20 Sweet Educational Valentine’s Day Videos That Kids Will Love

Celebrate the day with cute songs, fun facts, and more!

Collage of Educational Valentine's Day Videos for Kids

Looking for ways to make February 14 special in your classroom? Watch some of these educational Valentine’s Day videos. Learn the history of the day, sing songs, count hearts, and more!

1. How Did Valentine’s Day Start?

This educational Valentine’s Day video traces the history of the holiday from the time of Roman Emperor Claudius II to today. It’s perfect for older elementary kids, with fun animations and catchy music.

2. The Legend of Bishop Valentine

This short video tells the legend of Bishop Valentine, who performed marriages in Roman times despite Emperor Claudius II’s prohibition, then fell in love with his jailor’s daughter. While the story is probably more myth than fact, it’s fun to share with kids as one version of Valentine’s Day history.

3. Valentine’s Day Facts For Kids

In addition to the St. Valentine legend, this video shares facts like how many cards are sent each year, who receives the most valentines (it’s teachers!), and more. Before sharing this video, see if your kids can guess the correct answers to each question first.

4. Would You Rather? Valentine’s Day Edition



Candy is pretty much a given on Valentine’s Day. If your students need to work off a sugar rush, this Would You Rather video is perfect! Kids choose their favorite candy, then do some exercises based on their choice.

5. Valentine’s Day Freeze Dance Yoga

You’ll need a little space for this one, but it’s another terrific way to burn off some energy. Kids dance along to the peppy music, then stop every so often to do a yoga pose. This one’s great for PE teachers on Valentine’s Day.

6. Valentine Activity Song

Kiddos get a kick out of videos by The Kiboomers, and this one’s no exception. Sing and follow along as you touch your nose, reach for the sky, and more.

7. H-E-A-R-T Song

Learn to spell the word “heart” as you sing this charming song to the familiar tune of Bingo. Teach it to little ones to perform as a surprise for their parents!

8. Skidamarink Valentine’s Day Song

This popular preschool tune is exactly right for Valentine’s Day. The nonsense words are so fun to say, and the song’s sweet lyrics are all above love.

9. Valentine’s Day Phonics

Learn a Valentine-themed word for each letter of the alphabet in this phonics video. Challenge your students to come up with more words for each letter too!

10. Five Little Hearts Song

Practice counting to five when you sing along with these cheery Valentine’s Day hearts. Have kids hold up the right number of fingers over their hearts as they sing to help them make the number connection.

11. Curious George’s Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Heart Day with everyone’s favorite monkey! The Man in the Yellow Hat has a loving song for his little pal and some special waffles too. What can Curious George give him in return?

12. Count 10 Valentine’s Day Hearts

Get some more counting practice with this simple educational Valentine’s Day video. Kids count the hearts from one to ten, first slowly, then more quickly. Use it as a lead-in to more Valentine’s themed math activities or a warm-up to start the day.

13. Skip Count Hearts By 2, 5, and 10

Count along by twos, fives, and tens as you learn just how many hearts one class made for Valentine’s Day. This educational Valentine’s Day video features hundreds charts to help kids keep track.

14. The Night Before Valentine’s Day Read Aloud

This charming little read-aloud book will get kids in the spirit of the holiday. (Find more terrific Valentine’s Day books here.)

15. I’m a Little Valentine Shape Song

Learn shapes like heart, square, and triangle with this Valentine’s Day song. Kids will quickly pick up the tune and words, filling in a new shape for each verse.

16. Pete The Cat’s Valentine’s Day

Pete thinks Valentine’s Day isn’t “cool,” but when he sets out to write personalized cards for each of his friends, he learns just how important it is to tell people you care. It’s an important message every kid should hear.

17. Love Grows Sing and Sign

Expand the love to everyone with a cute singalong that includes basic sign language too. It’s perfect for pre-K and early elementary. Want to learn to sign “Happy Valentine’s Day?” Check out this video as well.

18. I Love You In Many Languages

Join Elmo as he learns how to say “I love you” in a variety of languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, German, and more. You may want to watch in advance and learn the pronunciations yourself, then pause after each one and help kids learn how to say them correctly.

19. Hugging Hearts Directed Drawing

Follow along and learn to draw these two adorable hugging hearts. Kids can turn their drawings into a Valentine for a friend or family member when they’re done.

20. How Candy Hearts Are Made

No list of educational Valentine’s Day videos would be complete without learning about candy hearts! Show students how these ubiquitous Valentine’s Day treats are mixed, punched out, dried, and boxed up. For a special surprise, pass out some candy hearts for kids to enjoy while they watch!

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