13 Easy and Fun Virtual Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

You can still send a little love, virtually.

Collage of Valentine's Day activities for a virtual classroom

This school year has been unpredictable and, let’s be honest, more than a little stressful. We’re feeling it, our kids are feeling it, and some days are just better than others. That’s why finding moments of joy are so important—even if we’re far apart! We’ve put together a list of easy and fun virtual Valentine’s Day activities for kids to give February a little mid-month love!

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Share Digital Valentine’s Day Cards

Get these sweet Valentine’s Day cards here!

Play a Zoom game!

Playful child using a tablet while doing her homework at home.

Check out our list of Zoom games for kids! There are so many games available that you can play with a Valentine-themed element. Take a look at Mystery Bag or 20 Questions and add a Valentine’s Day bent.

Read a Valentine’s Day Book

Collage of 3 Valentine's Day books for kids

We’ve got 32 of our favorite teacher-approved books for the classroom including Groggle’s Monster Valentine and Love Matters Most. Choose one and read it aloud to your students!

Watch Valentine’s Day Videos

“H E A R T — The heart shape says I love you!” Watch this sweet video and find our full list here!

Send Global Virtual Valentine’s Cards


Virtual Valentine's Day global project for students around the world

This virtual Valentine’s project is a free and easy way to teach students geographical awareness and cultural understanding while connecting classrooms all around the world.

Get Dressed Up!

Valentine's Day sunglasses, tattoos, bracelets for virtual classroom parties

Encourage students to dig out their finest reds, pinks, or any other color their love to wear for your virtual Valentine’s Day celebration. Kick it up a notch by sending home party favors like sunglasses, bracelets, tattoos, and more!

Have a Decoration Party!

Virtual classroom Valentine's Day decorations for students

Set the tone with a fun and festive decoration party! You can buy a big pack of Valentine’s Day decorations for your classroom (or to share with virtual students). Or find a list of free printables/Valentine’s Day Printables that your students can use at home.

Send Sweet Valentines To Students

Printable Valentine's Day gifts and virtual party ideas for teachers

Let your students know how much you love them with these sweet (but sugar free) Valentine’s gifts!

Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine's Day fuzzy pet crafts for virtual classroom parties

With a few simple supplies, your class can make these adorable Valentine’s Day crafts.

Tell Valentine’s Day Jokes

Punny Valentine's Day joke about skunks for students

The punnier the better, am I right? Get the free printables/Valentine’s Day Jokes here!

Write Valentine’s Day Poems

Valentine's Day paper and writing prompt ideas for students

Grab this free Valentine’s Day writing paper and writing prompts here.

Find The Gnome! & Other Valentine’s Day PE Games

Get everyone’s hearts pumping with this virtual Valentine’s Day activity!

Share Valentine’s Recipes

Example of a cookbook with pink background, donuts, and heart candies

Ask students to share their favorite sweet treat recipe and create a virtual classroom cookbook, complete with a (free) fancy cover!

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day virtually this year? Share in the comments below.

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13 Easy and Fun Virtual Valentine's Day Activities for Kids