paying hidden fees
16. Because on messy art project days Lysol is your BFF…

Clearing the air

17. Because you’ve driven to five different stores to find 25 RED foldersDriving and looking out.

18. … But with all the amazing supplies and deals on Quill.com, back-to-school supply shopping is a breeze.That was easy.

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