25 Reasons You Might Be Freaking out Right Now if You’re a Teacher at the End of Summer Break

But you’re not done with summer yet!

25 Reasons You Might Be Freaking out Right Now if You're a Teacher at the End of Summer Break

Another summer vacation is coming to an end which, for many of us, means back-to-school anxiety. In no particular order, here are just some of the reasons why you might be freaking out about the first day of school …

1. You’ve only read three out of the 87 books in your “I’ll totally get to these this summer” stack.

Small child reading a book up close

2. The back-to-school teacher nightmares have begun.

Sitting up in bed in a panic

3. Your favorite co-teacher just let you know that they’re not returning this year.

Two women giving an emotional hug

4. The co-teacher you dread working with just told you they’re not retiring after all.

A man and a women giving two thumbs up

5. Your principal wants to meet with you to talk about some “red flag” kiddos in your class.

Simpsons meeting at school "I've asked the school psychologist to shed some light"

6. You’ve been hearing about the incoming class since they were kindergarteners—and it’s not good.

Simpsons kid doing a flip off of the classroom wall

7. You haven’t gotten your class list yet.

Judge Judy point to the watch on her wrist and hitting the table

8. You’ve gotten your class list, and it’s really long.

Closing laptop in frustration and putting head on table

9. You can’t decide between shiplap or burlap as a class theme.

Gordon Ramsey "This is really tough"

10. Your teacher bestie was moved to a different grade.

Little girl crying and hitting the window with her hands

11. You still can’t get into your classroom to start setting up.

The Sandlot boys looking over a fence

12. Your schedule changed, and you won’t be able to use the bathroom until 1:30 PM.

Boo from Monster's Inc needing to use the bathroom

13. You’re pretty sure you’ve already exceeded your allotment of copy paper just by printing your first-day materials.

Copy machine spitting papers everywhere

14. You like eating lunch at normal speed, and you know you’ll soon have to scarf it down in four minutes.

Kid smiling and eating while swaying

15. You’re not as tan as you promised yourself you’d be before heading back to school.

Ross from Friends showing his tan line

16. Your grade level team picks a group theme idea you hate.

"It's busy and tacky"

17. Target has put out the BTS materials and you’re furious—but FLAIR PENS!

Man pouring paper clips on a woman in the store

18. You just know you’re going to spend the in-service days looking at last year’s data instead of being allowed to set up your classroom.

Woman holding her hands under her chin and batting her eyes

19. You had a brilliant idea last night and now want to redesign your entire first unit.

Building collapsing to the ground with dusk and smoke

20. Just the thought of having to wear real shoes seems unbearable.

dog with boots on struggling to walk

21. You’re going to have to seriously curtail your swearing.

"I don't like to swear guys, but I think S is about to hit the F"

22. Your school isn’t air conditioned, and the first day of school is in mid-August.

Woman in friends cooling off with the fridge air

23. You haven’t finished binge-watching everything on Netflix.

New episode excitement on the couch

24. You just got your kids’ BTS supply lists and realize you forgot to include hand sanitizer.

Women spraying hand sanitizer in her hand

25. Your dog just won’t understand why you’re suddenly leaving him again.

Dog laying down and looking from side to side

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25 Reasons You Might Be Freaking out Right Now if You're a Teacher at the End of Summer Break