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What We Can Learn From These 4 Strong CTE Programs

Strong CTE may be just what your district needs. Consider these statistics from the Association for Career and Technical Education: The graduation rate for students in CTE programs is 93% (compared to the 80% average national freshman graduation rate). More than 3/4 of high school students who concentrated in CTE pursued postsecondary education shortly after high school. Many of the[…]Continue Reading

How to Evaluate Online Education Programs

When you walk into a classroom, you have an instinctual feel for the quality of teaching and learning. How can we do the same for online education? Quality Matters, a nonprofit dedicated to improving online education, offers some useful guidelines in its rubric for K–12 courses. Whether your district is designing an online course program[…]Continue Reading

9 Ground Rules for Great Principals

Our sister site, WeAreTeachers, asked educators to share what they feel are the most important qualities in a school leader. Here is a summary of their advice for school leaders: 1. Trust and protect your teachers. As much as you can, create the conditions that will allow them to do their best work. Support your[…]Continue Reading

STEM for Early Learners

A recent White House Symposium brought together leaders from the public and private sectors who have committed to promoting active STEM learning for the country’s youngest children. The Summit, presented in partnership with the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services and Invest in US, highlighted steps being taken by the Obama Administration, including the[…]Continue Reading

Welcome to MDR’s Community for School Leaders

School Leaders Now, a new community for K-12 school administrators shares inspiring and engaging education advice, resources, and tips. Our web site, Twitter, and Facebook communities are intended for all distict- and school-level leaders. We welcome insights from everyone from principals to tech directors to superintendents to curriculum directors. And we, of course, embrace all leaders in the making.  School Leaders[…]Continue Reading