7 Goldilocks Fractured Fairy Tales We Love

There is more than one way to retell a classic!

goldilocks fractured fairy tales

Students love the story of Goldilocks and her three bears. By taking the old, familiar classic and giving your readers Goldilocks fractured fairy tales, you can break down the meaning of the story and discuss literary devices.

In part three of our series on fractured fairy tales, we’re sharing our favorite versions of the Goldilocks story, from a spin narrated by the baby bear to a flip-flopped take in which a bear visits a human family.

1. Dusty Locks and the Three Bears

Way out West live three bears who like to keep their cabin neat and tidy. But one day while they’re out for a walk, a dirty little girl named Dusty Locks barges in.

fairy tales goldilocks

2. Yours Truly, Goldilocks

Everyone who’s anyone will be at the Three Little Pigs’ housewarming party. Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood have already marked it on their calendars. Unfortunately, so have the wolves — those who’ve caused the Pigs to build their brick house in the first place!

fairy tales goldilocks

3. Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks!

OF COURSE you think Goldilocks was a brat who broke in and trashed our house. You don’t know the other side of the story. Well, let me tell you in this Goldilocks fractured fairy tale.


fairy tales goldilocks

4. Just Right

Junior Bear is missing and the police officer sent to investigate looks oddly familiar to Tiny and his parents, Grandma and Grandpa Bear. When Officer Goldie is sent to the local hotel to check out a break-in, she makes an interesting connection between her two cases.

fairy tales goldilocks

5. Goldilocks and the Three Hares

The Hare family—Papa, Mama, and Little Baby Hare—are enjoying a peaceful day in their rabbit hole until they hear a big THUMP outside their door. The thump is Goldilocks herself, who has fallen down the rabbit hole after being chased by the Three Bears.

fairy tales goldilocks

6. Deep in the Forest

A wordless telling of Goldilocks, with baby bear finding a cottage with three people inside.

fairy tales goldilocks

7. Somebody and the Three Blairs

The Blairs are people, the “Somebody” is a bear. Comedy ensues in this Goldilocks fractured fairy tale.

fairy tales goldilocks

Did we miss any of your favorite Goldilocks fractured fairy tales? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add them.